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Posted - 2007.01.18 04:32:00 - [61]

You want to bring carebears to lowsec you say?

Firstly, put rarer ores in lowsec. Secondly, make POS refineries feasible. Thirdly (if possible), add more lowsec systems - alot more.

Boom, insta-carebear flux.

Annya Avishnaya
ACE Manufacturing
Posted - 2007.01.18 06:59:00 - [62]

Originally by: Zardenim
You want to bring carebears to lowsec you say?

Firstly, put rarer ores in lowsec. Secondly, make POS refineries feasible. Thirdly (if possible), add more lowsec systems - alot more.

Boom, insta-carebear flux.

You don't even nescessarily need rarer ores, you just need it so that 2-3 people(nevermind a decent sized corp) don't strip a 5-6 belt system of hemorphite between respawns. Once you have a system to the point where you're mining only the previous respawn then you strip the good(read: worthwhile) ore within an hour or two per belt. I think hemo is worth about 5-6 mil per can so it's alright money for a good miner, but it's just not sustainable for any serious amount of people. It really need the same weight and refining properties as crokite/bistot and I think it'd be ok.

I love playing in lowsec, i love the extra risk, the need to pay attention, and the lack of lag(generally) but after mining lowsec for a week, i thought, "wtf am I doing this for? I've still gotta move all my mins through 10 jumps of lowsec to get to a place to sell it for a decent price *and* I can be making more per hour running level 4's in highsec while having the convenience of nearby market hubs". I'm an industrialist(not a carebear, i don't run from pvp- I just don't go out looking for it), but you can't even make decent money selling stuff in lowsec because you have to charge more to compensate for the lack of sales compared to the hubs and then the people that *would* buy that stuff(pirates) send their alt to the hubs cause they can buy stuff at cheaper prices Laughing Not to mention the difficulty of getting sizable orders of low end minerals there without getting half of it ganked. So as far as getting people like me to lowsec, it's loose-loose as far as we're concerned so good luck. I'd love to try building a lowsec trade hub somewhere, but as far as I can tell it's just not feasable unless you enter some sort of agreement with some local pirate corps(hint, hint: production services available Razz)

The problem with simply adding better ores(maybe spodumain or gneiss would be okay) to lowsec is if there was too much of it then i think you'd get a big influx of miners and that'd drive mineral prices down, resulting in people going back to level 4 missions, resulting in people going back to highsec. And you absolutely need zydrine, megacyte and morphite coming mainly from 0.0 space. It's redundant anyways, since it wouldn't spawn fast enough to satisfy any decent sized industrial corp unless the system had 15-20 belts. Even then it'd be dodgy. That's just two cents from an industrialist's point of view.

Bailian Moxtain
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2007.01.18 13:38:00 - [63]

love you ravn Razz

Marcus TheMartin
Posted - 2007.01.18 13:55:00 - [64]

Originally by: Bailian Moxtain
love you ravn Razz

Fine go with them I'll just love myself

Forum Troll
Posted - 2007.01.19 07:40:00 - [65]

Get rid of local and get rid of Concord.

the muppets
Posted - 2007.01.19 09:27:00 - [66]

Oh and get rid of smacktards that start spaming local after blobing someone and bragging about something they were not able to do alone.

The most part carebears wouldn't even mind losing ships if most of people that pirate...or say that...wouldn't be smacktards.

Booster Terrick
Posted - 2007.01.22 04:37:00 - [67]

Edited by: Booster Terrick on 22/01/2007 04:35:40
I absolutely LOVE to hear pirates dug your hole, now lay in it. *whine* "CCP will have to do something, because too many people are having fun without being griefed all the time..."*sniffle*Laughing

You've GOT to be kidding me...low sec underpopulated? You don't say? Could it be the sharks have finally over-fed their hunting grounds and their prey are wising up? Definitely. Older players are leaving low sec for 0.0 or are quitting EVE altogether. Then there's us "carebears" who couldn't care less whether or not we ever fall into your gunsights.;P

There's absolutely nothing in low sec I haven't outgrown except a good fight with an over-confident "pirate" who's used to getting easy kills because he's been shooting at haulers and new players all day.Wink But that's another subject.

For me to ever go back to low sec with anything industrial in mind, the Devs would have to offer something in the way of incentives that would be worth it. Moving the level 4 missions to low sec would remove one of the reasons I bother playing anymore, so let's not do that.

Removing CONCORD: Oh, you'd like that, wouldn't you? Noobs would get all of a day or less and then they'd quit playing out of frustration after getting popped outside their schools multiple times in an hour. EVE would turn into a ghost town inside of 3 weeks, except for veterans (who, like me are getting rather bored) that still haven't gotten tired of 0.0 and all the alliance crap.

Props to guys like Tiller who have stuck it out for so long and are still going (don't let it go to your head...I'd still enjoy seeing that Raven go pop in a big way, along with your pod soon after) amidst an ever-decreasing supply of targets.

But for all you pirates out there who just can't go through a whole day without someone cursing your birth, take heart: the new patch resulted in an influx of players who will come your way soon enough, only I suspect they'll be the usual cheap fittings and low wallet sizes if they're smart. Laughing

/emote *Dries his tears of grief over the "pirate situation" with a rather large towel*

Imperial Crusade Extremists.
Posted - 2007.01.22 04:54:00 - [68]

i believe that low sec SNIPING is dead in result fewer -10 due to very difficult when you're not non stop popping pods (cant stay at the gate 4ever with sentries on you, unless out of sentry gun range ofc).... warp to 0km and HitPoint increase sure killed sniping and everybody and their mother is using nanofibers - i think its worse than warp core stabs,,,,, the amount of nano dominixs that ive seen in the past month is very frustrating (only cuz it's extremely diffcult to pin them down - which is obviously the point) i guess my point is , change a few things and see drastic changes - suggestion ... stop fixing things that aren't broken ugh

Mitsune Konno
Posted - 2007.01.22 04:55:00 - [69]

how about you get the carebears to stop whining about piracy in hi-sec. There's a reason why they're in hi-sec now and not low-sec.

Rikkard Strofeldt
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2007.01.22 08:25:00 - [70]


Screw low sec, there are many more targets in 0.0, and they're richer and stupider. Oh, and it also doesn't have those annoying sentry guns, so you can camp a gate in a cruiser gang.

It warmed my heart to see someone say in local "Wow, I've never seen so many blinky red and yellow ships".


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