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Blue Rider
Thanos and Killjoy Productions
Posted - 2007.01.15 18:04:00 - [121]

Just turned 27 this month. AAAA!!!, 30 is just around the corner.

Posted - 2007.01.15 18:09:00 - [122]

27, started when I was 25.

Hardcore Geek, I like to build computers for fun. ^_^

Hope to design robots someday.

Veteran of SWG, quit after they turned it into WoW in space.

So whats the average age now?

Malignant Enterprises
Posted - 2007.01.15 18:18:00 - [123]

I'm 16. 17 in a couple of months.

Posted - 2007.01.15 18:20:00 - [124]

i'm 23. i go to skewl so i be smart.

Peter Stuyvesant
Posted - 2007.01.15 18:24:00 - [125]

Played 3 years on and off.

Posted - 2007.01.15 18:34:00 - [126]

I turn 21 this month

Mtthias Clemi
The Space Bastards
Posted - 2007.01.15 18:41:00 - [127]

16.. 17 next august... youngest person in my sixth form :(

Posted - 2007.01.15 18:42:00 - [128]

I'm 40.

I'd love to see a thread along these lines where people indicate not only their age, but also their PvP perspective. For example, which of these best describes your view of PvP:

1) I can't get enough PvP. I enjoy imposing PvP even on those in EVE that don't want to PvP. I suicide gank folks in NPC corps and war dec those who aren't just so I can have fun. To hell with whether they enjoy it or not. They're in MY game now!

2) I enjoy PvP, but I understand not everyone does and try to respect that. I therefor keep my PvP restricted to corporate/alliance wars (and I'm not a member of the Privateer's Alliance that simply war decs everyone) and I don't suicide gank. When I login, I'm itching for a good fight more often than not.

3) PvP is okay, but not what attracts me to the game. I enjoy other things more than PvP (e.g.: mission running, mining, industry, etc.) but when push comes to shove I don't mind mixing it up now and then. When I login, I'm not ordinarily out to find a fight.

4) I avoid PvP. I am a member of a PC corporation because I want to be able to interact with my friends online, but I have to admit that I dislike the whole war declaration allowing PvP to easily take place against me and my friends. If we could pay a nominal fee to be exempt from war decs we would do so.

5) I really dislike PvP. I purposefully stay in an NPC corp to make it harder for anyone to attack me without being Concordi-conked themselves. I think suicide-gankers are scum and should be banned from the game permanently.

I think we all tend to have certain preconceptions regarding the age of people who subscribe to these different types of views (which I know in no way represent everyone's view optimally, but are just intended to be very rough "containers" to describe general thoughts on PvP). It'd be real interesting to see a good set of honest replies (even if they came from alts) just to see if there really is any correlation.

For example, are all the bastards <grin> who subscribe to view #1 above 13 year olds frustrated by their inability to influence the real world in as big a way as they can the EVE universe or are they mainly a group of 60+ who are ticked off about their gray hair and wrinkles and want to share the pain? Or perhaps there is no age correlation at all (which is what I actually expect myself)?

Anyways, could be amusing, I think. :)


Brother Benthor
Posted - 2007.01.15 18:49:00 - [129]

24 (25 on the 30th this month)

Posted - 2007.01.15 19:01:00 - [130]

20. Someone keeping tally? Wonder what the average is at this stage. :S

Dawson Blue
Posted - 2007.01.15 19:38:00 - [131]

36 here :)

Ruhige Schmerz
New Eden Scientific Association
Posted - 2007.01.15 20:03:00 - [132]


Caldari State Inc.
Posted - 2007.01.15 21:34:00 - [133]


North Eastern Swat
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2007.01.15 21:45:00 - [134]

I Turned 15 almost two weeks ago.

Posted - 2007.01.15 22:13:00 - [135]

As of Hattifnatt, the count is 130 people with total age of 3658. That averages out to 28.138 yrs.
In case anyone wondering, the oldest is 61 and youngest at 14.
This is getting more responses than I ever thought.

Thank you to all who participate.

Jarphen Bard
Posted - 2007.02.23 11:07:00 - [136]

Bump...any more for any more?

Posted - 2007.02.23 11:48:00 - [137]

Originally by: Arrs Grazznic
Originally by: darphiusthesecond
38 years of age. I feel like an 18 year old with the body of a 38 year old.

I feel like an 18 year old every so often, but being 37, I usually get turned down!


Very Happy
The old ones are always the best

...the jokes I mean Embarassed

Here's my meaningless statistic: 36

Erim Solfara
Posted - 2007.02.23 12:51:00 - [138]

17, 18 in a couple of months
Corpies haven't posted, so...

wierchas noobhunter
Posted - 2007.02.23 12:55:00 - [139]


El Berto
Free Corp
Liberty Alliance
Posted - 2007.02.23 13:08:00 - [140]

25, but I got IDed the otherday \o/

Ex carebear, now full time meatsheild/primary.


Posted - 2007.02.23 13:16:00 - [141]

23 here and been here since the begining of Eve. Wales 4tw

Empress Aphrodite
The Templars Knights
Edge Of Sanity
Posted - 2007.02.23 13:29:00 - [142]

Recently 28. Been playing since 25.

Hiro Kazamatsuri
Fatal Rabbits
Posted - 2007.02.23 13:41:00 - [143]

Originally by: Thent Duxll
55 in 2 weeks, been surprised how low the average is coming out at. Lots of people I speak to in game are old Elite players like me, and that shows their age.Wink (is their a smiley with wrinkles and a walking stick?)

i'm 29 and im also an old Elite palyer ! (not frontier, I played the first version on my Amstrad CPC6128) BTW I think i was 12 or even younger at this time ...

Underworld Protection Agency
South Pole Dancers
Posted - 2007.02.23 16:52:00 - [144]

20 year-old maths student. Lots and lots of free time 4tw. ugh

Posted - 2007.02.23 16:58:00 - [145]

26 here. My wife has a character and is 27. We've been playing for about 13 months now. I have two accounts and my wife is trying to setup a second pvp account. Paying for 4 accounts is still cheaper than going to the movies once a week.

Leilani Solaris
Posted - 2007.02.23 17:01:00 - [146]

19 here. 20 in the summer.

Brother Benthor
Posted - 2007.02.23 17:29:00 - [147]

im 25 and both my friend who also play are 26 and 27

Posted - 2007.02.23 20:44:00 - [148]

21 close to 22 Smile

Reyold Bengali
Posted - 2007.02.23 22:53:00 - [149]

39. 40 in May. Will also have a year in game at that time. Before this I spent 3 years in SWG.

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