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Yumi Katanawe
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2007.01.15 15:30:00 - [31]

Frank Herbert - dune series, aka where the amarr empire came from. The Jesus Incident series is also awesome but none of it shows in EVE.

Greg Beard - hard sci-fi, fits like a glove with EVE.

Ian Gibson - geebus, it's the Caldari State!

ZiTek Deepspace Explorations
United Front Alliance
Posted - 2007.01.15 15:31:00 - [32]

Originally by: RuleoftheBone
Very fair comment. Hamilton must have got sick of keeping track of the whole story...but still-Al Capone as the leader of a gang of space-nasties? Now thats cool Laughing.

At least the amount of gangster smacktalk could be the most striking resemblance to EVE. Laughing

djenghis jan
Posted - 2007.01.15 15:39:00 - [33]

Vernor Vinge: A fire upon the deep (best book ever)
Also a deepness in the sky by the same author is very good.
Then most if not all books by jack vance...
The above mentioned books are also great especially snow crash by neal stephenson but i will not double post all off them. Do read online (non fiction) essays by vernor vinge about the singularity event.

nice post


The Littlest Hobos
Posted - 2007.01.15 16:11:00 - [34]

Originally by: Eris Discordia
Mentioned here before but I second the Gap cycle. It's one of the best series I have read in years. Thanks to other devs who recommended it to me I can recommend it to you Smile

The start:
Morn Hyland, an ensign with the United Mining Companies Police, is on her first mission aboard the UMCP destroyer Starmaster. When they arrive at Com-Mine Station, a ship, Bright Beauty, piloted by the pirate Angus Thermopyle, flees, and Starmaster follows. Witnessing Angus slaughtering a small mining settlement. Starmaster attempts combat, but is almost destroyed by a massive internal explosion.

The who and why you'd have to read yourself but there are some nice twists in all of the books.

meh I'm not sure, the author seems to be far to interested in dreaming up really horrible things to do to Morn in preference to furthering to the plotline, I gave up after book 3 feeling that all I'd read is Donaldson's perversions printed...

Dau Imperius
Posted - 2007.01.15 16:43:00 - [35]

I've got much better recommendations:
1.) How to be a Human-being for dummies.
2.) Why PvP is not everything and never will be.
3.) How not to whine and complain on forums about every single thing you see.
4.) The computer and you: a treatise on ethics and morals online.

I could go on, but I doubt most of you could read something that doesn't involve F1, F2, F3 or Iwin/Lose. And 'Dear CCP: Fix my life'.

Rolling Eyes

JBX Corp
Posted - 2007.01.15 17:08:00 - [36]

Originally by: Dark Shikari
Edited by: Dark Shikari on 15/01/2007 01:23:06
Iain M. Banks.

Stephen Baxter.

David Brin.

Larry Niven.

Greb Bear.

The Corporation
Cruel Intentions
Posted - 2007.01.15 17:20:00 - [37]

Originally by: Ivan Kirilenkov
Alastair Reynolds has been mentioned many times, but since he's the one responsible for me returning from a break from Eve, I'll blame him, eh, recommend him aswell :)

Great series, and great for reading during downtime :P

His descriptions of Spiders (Conjoiners, NOT the invertebrates) are particularly interesting since it is devilishly close to what EVE's pod-pilots would be like.

Other than that, he's taking a much more scientific approach to SciFi-science than EVE, meaning that he get all relativistic when it comes to space travel (no warp holes or anything!)... and there's no sound in space Wink

Takahashi Arran
coracao ardente
Posted - 2007.01.15 17:25:00 - [38]

Originally by: Dau Imperius
I've got much better recommendations:
1.) How to be a Human-being for dummies.

you could start by treating poeple with respect?
3.) How not to whine and complain on forums about every single thing you see.

Oh the irony.

anyway onto the reading, Ian. M Banks and Alastair Reynolds will blow your mind into little pieces and then serve it to you in a smoothie, my 2 favourite authors I would say. Also John Le Carre for all you people with tinfoil hats (and for those of us without as well, great reading doesn't have to be sci-fi). Finally Douglas Adams but that goes almost without saying. (and I still think he was better on the radio)

Posted - 2007.01.15 18:25:00 - [39]

Originally by: ScreamingLord Sutch
Peter F Hamilton

without a doubt, some of the finest sci-fi, i highly reccomend pretty much everything he's written :P

Tairos Hakonnus
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2007.01.15 18:36:00 - [40]

William Gibson's Neuromancer

Chereadenine Zakalwe
The Legion of Spoon
Curatores Veritatis Alliance
Posted - 2007.01.15 18:41:00 - [41]

as most have posted, the banks stuff is fantastic(though his culture stuff is best, the ships in the algaebrist are captained by pod pilots!!).alistair reynolds is another good one.theres another writer who has some pretty good stuff out called ken mcleod,writes from a kinda socialist viewpoint similar to banks

Posted - 2007.01.15 18:53:00 - [42]

I really like Ben Bova's 'Grand Tour' series, set in our solar system.
I started with Mars and Return To Mars, then the Asteroid Wars trilogy followed by Moonrise and Moonwar, and I have now read most of the series.
Asteroid Wars is probably the most Eve-like of the lot, although they get to turn their mining lasers on ships! YARRRR!!

Mikal Drey
Atlas Alliance
Posted - 2007.01.15 19:39:00 - [43]

hey hey

although most of the books i read would be more for the WOW players as i find reading sci-fi can be tedius (to me) heres a few recomendations from me.

Orson Scot Card - Ender's Saga
William Shatner - TekWar
Frank Herbert - Dune

Those people who love sci-fi continually bug me about reading those and TekWar is supposed to be suprisingly good.

My Personal Author list

Clive Barker - At his best he's incredible - Abrat Quartet is back to his old self
Terry Pratchett - Discworld FTW
Terry Goodkind - The fantastic Sword of Truth books
Orson Scot Card - Alvin Maker series
Ursula K Le Guin - Earthsea
Robert Jordan >> "when will it end :(("
Raymond E Feist- Throughly Recomend "Magician"
James Barclay - Anyone read his new series ?
Trudi Canavan- High Lord Trilogy is superb
Garth Nix - Sabriel/Aborhensen series

*my reading is more WOW than EVE but EVE is clearly superior.

Jake Anvil
Excessive Force
Posted - 2007.01.15 20:11:00 - [44]

I'll 2nd Elizabeth Moon - Vatta's War & raise you The Serrano Legacy. Could be a dicey suggestion though, but it gives an interesting point of view on a contreversial sport.

Also just reading Crossover by Joel Shepherd. Very interesting take on humanity's potential attitudes toward AI & cyborgs.

My personal problem is I read too quick, so I'm already through most of the good stuff!

Natasha Kerensky
The Company
The Dominion Empire
Posted - 2007.01.15 20:11:00 - [45]

Originally by: Tairos Hakonnus
William Gibson's Neuromancer


Ghost War by Michael A. Stackpole is one of my favorites, though you really need to be a Mechwarrior nerd to fully appreciate it.

And of course the almighty Ender's Game

Constantine Arcanum
Bad Company DBD
Initiative Mercenaries
Posted - 2007.01.15 20:25:00 - [46]

I think EVE was described in PC Gamer as 'Live the Iain M. Banks dream' :)

Malik Cygnus
AGP Laboratories
Posted - 2007.01.15 21:04:00 - [47]

Edited by: Malik Cygnus on 15/01/2007 21:01:54
I just finished Isaac Asimov's Nemesis. I thought that it was strikingly similar to the EVE universe. It's a great read as well. I highly suggest it to any sci-fi fan.

Flapp Corp
Posted - 2007.01.16 00:08:00 - [48]

Edited by: Flapp on 16/01/2007 08:29:02
I am hereby hijacking this thread:
What you need to know to survive EvE instead of what you'd like to read. Let's go:

Frank Herbert - "Dune" (mentioned already)
A complex universe indeed. So many different characters and factions interacting with each other, you won't believe it. That's why people said it was impossible to make a movie out of it. And they were right.
Find out why it takes your CEO 3 hours in the alliance meeting only to agree to the next roid to mine. Also, why it took BoB 4+ months to wardec ASCN.

Frank Herbert - "The Dragon in the sea"
Short novel about psychological warfare.
Spies, treachery, pewpew. Just like Eve.

C.J. Cherryh - The "Union" series (mentioned already)
Entertainment at it's best: Easy to follow yet very enjoyable, developing around a few selected points of view. My recommendation for new readers.
Name your ship "Norway" and i'll blast you to Jove space BTW. No offense ofc.

Arthur C. Clarke - Various titles. The older, the better. (mentioned already)
Classics in SciFi here, like "A fall of moon dust" about a tourist ship cruising the seas of dust on our moon getting into real trouble. Old "Airport" movie style, good to begin with.
Eve related, what every FC should know about panic and boredom.

Shinishi Hoshi - Various titles, mostly his "short short" stories.
Classic SciFi but really short, exactly what you need between 2 cycles of Ice sucking. Nuff said.

"Ender's game" - don't remember the author atm (Orson Scott Card?)
About young boys being trained by the military by making groups of them fight each other in mock combat. A common reference on the internet, yet most people i talked about it so far seem to be lacking the consequences the story tells. Read at own risk.

Wil Gibson - "Neuromancer" and follow-ups. (mentioned already)
High tech living mostly about hackers in the future. If those book are too hefty, try "Burning Chrome" first.
Eve-wise, spies and corp. thieves.

Now for some important reading, as any of these will give you access to new skills (in paranthesis):
Maquis de Sade - practically everything (Excentric CEO Evasion)
Sun Tzu - The Art of War (Forum Spamming)
George Orwell - 1984 (Political Correctness, Word Filter Analysis)

Hey, i'm getting a 5% total on all book sales, right?

(Sorry about typos and such, this was all out of a drunken brain. But if you insist, i'll crawl up the shelves tomorrow and hit you with exact information, wrecking for total get-out-here-iness.)

Soar Angelic
Posted - 2007.01.16 00:28:00 - [49]

Anything by Arthur C Clarke is a must.

Posted - 2007.01.16 00:48:00 - [50]

Originally by: Twilight Moon
Edited by: Twilight Moon on 15/01/2007 12:31:56
Anyone know if Ian M. Banks has another book in the works? I've read the lot. Embarassed

I'm afraid Iain M Banks missed his Christmas deadline for his new book because he got addicted to Civilisation III.


"Iain Banks has committed the cardinal sin of failing to meet a deadline.

The award-winning novelist's latest work, Matter, was due to hit the shelves in a couple of weeks as a shoo-in for the Christmas bestseller lists.

It now won't be released until some time next March.

"It's all because I became a serial addict of the computer game 'Civilisation'," Banks said at this month's Edinburgh book festival.

"I played it for three months and then realised I hadn't done any work. In the end, I had to delete all the saved files and smash the CD.

"It is very unprofessional of me. I had to ask for an extension for the first time, which made me feel just like I was a student again."

In other bad news for Banks fans, he writes one sci-fi then one mainstream novel (though he doesn't really accept the distinction), and since his last one was sci-fi, Matter must be a mainstream one.

I wouldn't like him to discover Eve because he might never write another novel again, and there's no CD to smash!

As for recommendations, just start with the first one in the "SF Masterworks" series published by Gollanz, and work your way through...

And why has no-one mentioned Philip K Di_ck yet? "A Scanner Darkly" is hilarious, while "Clans of the Alphane Moon" takes place on an abandoned mental-asylum planet where the inhabitants have formed social groups based on their psychiatric problems, (like we do in this game) and features a telepathic purple jelly creature. What more could you want?

Evil Avatar Ltd.
Posted - 2007.01.16 00:57:00 - [51]

Originally by: Mikal Drey

My Personal Author list

Clive Barker - At his best he's incredible - Abrat Quartet is back to his old self
Terry Pratchett - Discworld FTW
Terry Goodkind - The fantastic Sword of Truth books
Orson Scot Card - Alvin Maker series
Ursula K Le Guin - Earthsea
Robert Jordan >> "when will it end :(("
Raymond E Feist- Throughly Recomend "Magician"
James Barclay - Anyone read his new series ?
Trudi Canavan- High Lord Trilogy is superb
Garth Nix - Sabriel/Aborhensen series

*my reading is more WOW than EVE but EVE is clearly superior.

If you prefer fantasy to sci-fi then you absolutely must read "A Game of Thrones" by George R.R. Martin. I've read most of the books on that list and I feel absolutely safe in saying that Martin is the top dog of fantasy right now. Try him and you won't be disappointed.

Blue Labs
Knights Of the Southerncross
Posted - 2007.01.16 02:17:00 - [52]

David Weber

Posted - 2007.01.16 02:51:00 - [53]

I agree w/ everything here. Just wanted to call out C.J. Cherryh's "Heavy Time", and Robert Heinlein's "Cat Who Walks Through Walls". Plus, dial in the way-back machine and check out E.E. Smiths "Lensman" series.

Maria Ravenwind
Dark Storm Syndicate
Posted - 2007.01.16 02:55:00 - [54]

Stephen R Donaldson's Gap Cycle is an absolute must.

Orson Scott Card's Ender Saga is incredible.

Donaldson's fight scenes, both physical combat and spaceships, is something to behold.

Card's work on combat tactics and planetary politics is really fantastic.

Malicia Skirj
Posted - 2007.01.16 03:03:00 - [55]

Wow...I can't believe I've not seen it..

Anything in the Vorkosigan series by Lois McMaster Bujold, though Borders of Infinity was my first and favorite.

Posted - 2007.01.16 03:09:00 - [56]

William Gibson (Neuromancer, Burning Chrome)

Isaac Asimov (The Stars Like Dust)

Tom Clancy (Red Storm Rising)

Make sure you play Fallout series

Dues Ex

System Shock




God I love Sci Fi

Posted - 2007.01.16 03:56:00 - [57]

peter f hamilton ( nightdawn trilogy) kulu system is named after his book me thinks

Marcus Druallis
Aperture Harmonics
Posted - 2007.01.16 05:01:00 - [58]

Read "Theodicy" under the short stories section in the EVE Online backstory. It's fairly long for a short story, and it quite a good read. Made me want to train for Amarr just for their "glory." Even if they are pieces of...

Freelancing Corp
Confederation of Independent Corporations
Posted - 2007.01.16 05:16:00 - [59]

Edited by: Majestik on 16/01/2007 05:16:05
Looks like I have a lot of books to buy.Very Happy

My choices......

The Stars at War II
by David Weber, Steve White.
1056 pages

The Planet Pirates
by Anne McCaffrey, Jody Lynn Nye, and Elizabeth Moon
896 pages

Lucius Malvek
Posted - 2007.01.16 05:47:00 - [60]

Originally by: Mikal Drey
Raymond E Feist- Throughly Recomend "Magician"

Yeah, not Sci-Fi (though it does have aliens from a different world), the Riftwar saga you are referring to is my favorite book series of all time.

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