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Garoun Investment Bank
Posted - 2007.05.09 14:48:00 - [31]

Originally by: Ather Ialeas
Chaining has one obvious downside though: It kills spawn rate and quality. If you're in desperate need of ISK, chain but otherwise don't since the effects of chaining can be felt for the duration of several weeks in the system you've been chaining in.

That's what someone from my alliance has said, but not everyone is sure this is the case. My previous alliance wasn't in 100% agreement either.

I guess the best compromise is just to chain the top triple spawns and kill absolutely everything else?

Future Corps
Posted - 2007.05.09 15:05:00 - [32]

long long time ago in a far away galaxy...

when we users tried to break the 7k record on server...well long time ago

this is what i would do...

apoc, 4x tachyons with multifrequency crystals

some named computer "remember no t2 or faction,officer ****" all t1 the old school way

sit at 50km, taking on 5x 50k cruisers, somewhere in ex nva space

apoc shield tanked of course back in the days, no fancy armor tanking back then

kept one alive nd just wait

not long after starting, npcs would spawn like crazy
killed one before you killed it the next spawned or other 4 of them at once

either you had good skills "back than lots of noobs" or you could not kill it

would make easy 30-40m/hour

now a days...

just move along belts find a constelation out of way in 0.0 with many belts and you just go around belts in various systems

Jaffse HuntST
Posted - 2007.05.09 15:25:00 - [33]

It's a templar, Amarr fight... Oh, wait... Nvm.

Kage Psychodin
Posted - 2007.05.11 09:33:00 - [34]

This doesn't seem to be very true. Sadly, I HAVE to kill all, because despite being able to tank frigs indefinitly, getting webbed and scrambled means a lag spike could put me with respawning BSes in danger. My corp doesn't seem to understand that, so I dropped a can in every belt with a phrase. "I DO NOT CHAIN. NOOB TANK".
It works.

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This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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