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Priory of the Lime
Posted - 2007.04.15 20:31:00 - [91]

lol rutoo is kewl :P

Krash Traxx
Posted - 2007.04.19 18:34:00 - [92]

Edited by: Krash Traxx on 22/04/2007 11:06:58
maximal decimal

got scammed by him

Edit: got the money back - thx for the help :) seems it was a misunderstanding

Virtual Democracy
Posted - 2007.04.20 14:00:00 - [93]

Originally by: TribalBleb
Silas Thessalonica, when he wanted to leave our corporation he decided to claim everything in the corporate hanging his own.

Silas is now trading under the account name "Enjackah"

Delta Hammer
Posted - 2007.04.20 16:37:00 - [94]

Dan Grensson tried to rob three corps in one night.

Ricky Baby
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2007.04.21 10:26:00 - [95]

at loath to this but:

Former Charecters: Roule, N0bird, Agif, Teh Mast3r

Roule presumed sold, Agif i belive is still under his control as is n0bird - teh mast3r will most likely be recycled.

what happened may be revealed later but for now it what amounts to a loss of friendship built up over 6 months and a multibillion isk theft

Veldspar Vinnie
Tactical Nuclear Penguin's
space weaponry and trade
Posted - 2007.04.21 16:03:00 - [96]

Here's another one to add to the list.
Sir Thomas..Alt is Melinda Dor.
This person was our much respected CEO.
He emptied the corp wallet and hangers and told us all that his account was hacked.
This turned out to be bs.
Having one of your corp members turn out to be a thief is dissapointing, but when its your CEO, it hurts that little bit more.

Rebellion Against Big Irreversible Dinks
Posted - 2007.04.23 20:46:00 - [97]

Sagasi 3 - Known confirmed and admitted corp thief.
Ravencer - Known confirmed and admitted Corp thief.

Actually Sagasi 3 and Ravencer appear to be the same. For hilarity and proof check out - Here

Posted - 2007.04.25 04:20:00 - [98]

its a lie

Maximal Damage
Posted - 2007.05.06 04:56:00 - [99]

Siigari Kitiwa is a corp scammer and also has created corps and scammed his corp mates!

Shiloh Technologies
Posted - 2007.06.22 11:05:00 - [100]

My corp has also suffered an attack by a corp thief....Captainarcher
got his hands on our hangers and cleaned two of them out...he is a thief and worst of all a dumb thief though he still fooled shows even after 1.5 months u cant trust alot of ppl in eve

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Gunney McGunner
Posted - 2007.06.22 12:02:00 - [101]

Me. Gunney Mcgunner. I have looted two corporate hangers! Please add me to this distinguished and honorable list. My alts may be in your corps right now Shocked

Pelf Matagraph
Posted - 2007.06.22 13:10:00 - [102]

Originally by: R0ME0
Originally by: DeckardIRL
Edited by: DeckardIRL on 08/01/2007 10:56:11
This Post is being created to list known thieves in the eve universe so that corps can quickly check this list to see if an applicant has a known criminal past.

Alliaana Dallaii- alt of thief

If people post to this thread I will edit it adding criminals to the list. This is a small start but a start.



Let me give you a helping hand,

When i first created r0me0 i set his name to use the number 0 not the letter O for a reseaon, you have fallen for this and spelt the name all a-z, which means you are slaggin some other pore guy off, LMAO...


Federation of Freedom Fighters
Posted - 2007.06.23 00:26:00 - [103]


Most corp theives are good guys and good players. Just when they see a door open ..they walk in and see whats up.

Simple really...keep your doors locked wont have that problem.


name says enough too this thread /sign

Posted - 2007.07.07 00:06:00 - [104]

Was just given this thread lol.

So im a corp thief - guess it depends on your defintion.
New CEO figured i was the cause of all her problems for the last year or so i was with the corp. So if they dont want me they dont get to keep my toys. Took my battleship bpo's and a bunch of copies to keep me going for a bit. And cash to pay for towers i left with the corp. Took nothing for arrays or guns.
Corp had 9 towers going and lots of cash if i was a corp thief i would of cleaned em out of all their bpo's and put all the towers off line after stealing a buttload of ships.
I look back at that time as a disagreement with the CEO.
My other corp members still talk to me. (hell my corp is blue with them lol)
So thats my two bits if anyones interested.

Securion Wolfheart
Trojan Trolls
Controlled Chaos
Posted - 2007.09.18 20:31:00 - [105]

Rahool is a corp thieve.
How do we know?
We found the stolen stuff in his hangar. (lol)

I advice any corps CEO from taking him in.

Its strange that some ppl need to steal when they are being provided everything they ask for...?

Purge Corp
Posted - 2007.09.22 05:06:00 - [106]


Fitz VonHeise
Eye Bee Em
Stellar Defense Alliance
Posted - 2007.09.27 17:54:00 - [107]

Edited by: Fitz VonHeise on 27/09/2007 18:00:18

Jim Diamond: (Alt: Quesa Dia) Proof

Another Person:
Name: OsisXtra Proof
Alt: OsisXtra II

Posted - 2007.09.27 19:51:00 - [108]

Originally by: Booster Terrick

I treat people the same way in this game that I do in RL

Just to poke fun...

Which is it...?

1. You kill people in RL, or

2. You don't kill anyone in the game...

And.....Which is it here?

3. You never ever pick on younger players in the game (killing, or whatever)...or

4. You pick on kids in real life.

Posted - 2007.09.28 10:46:00 - [109]

Edited by: Zerolaws on 28/09/2007 10:48:14
Beware of Deckerx
He is one very well known habitual SCAMMER, METAGAMER and self-admitted THIEF (very tricky and dangerous)
also beware of alt chars and/or gang members Carroll, Ula O****ur (as in "O f a e n u r"), Vottbot

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