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Dal Gurak
Magma Dragon
Posted - 2003.12.01 15:43:00 - [1]

Edited by: Dal Gurak on 01/12/2003 16:18:52
Running his fingers across his flight controls Dal slowly and caringly picked out the dust from between the gaps as he rested peacefully in his chair. In the deapths of space he stared out into the night sky as the ship endlessly drifted and the engines remained cool in their silent slumber.

Thinking back several days this was not the case, the engines screamed in the fury of battle and the guns blazed a trail of destruction in the wake of the Rifter Gun Bane. A conflict of ideals it was thought, but what ever it was the fight that took place resolved the situation and the two feuding parties were silenced permanently. Being of the third party brought in to deal with the problem, Dal then slipped away into the black of space, out of sight and mind to continue his duties. On that point however, it was unlikely anyone in the battle managed to identify the ship or at least work out whose side it was on.

Anyhow, that moment in time is now fading into memory and Dal slowly beings to drift off to sleep.

“Message Received”

Dal stirs but drifts back off.

“Message Received”

Again Dal stirs and several times the alert is repeated until finally the computer raises the volume of its voice.

“Message Received” The computer repeats, this time louder than the last.

Dal lifts himself up in his seat, rubs his eyes and checks the time. Several hours had pasted and so then turns his attention to the screen flashing just to his left.

“Play message” Dal ordered.

“Message reads as follows” The computer informed.

“To Dal Gurak, we need your assistance. A situation has arisen and our position on the matter is imminent. Make all haste to the Vard system and await further instruction. End of message”

“Is that it…? Anything else attached to the message?”

“No” The computer swiftly replied.

“Who sent it?”

“I have insufficient information to answer that, sorry.”

Dal turned his attention to the map projector and selected the Vard system. Vard is one of the outlying systems of the republic, sitting on the boarders of Minmatar space then onto Amarr territory. The area of space surrounding that system was always a troublesome spot, but why he should be summoned there without explanation was an unsettling thought.

Nevertheless, it’s probably worth checking out Dal thought to himself. Setting course to Vard the ships engines came to life and brought the ship around.

“Warp drive active” The computer informed.

Within a few moments the Gun Bane’s systems were back to fully operational status and by which time the ship was already at warp, speeding towards the gate that would send it along its chosen route.

With each passing moment Dal was brought closer to Vard, gate after gate his Rifter pushed hard with all speed which made the pilots seat shake but it still maintained its grace and beauty that almost ever Minmatar has come to hold in their hearts for this particular make of vessel.

“Autopilot disabled, scanning area”

“Very good” Dal replied.

The sound of the sensor systems echoed through the ship and lasted for quite a few seconds.

“Scan complete, beacon detected.”

Dal set a course to the signal and once again the ship was at warp speed, heading pretty much into the unknown, which is a feeling Dal prefers not to feel when travelling through his own race's space.

“Warp drive off line”

The ship came to an abrupt stop and made a second scan of the area to compute more accurate coordinates of the detected signal.

“The signal has been pinpointed to an object located on radar to the port bow.”

Dal looked at the radar display, the object was almost one hundred kilometres away and without further thought brought the ship around and made best speed towards the object. Several possibilities of what it could be ran through Dal’s mind but when he then found out what it was none of what he had thought of quite came close.

What he saw in front of him once his ship had come to a steady halt was a corpse floating in space with a small radio beacon attached to its back.

“Computer, magnify!” Dal said lifting himself forward towards the front screen.

Although greatly disfigured he recognised the tortured face of the body and fell back into his seat with a heavy heart and a shattered mind.

What had happened here?

Dal Gurak
Magma Dragon
Posted - 2003.12.01 15:44:00 - [2]

Edited by: Dal Gurak on 05/12/2003 14:39:21
Sitting in silence Dal thought of those times long ago when one of his closets friends and he both dreamed a child’s dream. They had been through their schooling together, had seen each other through their teenage years and supported each other on the run up to the Voluval. Their Test of Destiny had brought out what they already knew of each other, they just needed it pointing out. From a very young age they were brought up as independent people, not relying on anything or anyone but at the same time feeling a strong love and bond for their family and friends. The way all true Minmatar should be, an independent but passionate people.

Dal felt a small tear run down the side of his face, for a moment he let run and just as it reached his lower neck he wipe away the tear and its trail and open the communications menu.

“Computer, take down a message for me please.” Dal ordered.

“Who is the message to?” The computer replied


“Understood. What is the message?”

“Message as follows. Simar, I need you help my friend. There has been an event in the Vard system and I require your skills in the matter. The details are attached to this message. End of message. Also could you attach the log of the recent events to the message please?”

The computer paused a moment as it performed its task applying encryption and security measures to the message before transmitting.

“Message ready.” The computer finally said.

“Transmit.” Dal replied.

Within seconds the message was on its way and in that moment Dal ordered the body to be scooped into the cargo hold and then set course for Pator at maximum available speed. It was time he decided to place himself in his pod and actived the neural interface when he had done so.

The times ahead were going to be troublesome at best Dal thought to himself.

Dal Gurak
Magma Dragon
Posted - 2003.12.02 14:45:00 - [3]

Edited by: Dal Gurak on 05/12/2003 15:18:01
Several hours later the Gun Bane was initiating final manoeuvres which brought it soundly into station on Matar’s primary planetary dock. Dal stepped out, filling his lungs with the fresh air of his home world, the smell of home and the sight of the rugged hills from which his tribe Sebiestor once roamed around without a worry in the world. Matar was always a beautiful place, a natural paradise and a place that Dal feels he spends far too much time away from.

“Dal Gurak!” A voice from the other side of the landing pad said.

Dal turned towards the sound and saw a young Minmatar running across the pad with some kind of palm computer.

“Dal Gurak! I have an urgent message for you…”

Dal began to walk slowly towards to the young lad who was now almost within arms reach.

“What do you have for me?” Dal enquired.

“A high priority communities, sent through the primary RSS network node.”

“Thank you, I shall take it from here.”

“Very good sir.” The young lad admirably replied.

Dal accessed the small computer device that had been passed to him which then activated a holographic communication system, and before continuing Dal looked around to see if any others we close by and then retreated into the loading ramp of his ship.

“Open communications” Dal instructed to the device.

“Communications open” The device replied.

“Hi Dal, I have something you will be interested in.” The voice over the com said.

“Hey Simar, so what’s going on out there?”

“Well, I went over the area marked out by the log you sent me and here are my results. Two teams went over the point at which you found the body, for which I send my deepest sympathies; I shall say a prayer tonight. His soul shall be deeply missed.”

“Thank you Simar, I’m sure he would like that.”

“Anyways, my teams went over that spot and the area around there with all the techniques we could conjure up and the results were… well were surprising. The ship our late friend was obviously attacked and it was a vicious attack. At first we thought only two ships were involved, that which was destroyed at the attacker. Scans shows the presence of an Amarr cruiser, however, when reviewing the results it was apparent that even though they tried to hide their trail it wasn’t hidden enough.”

“What do you mean?” Dal interrupted

“Well, the Amarr aren’t stupid, I’ll give them that and they could have hidden their presence much better. Also the damage dealt to the wreckage of the slain ship was not consistent with Amarr weapons, thus I decided to do another scan of the area and indeed I found the presence of another ship. Once I knew what to look for it was easy from there. The damage done matched the damage dealt by heavy artillery guns, 650mm calibre using fusion shells. Dal! The third ship was Minmatar, and I’m guessing Rupture class at the very least and very heavily armed. The two attackers defiantly left together but where they went I don’t know. I’d say the whole affair was over in a few moments. However, with regards to the disfigurement of the body and the trails of the ships I’d say our late captain was interrogated on the Amarr ship.”

Dal didn’t know how to respond to what Simar had just said. What the hell was going on and who the hell was doing what ever it is they were doing.

“There are too many questions that need answers Simar, I’ll be needing you help on this.”

“Of course Dal, I’ll begin assembling our team.”

“Thank you, we’ll need them. I’m on Matar at the moment, any chance you can join me here? I’m sure the funeral would miss your attendance.”

“I’ll be there as soon as I can, I’ll… Wait a moment, hold a second please Dal.”


“Dal! This transmission is being traced. I have to go!”

“Where are you?”

“There’s no time, I’ll see you soon my friend. Stay safe!” Simar quickly replied then shut down the link.

Dal was becoming more uneasy as the hours went on. He then rubbed his forehead and noticed that his war tattoos were becoming visible. Taking a few moments to regain control of himself he locked down his ship and headed towards the docking bay exit.

Please bare with me, very busy at the moment but don;t want to just leave the story on my hard disk other wise id never get it finished never mind get it posted.Shocked


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