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Heavens Gate Consortium
Posted - 2007.01.02 17:49:00 - [31]

A ship comparison tool like the one that used to be on Eve-i would be good.

Infact just bring back eve-i!

Digital Solaris
Posted - 2007.01.02 18:07:00 - [32]

Here is one thing I'd like, hibernation.

It would allow you to plan, and carry out a longterm skill plan where the game will proceed to train certain skills for you, according to the skill plan, if you can't really be there to log in and train a new skill or a higher rank of a trained skill. Of course, as long as you have the skills waiting in your hangar.

While I appreciate that I can plan EVE after my life instead of planning my life after the game, it is also a wellknown fact that every one get to a point in life when people have to choose and they just can't be there as much as before. And once things have settled down and people come back to a more active state, they are far behind.

Posted - 2007.01.02 18:32:00 - [33]

Edited by: RtoZ on 02/01/2007 18:47:52
Things I would like:

1) Skill planner. As long as you were in the same ship or station as the next skill in queue it would train autmatically. If not it simply stops and evemails. If you deactivate account it will only train current skill as it allready does now. Interface would be drag and drop so as to allow sequence change and it would give out statistics such as time of completion, time till specific item skillset done, etc. It would link to item info tabs so you could with one click set training priority to currently viewed item and the system would work it out. It would not however stop training current skill under any circumstance.

2) Automated salvage and looting modes. Just press a button and your ship loots automatically. Sure, so as not to imbalance economy it would have to be slower than the manual process, perhaps limited to two tractor beams, but it would remove a lot of the tedious gameplay out of the game and not actually give any undue advantage to mission runners. Would also allow more forum *****ing, but you can't have it all good.

3) A reworked drone interface, so you have a GUI alongside the current modules UI at the bottom. Drones would be numbered 1-X and could be given orders seperatly or bulk. the current overview system is clunky at best and needs to be revamped. Ideally this would come with a complete rewrite of the drone codebase, its crap. This new items would have buttons like "stay in group" "attack only this ship class" and other automized features along the same veign. Drone icons would be applied to targeted icons in much the same way as weopons icons are applied now.

4) Revamp of the fittings and repairshop menus so as to be easier to use. Would include a kickstart option for when you upgrade powergrid after installing modules and want to put various modules online at once. Would allow scrapping of fittings per slot type. Would automatically display available items in hangar for slot type with a drop down menu. Something like that.

5) Auto repackaging when item is not insured or fitted so as not waste time with stupid obtrusive menus. Warning menu otherwise.

From the top of my head these are the things I would like to see done with the EVE interface. They come down to one principle: Automatization of repetitive tasks so as to further distance EVE from clickfest type gameplay. Unless you fly an intie of course Razz

Edit: I would also like some form of "challenge" mode so that people who wish to fight in highsec could clear it with concord and duel it out, either solo or gangbased. The fights would of course be locked to the number of participants who agreed to it, not allowing reiforcements of any kind. This would solve the non consentual pvp problem and also liven up the economy as more and more people start pvp'ing. High Sec podding would still be forbidden, so people could have a better chance of keeping their implants, targeting of pods when somebody is in challenge mode would be scrambled by concord, who would oversee the events.

Rico's Roughnecks
-Mostly Harmless-
Posted - 2007.01.02 20:19:00 - [34]

I would like to see a tool that allows you to delete mails from your inbox PERMANENTLY... Laughing

Martin Mckenna
Posted - 2007.01.02 21:13:00 - [35]

i would like to see a system where by corps can make diffrent accounts instead of it all being kept in the corp wallet. eg. mining account, dread svings ect ect and these wallets could be given access to instead of you either have access to the entire corp savings or you dont.

what you guys think?

Paragon Fury
Cascade Imminent
Posted - 2007.01.02 21:17:00 - [36]

Out-of-game playback.

Basically a nice little record button that will store the incoming data that tells you what ships are moving where, who is firing at who, etc etc.

Then give us the tools to replay footage, and be able to move the camera around as we wish. Besides the great feedback it would give to combat pilots, it would simply kickass for making movies.

Thor Xian
Posted - 2007.01.02 21:18:00 - [37]

I want the overview to die, and be replaced with the old radar hud, revamped with overviewlike function abilities.

Loftur sterki
Ministry Of Amarrian Secret Service
Posted - 2007.01.02 21:49:00 - [38]

I would love a huge can of FIx mace....Very Happy

Mephesto Nizal
Best Path Inc.
Ethereal Dawn
Posted - 2007.01.02 21:56:00 - [39]

ingame recording tool. Press record and it logs how ships fly and shoot, everything. Then after the recording session, with a seperate client, you can play it back...define camera angles. There should even be an option to set keys that will log how the camera will look, wich target it should be focussed on, how it flies. After all that, you can record it to avi for other's viewing pleasure. Review your finest battles again, with cinematic camera angles.

Posted - 2007.01.02 22:42:00 - [40]

I'd like some web based tools so i could change my skill, or change setup buy/sell order, while at work.

Infact the first one would suffice.

Verus Potestas
Tactical Narcotics Team
Posted - 2007.01.02 22:45:00 - [41]

A "fit all" button, so if you rightclick on that stack of d180s, it fits one in every turret hardpoint your ship has left, or if you do it to the stack of Gyros, it fits one in every low until there is no more fitting, no more lows or no more gyros Very Happy

Andargor theWise
Collateral Damage Unlimited
Posted - 2007.01.03 01:53:00 - [42]

Originally by: Jim McGregor

Well, I started this thread to talk about third party thingies, so I had a website in mind where people could compare the ships and all their stats when I choose that example in the original post. Then the thread got to be about stuff people want added to Eve, which is actually a better and more interesting topic. Thats why it sounds a bit strange.

And the ship comparison thing in Eve only works on the variations of a specific ship. You cant compare a stabber to a thorax for example. Wink

Have you tried the ESSDB?

I would also know about third-party, community-developed tools, rather than what CCP has/has not planned.

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