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EVE University
Ivy League
Posted - 2007.01.01 18:19:00 - [1]

Betrayal is part of Eve. Be it one alliance turning on another at a time of need, a player more interested in his own wallet than helping his corp defend their patch of space from a group of raiders, a disgruntled corp member running off with the assets of his corp, a trader discovering the latest deal was a sham and they’re out of pocket by a huge amount. Though all involve a breach of trust, it’s corp theft and scams that generates the most ire and angst.

Perhaps a reason for these two being such an emotive issue is that while all other breaches of trust can be rectified after the event, new enemies can be fought, a selfish player can be instructed on the error of his ways, beyond tightening up security to deter future robberies or being less trusting, the thief or scammer is untouchable, the goods unrecoverable, the cash untraceable, justice un-served.

EVE University
Ivy League
Posted - 2007.01.01 18:20:00 - [2]

Stewie lounged back on the sofa, its leather pocked marked by the dying embers from the latest cigarette he’d raided from one the half open boxes lining the basement where they’d gathered. Grinning, he drawled “So wat’ya think boss, is this plan solid or wat?”

All eyes in the room turned to the man Stewie was trying to impress. A casual glance would have dismissed him as nothing special, a small wiry figure with a thin face more suited to a ferret than one of Don Liggio’s lieutenants. It was the gaze he leveled at Stewie as set down his beer, cold self assurance, the kind gaze a mouse sees before its heart gives out from the bite as the snake draws near.

Stewie grinned, eyes flicking to the others gathered around the table, trying to divine the boss’ reaction from the other guys in the gang. He swallow, not meeting the boss’ eyes until another draw on the cigarette had steadied his nerves. He couldn’t afford the boss’ displeasure, not after last time.

“Lets go through this a step at a time, so we’re all clear on your plan Stewie. You say we hit the 1st National, 535 Griswold St, the one opposite the police station. We go in hard and fast,”

“But no shooting boss! Just fierce like” piped Stewie warming to his audience.

“No shooting!” laughed one of the other guys, “Good to see you learned from last time, you punk! You know how much that suit cost me? It took a week to wash the blood out of the notes!”

The thud of the boss’ bottle slamming down on the table silenced further comment. “Gentlemen, please. Lets hear Stewie and his plan out. So 1st National, we go in hard, but no one gets hurt. This teller you know,”

“Molise. Ive known here for years, we’ve been,”

“Thank you Stewie. Molise opens up the safe for us, making sure not to trip the silent alarm. So far so good Stewie, its this getaway that I want you to explain again, the bank is oppose that station after all.”

Stewie leaned forward, in his element now as the centre of attention. “Well its like simple boss, we dont have to make a getaway, we dont even have to leave the bank! We hand the loot to our alts, some of the customers in the bank! You know, discrete like. Then we buy new characters, no records, no police chasing us, no detectives hired by the bank because they dont know who we are. Well they do, because we’re still in the bank boss, but it doesn’t matter ‘cuz,”

“Because we bought new ‘characters’, the loot is untraceable.” finished the boss. He held Stewie’s nervous nodding grin as he passed judgement, “Angelo, Tommaso, take him to the farm, feed this idiot to the pigs.”

EVE University
Ivy League
Posted - 2007.01.01 18:21:00 - [3]

Absurd in any other context, corp thievery and scams in Eve are an emotive topic because even though you can take steps to make it harder to pull off, once it takes place there is little the victims can do. All that laundering stolen goods takes is an alt and all that it takes to avoid the fallout of being publicly denounced is to use some of the ill gotten gains to buy a new character. Action without consequence, reward without risk. No wonder not a month goes by without some outraged ceo posting about a loss, or some scammer flush with victory boasting about how much they were all able to rip off the unwary.

Eve would be a far better game without alts, but unfortunately it’s far too late for that. What is needed is some means to follow the money trail, to track down the stolen goods, to see who has profited from some crime In a game where theft and scams are highly publicised and even lauded part something significant is missing, a counter to the ease at which is possible to get away with such activities.

Personally I feel the need is clear, the key question is how to go about implementing it, how to go about creating a new role in the game, the checks and balances to prevent its abuse. Eve needs PIs and forensic accountants.

Posted - 2007.01.01 20:04:00 - [4]

The reason most betrayals hurt so bad is because you can't do jack to get back at the person that did it. In real life if you betray someone really bad you're dogmeat and you're not coming back. In Eve you respawn a thousand times and you have nothing to be a afraid of.

Dark Twilight Solutions
Posted - 2007.01.01 21:00:00 - [5]

I agree with you. Perhaps a new market could be introduced. Like the tags you get in shops today to prevent theft. You could get basic ones which send you a mail when the object is moved to a new system or put in a station. But with a delay between updates depending on the tag. More advanced tags could tell you who owned the item or other useful infomation.

You could also introduce counters which could scramble the tag so it fed misleading or more general infomation. Removing them should either be only doable by the owner of the tag or by someone with rare equipment/ skills.

The possiblities are endless but there would have to be alot of balancing because it would be quite hard to do. One thing would have to be a maximum number of tags per person (skill related?) to prevent everything from being tagged.

EVE University
Ivy League
Posted - 2007.01.03 15:47:00 - [6]

Originally by: Noriath
The reason most betrayals hurt so bad is because you can't do jack to get back at the person that did it. In real life if you betray someone really bad you're dogmeat and you're not coming back. In Eve you respawn a thousand times and you have nothing to be a afraid of.

Indeed, but in the context of the game if you can follow where the ISK/items went and thus who the alts are likely to be then you can enact a small measure of justice be it in the form of a war, a contract upon the person etc.

Introducing such tools would also allow other PI style activities, be it background checks on prospective corp members, industrial espionage to link an alt industrial corps with their main, etc.


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