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HeartVenom Inc.
Posted - 2003.11.26 14:59:00 - [1]

>…..what is this light? And why is my left arm hurting this much? Why dont i feel my legs? this my end?< all of the sudden her thoughts stopped and she just lay still thinking about what happned and how she ended up there. But thats when it struck her >.... wait, have i... have we... have we lost? Has all the work we have done for nothing? Is this it?< at that very same time a blinding light seeming to come out of one direction burned in her eyes like a laser through a shield... after a long long struggle she managed to open one of her damaged eyes, and noticed the light was coming from a triangulair opening in a wall to the left of her a big tall figure stood in front of it. Serval minutes later the figure had not moved and though it coused her great pain she opened her mouth, “....W..h...o... a..r..e... you?”. This is when the figure moved closer to her and she could now nearly look at his face.....
“commander commander wake up, commander!”. “huh...?” That is when it got to her, >Was it just a dream?<. “Commander get up, today is the big day!”, “remember, the day we will be set free, the gods will decide if we will live in this world or live free in the next”. Immidiatly she woke up, walked to the command deck and spoke with her superieurs, “ah yes commander, good that you’re her, we where about to get started”. On her way to her squad she noticed all the people where working very hard to get everythign ready.
Serval hours later all the ships took off just to arive at the borders of amarr space a little later. Then it happned like out of no where a large beam of light was shortly seen. Immidiatly the ship right next to her blew up “mayday mayday...” followed by a boom buzzed through her microphone. Thats when she noticed something strange, as if a star on the far background was splitted in 2, as if one side moved further up then the other. Serval seconds later another beam of light same towards her, once again blowing up a ship. Only now she realised it >can it be? Can it be the great device of hiding<. As she was told by her superieurs all she could do about it was move towards the pottential origin of the beams. Thats when she moved closer and saw a gigantic mushroomshaped ship.
The second she saw it she also noticed 8 other smaller ships, no lifesigns on any of the 8 ships. Immidiatly they opened fire. Even before she could press a button she noticed none of her systems where opperational. A monitor displayed lifesupport failing..... 15%...
>What happened and why does my head hurt this much?< immidiatly rushed through her mind. >Where am I?<. Fairly quickly she managed to open her eyes >I’ve seen this place before<. Right after that thought she started 1 big scream. A person came for her. He was wearing black old clothes. And she asked him “Do I know you from someplace?”, at wich he replyed with a scared voice “No, not as far as I know”. Thats when it got to her, it was one of the guys she had seen at work on the base. “What am I doing here?”, “We’re still trying to figure out, but we have most likely been taken into custity”. At this time a door had opened and serval a couple of people, dressed in millitairy clothes, walked in. All they said was women left, men right. At that time most people tryd to stand up and do what was asked. She noticed some of them had injuries. Some even lost limps. A couple of minutes later a wide person walked in, followed by another couple of guards. “Your free lives will from now on forever change! Minmater scum.”. The minute he said that some people dropped on the floor, part of them started crying. Others preyed to the gods, asking for help. All the guards left the room and so did the misterious person who spoke of us as minmater scum.

Serval hours later Even more guards came, this time it was nearly 10. They took all the men, and left the women. Small amounts of food and bread where given to the women. The women started talking to eachother and some desperetly ran against the walls, in a hope their bodys would not hold it.

Then the other guards came and took the women with them. Only 1 women remained, jediane. As the other guards left, 2 men came into the room. Asking her questions and slapping her with every awnser she gave. After a while she fainted, falling on the floor. When she woke up it rushed through her mind >We lost, our months or preppration, all failed... distroyed by one single ship, what was that thing?<.

Months passed of hard work building amarr ships.

But then one day one of her guards aproached her, touched her pants, and moved on. When hse returned to her cell later on put her pijamas on she noticed there was something in her pants, a note. I will be here at one. And so the whole night she did not sleep, till at 1:03 a guard came to her. “did you get my note?”, “yes, what is it about?”, “im here to help you get out of here, the dictatorship has lasted long enough, you are the only one who can help us”, “how?”, “

HeartVenom Inc.
Posted - 2003.11.26 15:02:00 - [2]

?”, “I will tell you later”. And the guard moved on. The very same thing happened the night after that and after that, till about a month passed. Then the guard came again and told her her cell would open the next night at 11:00 and how she could have to run. So that very same night she did as he told her to, nearing the exit she though >What am I gonna do outside?<. But then she exited the last tunnel and made a run for the exit, 200 meters, 180, 160, 140, 120, 100, 90, 80.. at that time the adrenaline was rushing so much through her that though she was having suvere pain, she kept on running. 70, 60, 50, 40, 30.. But then she noticed a guard walking just in front of the gate, he came towards her, pulling out his gun, openening fire. All of the sudden she felt intense pain in her backspire, as well as pain in her left arm. Though she tried going on, she fell down. Her sight turned black, and she heared another gunsshot, followed by another. Followed by the sound of a big object falling down.

This is where she lost consiousness. A big bang made her come back to her sence. When her thoughts came back the first thing she thought about was >Is this heaven? Is it all over, all the pain for nothing..<. She was unable to feel her legs and her left arm was in intense pain. She was lying on a table. Minutes later she managed to open her eyes and saw a dark shadow standing in front of the door. >havnt i seen this before, somewhere?<. She opened her mouth and asked where she was and what was going on and where she was. The simple awnser was “you made it, get some rest”. Days of lying down past but she regained health and gradualy more and more part of her body worked again. She was even able to walk again.

About a week later the door opened and she walked though the empty corridors of the ship.
Eventually ending in a big chamber that looked like a command deck, there one person sat on a chair. She walked towards him. Then she noticed it was him. The guard. The guard who told her how to get out of the building. She asked “Why?”, on wich he replyed “becouse i need you, since the day i met you I knew you where the one i need to fight by my side, for you I joined the guard suaq in the prison.”, “But why do you think I’m the one who can help you?”, “becouse i just know you can, I feel it”, “How did I end up in a prison camp? And whats ur name?”, “a scource inside told us what the plans where.., jehrold”, “Why did gunfire come from nowhere?”, “its a prototype ship few know of.”, “How did we escape?”, “I saw you got shot at, you’re lucky to be alive, so i killed the person shooting at you, and took the first ship i could find with me, but you need some rest to recover.”, “I’m recovered i want some awnsers first, why do you need me?”, “I need you becouse.... becouse... I need you to help me get rid of the amarrian empror and his raid of terror.”, “And how can i help you with that?”, “I took the experimantal ship, it can get anywhere undetected. I need you becouse you are good at fighting and know how to bring the empror to a fall.”

Days after that they started discussing a plan. Jediane, “The best way to kill the epror is to poison him with a poison that works slow so they wont suspect us right away, also we need to use someone else to do it for us, but how do we get someone crazy enough?”, “do you know of the caldari remote mind controller system?”, “yes”, “one of the high ranked pend insurance people use it, i know how to hack it”, “sounds good”, “yes, i will controll him while u take care of the ship”. He poisened the emprors dinner and weeks later the empror died.

“you know jediane...”, “yes”, “the real reson i picked you is becouse...”, “go on...”, “becouse i love you...”, “I’ve always been trying to avoid this becouse it owuldnt work out, amarr and minmaters in love.. but if you where to be minmater, I think we would have married by now”, “race doesnt have to be a barrier...”, “for you it might not, but ill be treated like a slave by all of your friends once they find out”, “They dont have to know...”, “they will find out someday...”, “What if i come with you to the minmater space?”, “They’dd hate you there...”, “my love for you is strong enough to overcome it”, “not if they where to kill you...”, after this conversation jediane goes back to her room.

Weeks later the amarr police come to get jehrold. They shoot him on sight. The day jediane gets the news she ejects herself out of a airlock wishing she did not ignore his offer and moved with him to minmater space.

The end.

HeartVenom Inc.
Posted - 2003.11.26 15:11:00 - [3]

Edited by: Deadflip2 on 26/11/2003 15:11:33
still 200 words short of 2000 but i couldnt write any more =/ maybe tomorrow or soemthin

Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2003.12.16 02:23:00 - [4]



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