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Asur soulblade
Posted - 2003.11.25 15:23:00 - [1]

Ok I'm quite New at the Game yet still mining
is a contant mystery Confused
I Need help cos I have mining rank5 and mining drones rank 5 and I'm still watching other people munch more roids a min than I are there anymore skills for mining That help Or do I just have to admit defeatCrying or Very sad

Bajan Boyz
Posted - 2003.11.25 15:50:00 - [2]

There could be several things at work here. They might have astrogeology trained up or maybe they are using battleships with mining lasers AND 8 - 10 drones. *shrug* could be a lot of things.

Posted - 2003.11.25 17:37:00 - [3]

Edited by: Namarus on 25/11/2003 17:42:23
Yes, that is true.

The more mining lasers and mining drones that you have the faster you will mine.

Also you should take into account the astrogeology skill that also increases mining yield on lasers.

As a final point the quality of your equipment will also effect things.

Basic miner is total crap, and needs to put out the airlock as soon as you can afford better.

Upgrade your mining lasers to miner 2 which the best in the game just at the moment. The bigger mining drones also help since they will improve yields too. Suggest harvesters.

Red Core
Ka'ge Kumi
Posted - 2003.11.26 02:34:00 - [4]

It might be because your skills and how well you perform because of them is due to thier LEVEL, not RANK... The skills rank just indicates how long it takes to train each level.

Note: If your new, you cant possibly have Mining Drones Level 5 and Mining Level 5

Ordo Abchao
Band of Brothers
Posted - 2003.11.26 05:38:00 - [5]

There is also astrogeology and the actual equipment that you use.

Asur soulblade
Posted - 2003.11.26 12:33:00 - [6]

hmmm interresting but what would you guys succest as the best mining setup?Shocked

Cheers AsurVery Happy

Sable Moran
Moran Light Industries
Posted - 2003.11.26 14:52:00 - [7]

what would you guys succest as the best mining setup?

The following skills at level 5
Mining Drones
Drone Interfacing

Apocalypse battleship equipped with 8 mining laser 2's and 10 Harvestor mining drones.

That about sums it up I think.

Posted - 2003.11.26 18:05:00 - [8]

hmmm interresting but what would you guys succest as the best mining setup?Shocked

Cheers AsurVery Happy

It would all depend on the ship that you currently use.

Since your new I will assume that you currently are using a Frigate?

At which point I would suggest getting as many miner 2s as possible onto your ship. Fill up all those high slots with them. Then you need to look at your drone bay. You need to look at how many mining drones you can fit in, and your mining skills. Also your wallet pays a role in this too.

As a newbie I went with an imicus frigate, which is relatively cheap on the market. This will allow you to mount two mining lasers on it. It has a decent drone bay, 250m3, which means that you will be able to fit at least 5 basic mining drones into it. Or 2 harvesters and 1 basic mining drone.

I'm assuming that your not rich. So I would suggest aiming for the basic mining drones first, and miner 1s. Once you have those upgrade your mining lasers to miner 2s when you can afford it.

Before upgrading your mining drones I would then suggest buying yourself a nice industrial to carry more ore with. I would suggest a Bestower Industrial Ship. (Startship Command 3, Amarr Frigate 3, Amarr Industrial 1).

This will improve your profit earning. You will then be able to jettison mine without any problems. Then using the Bestower to pick up all the ores.

Once you have got all that I would aim for better mining drones. Harvesters, good hps/armour compared to other mining drones, also a tad more easily got than any other drone.(Except basic.)

Suggested skills improvement.

Boost the following skills evenly if you can.

Mining to 4
Drones to 4
Mining Drone Operation to 4
Astrolgeology to 4

Be aware that Astrolgeology has other skill requisites before you can learn the skill. Once you have your skills up to 4, put all your training into getting drones up to 5. Once you have drones 5, you may then learn drone interfacing. Quickly get this to level 3. This will enable you to use up to 8 mining drones.

Before this point is reached you should be able to afford a better mining ship. I would suggest a nice Vexor Medium Cruiser. This will give you a nice 4 hislots, and 1200m3 drone space for all your drones. This will increase/improve your mining rate considerably.

The rest I think I will leave you to learn by yourself. Should you need any further advise feel free to contact me ingame.

Posted - 2003.12.05 01:40:00 - [9]

Let's assume you are in a frigate. Your best bet is the Imicus. With a large hold and 2 high slots you will be able to do some good mining. For mining lasers I would not suggest miner 2's for now. An Imicus just does not have the CPU available to run 2 of those babies. I would go for 2 Dual Diode or 2 XeCL Lasers, if you can get them. They are more efficient than a Miner 1 and use less CPU. In its basic form the Imicus cannot use 2 miner 1 lasers. With the other ones you can. Don't forget to get Electronics (increases cpu output) and Science (for astrogeology). Once you get into a Cruiser, the game changes significantly. You can mount 5 miner 2's on your ship and really chew the roids alive.

Posted - 2003.12.08 20:23:00 - [10]


This will improve your profit earning. You will then be able to jettison mine without any problems. Then using the Bestower to pick up all the ores.

What is "jettison mining?" Question

Posted - 2003.12.09 05:53:00 - [11]

To first poster:
We need more info. What ship and equipment including drones are u currently using?

To the last poster:
Once your cargo hold is full, jettison. This puts the cargo into a free floating can that lasts for about 2 hrs and can hold around 18,000 m3 (could be wrong there). Then you or a corpmate with an industrial ship can start hauling mass quantities.

Any questions, convo or eve-mail me in game..

Sable Moran
Moran Light Industries
Posted - 2003.12.09 10:35:00 - [12]

This puts the cargo into a free floating can that lasts for about 2 hrs

It's 1 hour guaranteed but may last as long as 2 hours.

and can hold around 18,000 m3 (could be wrong there).

It's 27500 cubic meters.

Cormyat Astara
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2003.12.09 19:41:00 - [13]

Edited by: Cormyat Astara on 09/12/2003 19:45:30
Look at the attributes of the Mining laser. For example, a Miner 1 pulls in 40 Ore units per minute, base. At mining level 5 (+5% per level, so 25% bonus) the same mining laser will pull in 50 ore units per minute. Multiply that by the number of lasers you are using.

If you look at the Ore you are mining, be it Veldspar, Scordite, whatever, you will see an attribute called "Volume." This essentially means how much ore there is in each mining unit. So, for example, Veldspar is .1, meaning that you divide the mining laser ore units/minute by .1 and that's how much Veldspar you will mine per minute per laser. So, at mining level 5, with each Miner 1, you should mine 500 units (50/.1)per minute of Veldspar. If the volume of the ore you're mining is .5, then you will mine 80 ore units per minute per Miner 1, and so on. There are some heavy ores (volume 16) that you will only be able to mine three units per minute per laser.

Learning the Astrogeology skill will increase the ore-per-minute of each of your lasers by an additional 5% per level. Also, better mining lasers have a better base ore-per-minute. A player with lesser skills than you using Miner 2's may be pulling in 20% more ore just because the Miner 2's have a base ore-per-minute yield of 60.

The same principles apply to mining drones, (of which Harvester mining drones are the best ) only you don't factor in your Mining or Astrogeology skills when calculating drone yield. Instead, you factor in your Mining Drone skill level.

And, obviously, the more mining lasers and drones you can use simultaneously, the more you will be able to mine. This is why so many people use Apocalypses and Megathrons for mining, because they have a lot of turret hardpoints and can accomodate many mining lasers. They also have good drone capacities and can hold a lot of mining drones.

If you can afford a cruiser anytime soon, and you want to mine, look into the Thorax. It is a very good mining cruiser.


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