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Posted - 2003.11.25 11:18:00 - [1]

It's been two nearly weeks just me and this old journal for company. My long haul trip will be over soon. I will be with my first true love again, it all started as a bit of a love hate relationship, being Amarrian, in Minmitar space, I didn't have the best reputation and
constantly found my self being hassled and even chased away by the authorities. We met a few months ago in secluded part of deep space, not to dissimilar to this area actually, I flew out of some kind of Stella dust cloud and saw her just sitting there in space, I checked her out and knew we had some thing in common, that's where it all started and we have spent many nights together, and even a few days as I recall. Back then I was a traveller, exploring the galaxy, going from system to system without a care taking what I could and leaving no tracks, then I saw her, and I fell in love there and then, knowing I wanted to spend as much time with her as possible. As the relationship grew I found my self buying many things for her, spending more and more time with her, forgetting what I was supposed to be doing just to be near her, spending time with her, but after our last meeting it didn't seem quite the same, something has changed some thing was wrong, I am not sure but I feel like its nearing the end. After spending so much time together what will I do? What can I do? This trip has given me some time to think, working out the future, if I get to see here again, will she end it or do I just stop going to see her and let her get over it? I must make a decision I can't let this end I don't want it too, I am nearly there, I must work out what I will do, I hope its the right thing, no it's the only thing, I must try to save it, I cant let this end, I arrive close to where we always meet up, I look around I see her, I approach still running over in my head what I will do, I know I have to stick with her, she looks just as
beautiful as I remember, still sparkling and radiant, I move closer, I make my move, I behave the same just as I always did not showing my concerns or fears, she starts to respond, I lock her in my gaze. Staring at her, I start to move in, taking from her, sucking her in, we move slowly together, slowly rocking, my hold fills????.(Bistot, My first and only love by a lonely miner.)


Note: Azazeal assures me that his love is only for Minmatar Bistot as "it is much more satisfying taking it from them". As such the GAC has agreed to accept this entry.


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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