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Posted - 2006.12.20 13:22:00 - [61]

Please fix.....mail just won;t stay read.

Posted - 2006.12.20 15:34:00 - [62]

I'm having the same problem, and so is everyone else I know. Please fix the damn bug already! Evil or Very Mad

Also, alot of my notes in the EVE Notepad have been deleted! I had tons of damage records and ship setups in there, along with things for bios, passwords and server addresses for Teamspeak and stuff....AND THEY'RE GONE! WTF??!! I didn't delete them, I made new folders and moved them around, logged in the next day and the majority of them are gone. .....Great....

Posted - 2006.12.20 17:04:00 - [63]

Same thing is happening to me. ugh

Lord WarATron
Shadow Warri0rs
Posted - 2006.12.20 17:16:00 - [64]

Yeah yeah, the issue effects pretty much everyone.

My only question is if there is a fix planned before christmas?

Applied Agoraphobia
Posted - 2006.12.20 17:28:00 - [65]

What I have noticed is that not only it does not remember mails is that it doesn't create chatlogs. I can boot up the game and set the permissions correctly and then it will log chats and such. However when I reboot the game from a crash or anything the same procedure must be applied. I will test it on another machine. I thought it might be Vista or the users settings not right but obviously there could be more to it with everyone else here having problems. I didn't bother with the bug report because I thought it might be Vista like I said and I'm sure I would get a response to the tune of "we don't support that."

Which is understandable actually since it the public released yet, only business.

Max Vitor
Posted - 2006.12.20 17:44:00 - [66]

Same here, same problems, I hope a fix is coming.
You guys aren't P.T.Barnum, this isn't Barnum's American-Museum and eventually people will tire of paying to see the Egress.

Carebear Stare Coalition
Posted - 2006.12.20 19:05:00 - [67]

Same here


Posted - 2006.12.20 19:45:00 - [68]

Same with me - read messages appear as unread upon login. Confused

Posted - 2006.12.21 07:42:00 - [69]

Originally by: Khes
Edited by: Khes on 20/12/2006 07:49:15

Oh, and it's the same with Contracts, I have an old contract that keeps showing up as "A contract requires your attention", in both the contract section AND in the journal. So everytime I log on my Email, Contract and Journal buttons blink because of old stuff that shows up as new.

I take it back, the contracts is not a problem. My bad Embarassed

Posted - 2006.12.21 08:05:00 - [70]

Please do not post GM correspondence on the forums -Cortes

Daemon Jax
Posted - 2006.12.21 11:19:00 - [71]


Ari Xali
Cascade Imminent
Posted - 2006.12.22 19:33:00 - [72]


Ari Xali

Roughnecks Go!!


K Kinnison
Galactic Patrol Industries
Posted - 2006.12.22 21:41:00 - [73]

Argggghhh!!! When is this going to get fixed???? It is the most annoying bug ... everytime I logon I have loads of "unread" messages which aren't really, but I have to check them to make sure no-one's sent me a real unread message.

Please please fix this bug!!

K K.

Bobby Atlas
Di-Tron Heavy Industries
Atlas Alliance
Posted - 2006.12.23 20:04:00 - [74]

This is going too turn into one of those eve bugs that takes weeks to get fixed when it should have only been an issue for days if that. CCP fix this cmon' we are all paying customers here!

PS: If you have not bug reported this yet and are simply posting in this thread, your not helping - bug report it! everyone!

Bite me inc.
Narwhals Ate My Duck
Posted - 2006.12.24 01:49:00 - [75]

Such an annoying bug Neutral /signed fix!

Red Frog Investments
Blue Sky Consortium
Posted - 2006.12.24 08:59:00 - [76]

It's getting annoying!

Sebiestor Tribe
Posted - 2006.12.24 11:09:00 - [77]

I don't think it has anything to do with the cache folder because I loaded EVE on my laptop and as soon as I logged on the same emails that come back as unread on my desktop came back us unread on my laptop as well. If I delete one of them, it just comes back the next time I log on.

Ministry Of Amarrian Secret Service
Posted - 2006.12.24 12:04:00 - [78]


Feral Karkassia
Mean Corp
Posted - 2006.12.24 13:14:00 - [79]

The cache and the who what now?

I can't believe it--I was ignoring it, assuming quietly that CCP was on it, fixing it, and that complaining would be to throw one more voice into what I was sure would be a teeming mass of fury. I mean, I'm sure a lot of corps and alliances are being inconvenienced that their members are no longer reading mails--that's what I've resorted to about half the time I login.

And here we are, no real public acknowledgement of a very, very, very aggravating bug. I can ignore it a little longer, or a lot longer if I know it's being worked on. Otherwise I feel kind of obligated to raise my hand and say

"I, too, along with everyone in Eve that I know, am getting Evemails marked Unread after being read upon the next login."

Not all of them; in fact some of the new ones are being marked read whereas older ones are Unread. Either way, corpmails sent in that period still say Unread at every login.

What a pain. Please, Eve, let us know YOU know!

Ryuga VonRhaiden
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2006.12.24 20:23:00 - [80]

fix the mails please!!! :/

Posted - 2006.12.24 21:36:00 - [81]

And for the conspiracy theorists:

Phase I
There was the theory that BMs were changed several patches ago to make them far less important for CPU time. Suddenly changed. The conspiracy camp concluded that this was to get the players to HATE BM copying so that what ever changes came, the players would welcome them instead of whine. It worked.

Phase II
Then 'they' decided to make people get rid of Evemail excess by making the unread message code cease to function, forcing players to delete entire mail histories in order to not read the same mail every time you logged in. If you delete all your mail then you only see the new, truly unread messages.

Don't bother to counter these theories with facts, as any related facts will only get in the way of a good theory, and will only serve to prove that there is now a cover-up.

*looks around suspiciously*

Strix Armaments and Defence
Posted - 2006.12.27 14:50:00 - [82]

Actually, those theories feels like facts ^^

Damn it all CCP. This is unreasonable!

Malibu Stacey
Umbra Congregatio
Interstellar Alcohol Conglomerate
Posted - 2006.12.27 16:33:00 - [83]

Edited by: Malibu Stacey on 27/12/2006 16:34:42
I didn't want to do this but........
/signed (mainly for the forum bump).

This issue affects everyone in the entire game & has been doing so for 3 weeks+ now. Surely something which affects every single user of the system should be fixed as soon as possible.

Yes I can delete the messages which are popping up as unread everytime I log in but like a lot of people there are some I want to keep & also how does one delete the 40-50 corp mails which are exhibiting the same behaviour when one does not have access to delete them?

Jiekon I read through the whole known issues list that you linked to, no where does it mention this bug. The only thing even close is the last entry listed in yellow.

I bug reported this weeks ago & yet there is still no word of even of a forthcoming fix. I'll put up with issues for a while, every major update has teething problems but we're now looking at the 4th patch since the Revelations update & nothing. Problems can only be ignored for so long until they start to make you wonder why you are bothering in the first place.

Oberon Incorporated
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2006.12.27 17:50:00 - [84]

Please fix this its very very very annoyinh.

Solar Storm
Posted - 2006.12.27 17:57:00 - [85]

Fix it already.

As for contracts, that is another bug. When a corp issued contract has been completed, it requires attention from someone with the corp contracting role to finalize it. Only those with this role can finalize, but EVERYONE in the corp is notified that they have a contract which requires their attention.

Emma Royd
Maddled Gommerils
Posted - 2006.12.27 18:28:00 - [86]

Well nothing new here, CCP are very slow in fixing a major annoying bug, not even a "We're working on it"

So with the Mail bug, Salvager(s) not showing up on the ship you're salvaging, more lag than enough, it does make me wonder what CCP are doing about it.Question

Posted - 2006.12.27 20:09:00 - [87]

How about: Having winter holidays and families?

I guess they got some kind of office sport betting going on about who can sneak the most annoying bugs past QA.

Net 7
Intrepid Crossing
Posted - 2006.12.28 04:50:00 - [88]

fix it please

One of These Days
Posted - 2006.12.28 07:50:00 - [89]


Bloody annoying!

Tom Weston
Lords Of Kaos
Posted - 2006.12.28 09:44:00 - [90]

Edited by: Tom Weston on 28/12/2006 09:45:58
I know you all have been complaining about this, so if someone has already made this point above I apologize, but it has to be brought to peoples attention.

As a CEO, I -need- people to be checking their corp mails. Unfortunately, since we are part of a very active corporation, and since we have a lot of mails (that are randomly being marked as unread), my members are missing important messages.

It goes from being a simply annoying bug to something that is effecting our ability to function.

Fix it! YARRRR!!

Oh just remembered: tomorrow our alliance application finally takes effect. At that point, a deluge of new mails will be available for all of us to read. And mark as read every time we log in until the bug is fixed.


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