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Posted - 2006.12.10 23:22:00 - [31]

Gratz BoB & especially Ubi.

Leumas Ebmocnud
Nebula Rasa Vanguard
Nebula Rasa
Posted - 2006.12.10 23:22:00 - [32]

Congratulations Bob, the best team won the tourney!

Thanks for the mention, and good luck in conquering the universe!

IT Alliance
Posted - 2006.12.10 23:24:00 - [33]

Congrats to R0NIN for their perfomances and to the other semi-finalists. Great competition , well played all.

Jebidus Skari
Comply Or Die
Drunk 'n' Disorderly
Posted - 2006.12.10 23:24:00 - [34]

*Tips hat to all involved YARRRR!!

Cascade Imminent
Posted - 2006.12.10 23:26:00 - [35]

I call hax explots & lagg on that, ohh and devs.

miss anything thing ?

ohh yeah

NOS > ALL Laughing

Chemical Dependency
Posted - 2006.12.10 23:27:00 - [36]

Congrats on the tourney win gents. I never tire of saying that.

Arthalion Thoidon
Splint Eye Probabilities Inc.
Dawn of Transcendence
Posted - 2006.12.10 23:27:00 - [37]

Congratulations on the victory BoB. I guess you did it all this tourny, hattrick, near flawless victory( or so I hear didn't watch every match), you just didn't get the Impoc( maybe some other time?).

To the RONIN pilots better luck next time.

Oh and a big thanks for everyone at EvE tv for broadcasting the tournament, I think you did great.

Veto Corp
Posted - 2006.12.10 23:28:00 - [38]

So who chose what faction ships?

(And btw, bob, you gonna offer to sell one to Tyraxx? Laughing)

Posted - 2006.12.10 23:28:00 - [39]

Edited by: Sairait on 10/12/2006 23:36:49
Well done BoB.

To be honest, I never expected to get this far in the tournament, and didn't have another trick up the sleeve.

We had about 20 minutes in between the last two fights, and basically the only call we could make would be to go either with NOS setup, or with damage setup. We had the NOS one already fitted, but then I said to change it back to damage one, so we could at least try to kill the Bhaalgorn. I believe you all would be even more bored, if we repped couple minutes more with the NOS one. That didn't happen - cause of cap, cause of tracking disruptors, and cause of BoB being generally better ones in this fight.

So Kudos to BoB and thanks to all Ronins for the support.

And of course, big thanks to CCP and EvE TV for making this thing happen, I had time of my life Cool


Vivec Hecate
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2006.12.10 23:34:00 - [40]

bob are so strong they're BOOORING :D
the tournament will become

1st place: bob
2nd: the luckiest one to never encounter em till the finals


The Scope
Posted - 2006.12.10 23:35:00 - [41]

grats bob, you had the right setups and brilliant tactics you needed to win.

nm the whiners in here, jelousy gets them nowhere.

Kal Azmir
Posted - 2006.12.10 23:36:00 - [42]

Gratz to BoB, you've once again proved you are as good in this as it gets.

Even bigger gratz to my alliance mates. I hoped we'd get to final 16 and you took it all the way to the final, just amazing. Thank you very much for the greatest representation we could get and getting R0NIN into the minds of EVE community (This fanfest everyone was like 'R0NIN? What the hell is that?').

Thanks to all that competed, it takes balls to sign up for this knowing you could be losing billions in ship and modules, but you still did it and fought to the last bit!

CYA all in game Very Happy

DB Preacher
Posted - 2006.12.10 23:37:00 - [43]

Awesome twd + team.

The hard work that has gone into this by those guys has been phenonemal. What TWD does before these tournaments would amaze everyone here.

It's a humbling experience to be in this alliance on nights like this.


Posted - 2006.12.10 23:38:00 - [44]

****e rules tbh, ban all ewar, damage ftw, more boom for the buck.

Congrats to RONIN, special mention to Nebula Rasa, imo you guys deserve a corvus for your sportsmanship.

Other than that the rules of this tourny were ywan inspiring.

Here's to hoping the next one is more interesting.

Peek-A-Boo Bombers
Posted - 2006.12.10 23:39:00 - [45]

im calling a vote...

TWD = God?

YARRRR!! anyway...congrats BoB...i think next tourney you should go out in the qualifiers just to make a bang...we know that you COULD win...:P...

ronin...never even heard of ya before this, now 2nd-best alliance in eve :P win cos Oveur supported ya and you made the most expensive explosion in eve :P and i stil think you should have sold that killmail for billions...Wink

Black Eclipse Corp
Posted - 2006.12.10 23:45:00 - [46]

throughly enjoyed watching this tourny, very glad that CCP continues to run them

Congrats to Ronin for defying everyone to make it to the final.

and finally congrats to the bob team, the level of professionalism makes me even prouder to be associated with you all :)

Posted - 2006.12.10 23:46:00 - [47]

yarrrr! Thanks for all the compliments and thanks to all my team-mates, the teamwork was outstanding :) It was really fun all the way through and amazingly intense at times! Grats to all those involved, especially the organisers and evetv. Look forward to the next one and hope i have the privaledge to participate again.

Low Blow
Destructive Influence
IT Alliance
Posted - 2006.12.10 23:48:00 - [48]

*emotely plays the Band Of Brothers national anthem.Cool

Di-Tron Heavy Industries
Atlas Alliance
Posted - 2006.12.10 23:55:00 - [49]

Originally by: Arthalion Thoidon
you just didn't get the Impoc( maybe some other time?).

You do realise it got blow'd uup, right?! Some other time there will not be!

Corp 1 Allstars
Posted - 2006.12.10 23:57:00 - [50]

Eldo you have a bad sense of humor that thread of mine you locked was not whining I said they are the la lakers of eve because they won 3 straight thats acually a good thing omg Shocked and congrats I saw that last round win before it started abbadon = bad cap bhaalgroon = kills your cap

Andor Traxel
Nebula Rasa Vanguard
Nebula Rasa
Posted - 2006.12.11 00:09:00 - [51]

Edited by: Andor Traxel on 14/12/2006 22:38:19

Graduran Anguirill
Swedish Px 77
strange tactical and research syndicate
Posted - 2006.12.11 00:31:00 - [52]

Grats BoB :)

well done on the EVEtv-team too

Black Nova Corp
IT Alliance
Posted - 2006.12.11 00:32:00 - [53]

Edited by: XoPhyte on 11/12/2006 00:34:00
Gratz Bob. Without a doubt you guys have some of the best pvpers in game. Though after seeing Farjungs "wave of mutilation videos" (some of the best eve videos ever made imo for pure pvp uberness), I would have thought that he would be in your team. So I suppose when someone like Farjung is not even on the team, then you guys really do have some amazing pvpers.

Veto Corp
Posted - 2006.12.11 00:38:00 - [54]

Well done everyone was another great tourney to watch !!!!

<3 to the bob guys

Sebiestor Tribe
Posted - 2006.12.11 00:46:00 - [55]

yay. And EVE TV was hilarius as times.

Yazoul Samaiel
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2006.12.11 00:49:00 - [56]

First i would liek to congrats our team , TWD, Jason, Ubikar , Shakaz and sforza for winning and making this a very awesome and proud day for every BOB memeber .

Congrats and respect for the rest of the teams for participating in such a fine display of elite pvp skills and tactics.


Posted - 2006.12.11 00:49:00 - [57]

Gratz BoB you ben always worthy oponent. Pity we dont hawe more time to prepare for that fight with you am sure we wudlt giwe u more headache then but hey after battle is everybody general. You won we lose gratz again i hope we see each other in the next tournament Twisted Evil

BTW:Blacklight very nice baner there u evil boy Laughing

Malthros Zenobia
Posted - 2006.12.11 00:50:00 - [58]

Grats to Bob, and props to Tyrrax for fielding a ship few would ever undock.

So BoB, how many Corvus, and how many Storm?

Yakuza Corp
Posted - 2006.12.11 00:53:00 - [59]

Edited by: JackCo on 11/12/2006 01:01:02
Congrats to BoB for their win. We tried but came a nos bonus and a lotta tracking short Laughing Realisticly we didn't kill the Bhaalgorn as our kb prolly wouldn't accept the mail in the first place Wink

However i'd say the real final is yet to be played: who will draw first blood in a Storm or Corvus? YARRRR!!Wink

Anyways all round respect for all teams, ccp, evetv and basicly anyone else involved in this pure fun ride.


Arto Nupponen
Paisti Syndicate
Posted - 2006.12.11 00:56:00 - [60]

Congratulations TWD and team.
Gratz also to 3 other teams getting goodies.
And special word for RONIN to get to finals without the oh so popular NOS team.

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