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Killing In The Nude
Posted - 2003.11.20 14:11:00 - [1]

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The man of true words.
The man of painful life.
He is the love of mine.

The woman of strength.
The woman of life.
Her love and life are mine.

There was a gentle knocking on the door.
He came in with a rose in his hand
and he muttered the few words of love
that open the doors to my heart.

She welcomed me with so warm a smile.
Her eyes spoke of love so deep.
Her arms wrapped around me so tight
i felt her love in me.

We became one.

I took her to the City of God.
Where a dream was born to life.
I wanted her to see the love.
That one man can create.

There are no words to describe the ruins.
The ruins that have been my life.
I do not know how to tell him.
That his past is my what i am.

In the midst of the ruins of godhood.
I stared in his eyes of love,
and as he knelt down to kiss me,
I stabbed him through the heart.

As I knelt down to kiss her.
In the place where man is god.
She muttered her first words of love:
We are one in love and as one I must go on.

IT Alliance
Posted - 2003.11.24 17:52:00 - [2]

Yeah whatever, just dont use the One Power on me

Killing In The Nude
Posted - 2003.11.26 20:29:00 - [3]

Edited by: Alviarin on 05/12/2003 16:09:30

It was a day like any other. I was scanning Laddiaka for slaver convoys when i picked up a directional distress signal from a shuttle some astral units away. I immediatelly scanned back to the direction of the signal and picked up an amarr shuttle signal. I did not pick up any other ship signals in the area so i decided to check it out. At worst it would be an ambush and at best i would bring back an Amarr prisoner.

Years of imprisonment and the harshness of mind controlling drugs could not have prepared my for what happened.

I arrived at the location of the signal. True enough there was an Amarr shuttle there, incapacitated and very close to implosion. At that moment my scanners flared up with warning signs. Police had entered the system. I had no time so i shot the shuttle down hoping the pilot had fled to the cargo area that seemed to be the least damaged area of the ship. I picked up the cargo container without wasting time to check it out and warped into the protecting energy waves of the sun. I could hide there for a few hours before making a run for it.

I did a quick scan on the cargo and found, somewhat to my surprice, that there were signs of life in the container. "My, my...i wonder if this is my lucky day". I thought.

I hurried to the cargo bay with my blaster ready. When i arrived there a person was already crawling out of the cargo container i had sucked in to my cargo bay. The person was wearing a space protection suit.

The figure was obviously exhausted, collapsing when trying to stand up. I hurried to help, but kept my blaster ready. I half dragged the figure to the sleeping chambers. When noticing the figure was obviously female I relaxed somewhat.
Dropping her down on my bed i began removing her helmet so she would be able to breathe more easily. I was shocked. This woman was a minmatar. Her hair was almost clean shaven, someone recently escaped from slavery and most probably suffering from withdrawal cause of the mind controlling drugs. I hurredly got some of the antidote i had, i just prayed she was not a fleet slave. I knew it would knock her out for a few days and she didnt have the time or luxury to wake up and tell me a thing.

Her face and skin was very white but she seemed to be in ok shape. A bit gaunty from obviously a few days without food but otherwise she seemed ok.

After injecting her with the antidote her body went into convulsions. She screamed and finally fell limp after a few minutes.

As the muscles in her face relaxed and she fell into a deep sleep i managed my first good look at my soon to be saved sister.

Only the dead calm of deep space could have been colder than my face. My eyes could have burned the very home world of the cursed slavers. I didnt feel my fingers touching her eyelids, but they opened them anyway.

I stared into my own eyes.

The same thick veil of blood circled this sleeping womans pupils as they did mine. I stared into the face that slowly started to resemble the face i look at in the mirror every day.

I threw the woman, me... down and hurried out of my, her... room. I was sweating, i could hardly breathe. What? How? I didnt know the questions as I couldnt imagine the answers.

I fell to my knees, unable to think. Barely able to prevent my body from falling on the deck. Strange shapes floated near the edge of my vision. I knew them as delusions, i had had them often since my escape.

This was bad...the next few days i spent striding around the ship trying to think this through. I tried to avoid my bedchambers at all cost. Only going there to inject with some nutrients. I had some too, i had no time to eat.

Finally, after days of thinking, in the radiance of the sun, my vision became clear again. This was me. I saved myself!

My body became intoxicated with the thought of freedom. My freedom and freedom.

Only one thought consumed me. To speak with me. Someone i could trust to share the horrors of my former slave life. Someone I could help like I wanted to be helped theese years ago. Someone...i could help myself.

The next few days were nerve wracking. The waiting...I nurtured Bathed and clothed. Massaged muscles and fed

The occational wimper from always sent my heart racing. Until the day ...I started speaking.

"Forgive me my love. Forgive..."

"Death is easy..."


All of the sudden eyes popped open and I and ...I stared in our own eyes for what seemed like eternity.

I dont know how and i dont know why. But the last thing i ever saw was my eyes and a figment in the edge of my vision looking like my blaster gun.

"Life is difficult" I said. Two times the life is hell.


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