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Karl Chroimcer

Interstellar Services Department
Posted - 2006.12.04 18:13:00 - [1]

Community - These guides/sites will help you in regards to the EVE Community

Eve Forum Search
A site created by Chribba that allows easy searching of the Eve Online Forums.

Eve Files
A easy to use site created and run by Chribba for players to upload files related to EVE.

Connecting to IRC
Want to connect to the IRC Server and talk with other eve players? Have a look at this guide.

How to create a sig
This guide teach you how to create a banner for your signature on the forums that complies with all the rules.

Ingame Tips/Guides - These guides/tips will help you with challanges or questions you may face ingame

Official Players Guide
This is the official Eve players guide, many of your questions can be answered here.

The Eve-Compendium
801 pages of information on all things EVE related, a must read!

Ombey's 2D Maps
A maintained and up to date set of maps that make the eve universe easier to see. A must see for anyone wanting to know their surroundings

Battleclinic's Guide to Amarr Frigates New!
A very comprehensive flash guide Amarrian tech 1 frigates. Includes recommended fittings and strategies.

Guide Library
A page that contains many useful guides, from traveling safely and how to avoid pirates to common eve terms and a basic guide to fighting.

10 Safety tips for new players
Ten useful tips for new eve players that will keep you alive!

Eve Lingo for New Players
MAPC, RCU, CPR huh? Find what those abbreviations mean.

Guide for Experienced MMO Players

Contract System
Got a question about how the new contract system works? Have a look in here.

New players guide to Ships, Systems and Equipment
A very useful thread that gives you details on the different types of weapons and modules and how they operate.

New Players Guide to Tanking
Want to know how to tank your ship properly? This is the place.

Electronic Warfare
Want to start using electronic warfare or simply want to learn how it works? Have a look at this.

Complete Miners Guide
This thread contains a link to a PDF document that is a complete mining guide, covering new players all the way to advanced 0.0 mining.

How to: Building from a blueprint
Interested in knowing how to build from a blueprint? This guide includes step by step instructions and includes pictures.

New CEO? Under attack? Here's how to defend yourself
An indepth guide on what problems you may face and how to counter them if your corporation is war decced.

A New players guide to Caldari ships
Interested in flying Caldari ships? This guide will explain it all from ship roles to module suggestions.

Aggression and Criminal Flagging - Deja Thoris' Guide to Criminal Flagging and Aggression in High Sec. Find out what happens when you shoot someone in non-0.0 space

Quickstart guide for New Players
Is Eve your first mmorg or are you just feeling a little overwhelmed, try this for size.

First 15 days in low sec
Feel queasy whilst passing close to a gate to 0.4? Now you don't have to with this superb guide on living, surviving and most importantly pew pewing your way around low sec.

Karl Chroimcer

Interstellar Services Department
Posted - 2006.12.04 18:20:00 - [2]

ZOMG Useful
A collection of links that will be useful young or old in Eve. Warning some may be approaching the end of their life cycle.

Overview Settings Guide
Confused on how to set up the powerful tool that is your overview? Fear not with this handy how to guide.

What do I need to fly xxx ship well?
A straight to the point guide on which skills will help you fly what ship well.

Attributes and Skills Guide
A very indepth discussion on what attribute does what, influences what and will be of most use when. In addition to a guide to skills.

Character Creation
A fascinating look into which character is best suited for the role you foresee but remember, change is constant in Eve and that may well include you.

You're not alone in having problems when you start out, which is why the knowledgebase was set up to facilitate the answer to FAQs. Read and digest, slowly.

Character Creation 2: The revenge
Another opportunity to talk creating a character to help you get started on the right footing.

PVP Guide - The Overview
Seemingly the start in a series of PVP guides, how to set your overview right will give you a head-start in clearing the fog of war.

Please email [email protected] if you have a guide or know of a guide you would like added to the sticky.

Vir Hellnamin
Electus Matari
Posted - 2007.07.05 09:02:00 - [3]

Edited by: Vir Hellnamin on 05/07/2007 09:02:09
EVE Fitting and Ship acronyms and terminology [LINKED 04/07/07]


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