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Posted - 2006.12.04 05:20:00 - [1]

With respect to Rigs, do the bonuses stack without penalty?

Can you put the same Rigs on a ship?

Take shield rigs. Do two EM Shield Rigs (35% EM) fitted give 70% or less reduction?

It does not state any stacking penalities on the item description.


Posted - 2006.12.04 05:40:00 - [2]

it would rathger be a 35 % + 22,75 % reductilon.

the question is a good one though: are the rigs somehow involved with stacking penalties, doe they give penalty to the modules that influence the same stat? can we put 2 or even 3 of the same rigs on a ship?

Pilots Of Honour
Posted - 2006.12.04 05:58:00 - [3]

You may put multiple rigs on of the same type, but they also are effected by the stacking penalty, even more so then usual modules... they are even effected by modules you put on your ship. If you put 3 damage mods on your ship and then a damage rig on, it's nigh on useless as it acts as a 4th damage mod Sad

At least thats what i've been told, same goes for any rig that acts like a module that also shares a stacking penalty.

Cap rigs however, just like cap modules suffer no stacking penalty. Hence people really like the cap rigs and powergrid rigs. Unfortunately for the damage/rof rigs they seem to take up lots more calibration points and suffer from the stacking penalty so i guess its cap rigs for the win.

Saria Mysdrial
Posted - 2006.12.04 05:59:00 - [4]

Shield recharge & hp rigs (and as of Tuesday, I believe, armour hp rigs) do not have stacking penalties, as well.


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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