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Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2006.12.03 22:10:00 - [1]

Anyone have one that will take a trips bs 0.0 spawn fast that would mind sharing it with me post here please.
ThanksVery Happy

Loktar illiat
The Scope
Posted - 2006.12.03 22:13:00 - [2]

350mm and a tractor in highs
cap recharge in mids
1 large rep 2 kin 1 thrm hardner 1 magstab 1 cap relay
add wasps and vespa's and you're set !

Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2006.12.03 22:20:00 - [3]

thanks, has anyone tried a blaster/mwd setup? Would that be effective?

Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2006.12.03 22:24:00 - [4]

Edited by: Shirazz on 03/12/2006 22:24:34

Robbie Boozecruise
FDF Industries
Hedonistic Imperative
Posted - 2006.12.03 22:43:00 - [5]

Edited by: Robbie Boozecruise on 03/12/2006 22:44:05
i always rat with
3x heavy nos

5x cap recharger ll

2x large armor repper ll
3x EANM ll
DMG control
1600 plate

10x heavy drone
5x med drones
5x light drone

Posted - 2006.12.03 22:47:00 - [6]

My setup, iirc, 2 450s, 2 350s 1 dual 250, 1 tractor

1 mwd 4 cap rechargers (eut)

1 (one) medium repper II, 3 Kin hardeners, 1 thermic hardener, 1 cap relay, 1 mag stab II.

Tanks all guristas spawns. even a 3 Usurper and 3 ECM cruisers.

This is with Wasp II though, and pretty good drone skills, say 3m sp.

Posted - 2006.12.04 01:33:00 - [7]

Edited by: Dra0cht on 04/12/2006 01:33:58
High: 3 * T2 250mm Rails, 1 Tractor, 2 * 25Km NOS
Mid: Giisti 100mn AB, T2 painter, drone mod (that gives 2 bonuses), 2 * T2 cap jobbies
Low: 1 * T2 LAR, 1 * T2 MAR, 4 active T2 hardners, 1 cap jobbie
Drones: Wasps, Vespas some spares, ECM, whatever.

AB into NOS range, kill frigs/cruisers with light/med drones, get close to first BS, heavy drones and 250 rails, pop, lock and tractor, engage uber AB after next bs, get into NOS range etc...

You'll have 3 usurpers popped in about 3/4 mins, sit back and farm the next lot etc, have fun Wink

Sev Renard
Rawr and Such
Posted - 2006.12.04 01:55:00 - [8]

Originally by: Robbie Boozecruise

5x cap recharger ll

Minour point, but I'd swap those for eutectics myself, seeing as that five cap II's will cost more than the ship itself

Love is Hate
Posted - 2006.12.04 02:02:00 - [9]

i have used a neutronthron with a mwd, was fun Very Happy

probably went something along these lines

7 neutrons

100mn mwd
2 eutectics

lar 2
3 hardeners
2 cpr

you need the 3% cpu turret implant

Sev Renard
Rawr and Such
Posted - 2006.12.04 02:16:00 - [10]

I really must try that sometime.... that and training large hybrid above level 2 *ducks*

Remi VonBismarck
Iron Flag
Posted - 2006.12.04 02:26:00 - [11]

Or you could multitask:

5xT2 Miners, Drone Link Augmentor

4xEutectic and an AB or 5xEutectic

CPR, EANM, T2 Thermal Hardener, 2x T2 Kinetic Hardener, T2 LAR

In the drone bay 5x T2 Ogres and/or Wasps and whatever else takes your fancy.

Been a while since I used this so you may be able to switch out the CPR for something to up your resists but you can permatank 3BS + support spawns as is. Find a decent spawn, get someone to haul and scoop the loot and youre good to go

Shintoko Akahoshi
Risen Angels
Posted - 2006.12.04 02:59:00 - [12]

Here's what I used when I ratted Guristas in 0.0:

Combination of named electrons & ions (you'll want to fit them according to your skills) - I'd go t2 now, since I can use them.
100MN AB
4 of the best cap rechargers I could get - eutectics are great
Med armor rep II
Large armor rep II
3 kinetic armor hardeners
1 thermic armor hardener
cap relay

I used this extensively up until about 8 months ago, when I moved out of a Guristas-bearing region. If I were fitting today, I'd consider swapping the cap relay for a damage control unit.

I originally started out with a MWD fitting, but the loss of cap made things very tricky to use. With an AB, I move slower, but I have scads of cap. With good cap skills, you can run the hardeners + medium rep + AB + guns constantly. If that won't tank the damage you take on (just the medium rep will tank a decent double BS spawn), then I'd switch to the large. With care, it'll run the guns and both reps for a good, long while.

It goes without saying, too, that you'll want to bring along wasps, vespas and hornets.


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