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Corey Grim
Posted - 2006.12.01 18:43:00 - [211]

just when i mentioned its good it went even worse Sad

so scrap my previous comment

Body Count Inc.
Mercenary Coalition
Posted - 2006.12.01 18:45:00 - [212]

What a shaaaame. This is TERRIBLE...shame on you Eve TV!!
i paid for the High Qual. and its bad and laaaaagy.
Crying or Very sad Loomina *_*

Janice Forge
House Ordos
Posted - 2006.12.01 18:48:00 - [213]

Edited by: Janice Forge on 01/12/2006 18:49:54
Originally by: Isayo Arkindra
1Gbit symetric - more or less constant buffering, both high and low quality stream. This solutions is just utter BS!

same here, and fully agree, it's ridiculous...

whatever company they got this software from just isn't capable of 3.25gb/sec management.... (13k-users * 250k-bandwidth)

Debitum Naturae
Drop the Hammer
Posted - 2006.12.01 18:56:00 - [214]

Edited by: tehnomage on 01/12/2006 18:57:09
Keeps buffering both at home (1.5mbps) and at work (dual 1gbps connection) ... so wtf ?

Also for the guy that said its working better in opera : dude, the flash player client its the same on all the browsers, unless yer using a linux/mac/bsd client, where the coding is a bit different in order to make it portable on those platforms ... so get a clue and stop bs-ing us Very Happy

PS. is there anyway to increase buffer size ? cause I can't find any :/

Sevarus James
Meridian Dynamics
Posted - 2006.12.01 18:59:00 - [215]

Edited by: Sevarus James on 01/12/2006 19:11:31
Stream cleaned up for a bit, but went south at the beginning of the current battle. Completely unwatchable in Denver. I'll wait and download later.

The decision to use this flash codec+jalipo...........well I'm guessing it looked good on paper, eh?
Rolling Eyesugh

Oh wait.....flash player.......proprietary crap codec....we'll HOPE we can download later.

Kenshin Ender
Mercenary Forces
Posted - 2006.12.01 19:19:00 - [216]

As soon as the fight starts, buffering starts. I would preffer to have buffering while they talk and actually see the fights

Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2006.12.01 19:20:00 - [217]

For me the stream works fine when it's from Spiral and the experts, but as soon as they start showing the actual matches, it goes to crap.

I'm not sure what that means, maybe it's a problem on the filming side of things.

Contraband Inc.
Mercenary Coalition
Posted - 2006.12.01 19:24:00 - [218]

This is pathetic. The buffering is actually WORSE on the high version than the free one. Watching the IAC vs Red skull match, i couldnt watch anything on the high, so i switched to the low to not waste my "credits" and it was fine.

I don't know what the problem is, but it really sucks.

Cosmic Odyssey
BricK sQuAD.
Posted - 2006.12.01 19:24:00 - [219]

That last fight between IAC and Red Skull was streaming fine, i hope they fixed whatever the problem is.Very Happy

Imperial Republic Of the North
Posted - 2006.12.01 19:26:00 - [220]

They sure didn't fix whatever the problem was here..
I think I saw maybe 15 seconds out of the entire 4 minute fight..

someone should be made to pick their bags and go work at Walmart...

PPN United
Against ALL Authorities
Posted - 2006.12.01 19:27:00 - [221]

This cant`be serious CCP... I was looking forward to see this fights and it is unwatchable because of this bufferingcrap.

Another Point to be disappointed about...
Please Fix it for the next fights...

Dark Vanguard
Frater Adhuc Excessum
Posted - 2006.12.01 19:30:00 - [222]

d like t...
*buffer buffer buffer*
o say that the vi
deo is a little
(you get the point I'm sure)

I hope you guys can smooth it out.. its paticularly pesky during matches.

Uncle BillyBob
Posted - 2006.12.01 19:32:00 - [223]

was running fine until the fight was about to start Evil or Very Mad i dont even know if it's started or not. This is a terrible stream, i hope they do what they did with the 2nd tourny where you could download it all

Karl Shade
Entropy associates
Posted - 2006.12.01 19:33:00 - [224]

Getting to be unwatchable. More or less constant buffering both during and between matches.

Square Dimensions
Quantum Cookies
Posted - 2006.12.01 19:33:00 - [225]

Remove the high speed option, only 250kbit should be enough for everyone, problem fixed.

(I hope Razz)

bigred monkey
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2006.12.01 19:35:00 - [226]

and just when, i say when is someone from either ccp or a moderator gonna come on and actually say 'sorry we f**ked up!'

last tourny was fine even for a 2mb line user like me, why did you have to mess with a working formula!!
come on ccp the least you can do is admit you got it wrong and perhaps refund thoose that padi for a high feed that was a joke (stuck to the free one myself, too tight to pay extra)
i hope before tomorrow starts that you switch back to the p[revious set-up or this will be the last tourny i watch on eve tv

Uncle BillyBob
Posted - 2006.12.01 19:43:00 - [227]

He said "we wont revert to old eve tv" does that mean we'll nvere have a good stream j/k Laughing

More Ahn
Posted - 2006.12.01 19:43:00 - [228]

Argh... this is driving me nuts. So much "buffering", so little "understandable speech"...

Why did you guys decide that an unknown Flash codec was a good choice? Until today, I'd never heard of Jalipo before. From this experience, I'd never recommend them to anyone. Certainly won't be paying for an HQ stream that's probably buffering even more.

Serapis Aote
VENOM Alliance
Posted - 2006.12.01 19:43:00 - [229]

these fights better be downloadable later tonight...

And old stream should be put back in tomorrow.

Whats the point if we cant watch it. And i dont want to wait for a dvd, if i dont happen to be at the computer for a fight. Watched about 50% of the last tourney on download.

Uncle BillyBob
Posted - 2006.12.01 19:44:00 - [230]

What happened to the BS?!?!

Black Eclipse Corp
Band of Brothers
Posted - 2006.12.01 19:45:00 - [231]

It keeps buffering every five seconds for me.

Kian Jorry
Black Omega Security
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2006.12.01 19:46:00 - [232]

i would not buy anything advertised on eve tv with a stream like this out of pure frustrated principle

Veto Corp
Posted - 2006.12.01 19:47:00 - [233]

god this sucks, fix it plz

Dead Terrorists
Posted - 2006.12.01 19:48:00 - [234]


For personally this is the high point of the year. I really do wait in anticipation for these.

Especially with all the drum up to this round, EVE-Tv, new rules, Revelations...

.. and then we get this cluster FUBAR. Thx alot CCP.

Black Nova Corp
IT Alliance
Posted - 2006.12.01 19:49:00 - [235]

What was the prb with the feed last tournament, it worked then why fix something that aint broken.

IT Alliance
Posted - 2006.12.01 19:50:00 - [236]

comon, please fix. Was alot better last time :(

Poor Old Ornery nOObs
Turdz Asshatz N Grieferz
Posted - 2006.12.01 19:50:00 - [237]

Dysmal commentary, the "arena" killing more then the contestants and terrible quality... I tried the 1000k stream, its just as bad, certainly NOT worth paying for.

This was supposed to be better, its not.

Posted - 2006.12.01 19:51:00 - [238]

I give it up...crap...i even told some friends of mine (who are still playing this world of wardencraft-stuff) that it's a must-see!! Just had the 1st call on mobile phone a few mins before...he was actually laughing loud...ConfusedEvil or Very Mad

Divinus Talio
Posted - 2006.12.01 19:52:00 - [239]

OMG please fix the stream - this is insane. Maybe this is their way of getting us to buy their DVD of the tourney - because no one could see the regular matches.

Aleksandr Cirtus
Dark Neutron Star
Drama Flakes
Posted - 2006.12.01 19:53:00 - [240]

Hey, EVE-TV is on!


is this a JOKE?

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