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Band of Brothers
Posted - 2003.11.16 16:37:00 - [1]

Today I was parading on a Caldari Station, showing off my new scarf I had bound loosely in my long flowing hair. I looked at my old ID picture, and decide I rather like the pirate fashion more. Suddenly a couple walks up to me, an Amarr male and a Minmatar female. I take it the Minmatar was his slave, and still I was still caught up by my new look. The Amarr asked me if I had some time to spare and if I wanted to make some money. I asked him what the job was, and it sounded simple. Kill two people in frigates. The pay was right, so I invited them both to my quarters to discuss further details. Once in my room, they have more demands. I have to remember a tale, and for this tale they have chosen me. Itís not just a tale, itís their history. And apparently Iím known for exquisite taste in just about everything really.
So I sat down, and ask them for their story. I ask you, to do the same. Sit down and be taken by it.

The girls parents met each other in Pator, they fell in love and were ecstatic when they found out the woman was with child. Sadly enough, a few days later Amarr raiders came and they toke the couple away together with everyone they could get their hands on. The Minmatar were packed together as cattle in bestowers, and there were cattle right next to them. Who had more space, told the girl bitterly (her mother was hurt by this for years to come). The husband told the others his wife was with child, and everyone helped to take care of the pregnant woman. They arrived safely. Their new home was a quarter owned by a rich Amarr aristocracy. They were shown their part of the gigantic estate, and settles in quietly, still in shock of what happened. When the first signs of protest were rising, it was met with violence. Quickly and lethally.

The noble Amarr, was often away/ But lately he was more at home then usual. His wife was also with child. This was announced at several stations in well known Amarr systems. The couple was showerd with gifts to welcome to new member of Amarr high society. Belvera, appreciated all these gifts but they were simply to many. So, she ordered it all to be thrown away. The servants knew that one of their comrades, Erselille, was also pregnant. So the gifts that were meant for the Amarr baby, went to the Minmatar slave quarters. There were so many that many a family had soft sheets and fabric to use in several ways, there was carpet and curtains in many household. And Erselilleís house was ready for a baby. It brought the minmatar closer together while working for the Amarr, to known that when they were home it was truly a home.
Such joy went not unnoticed; neither did the growing belly of Erselille. So, one day she was called to report to Belvera. And she confessed that she was with child. Now, itís still unsure why Belvera aloud the child to be born. Perhaps it was that she herself was a mother to be. And that all her own friends had their own children a long time ago. Or that she show the more practical side of it. When she did not wanted to nurse the child, another mother was around. But Erselille was aloud to keep the child, if it did not interfere with her work. And she made sure it didnít, the entire Minmatar community made sure it never bothered the Amarr.
So years passed quietly, and Erselille gave birth to a lovely and remarkably strong daughter with long hair who carries the name Isille. While Belvera, gave birth to a strong and fine specimen of the male race of Amarr with the name of Osrias. Truly these were children to take great pride in.

Years passed, and the children grew up. Isille was strong willed and independent. Osrias quickly adapted to the manipulative circles of the Amarr aristocracy. Isille grew tired of her friends from other quarters whose concerns never got further then marrying well and finding a good master. So, she went out alone. More and more often you could find her deep in thought around the quarters, helping a hand wherever she could. And the same went for Osrias, he got tired of the court, and sneaked out. Heís bodyguard got punished, so he never had the same one for a long period of time. This made escaping a lot easier.
I guess itís not hard to put two and two together; they met each other outside of the place they ought to have been. Only, they started arguing the minute they saw each other. Osrias noticed that Isille wore something that was strangely familiar to him. And he bluntly told her to that what she was wearing were his clothes, old clothes, but still his clothes. Isille raised an eyebrow and asked him if he was that spoiled brat. And that yes, this were hand downs and she was glad to wear them for they were made of fine quality and didnít hurt her skin. Osrias glanced at her skin. And didnít think it looked that delicate, remembering the spoiled brat bit heís reply was clear: Youíre just jealous because Iím rich and you are not! Isille was cold headed, and not impressed. She at least didnít need to worry if

Band of Brothers
Posted - 2003.11.16 16:38:00 - [2]

some relative hired a Caldari to kill her. So she gave him a stare and walked off. Osrias was frustrated beyond belief, no one walks out in a conversation, especially not if he is part of it. He ran after her, and she turned around. Before he could say anything she asked him if he new some nice spots to play. The thought of arguing further was slowly going away as he told her about his favourite spots to hang around and getting your clothes dirty and she told about her spots where you can walk around without encountering anyone for hours.

It makes you wish that all disputes were solved this quickly, doesnít it?

The children got older and when they had a chance they met and played, and did general naughty things in the station. Tools gone missing, food and woos, it could be found back at a secret hiding place. Cause these stations are so big its easy for two kids to find a private place.
But trouble came in a way that they didnít expect. Isille needed to look for someone to marry, fast. Several Amarr had seen her and taken an interest in her. And Osrias realised he was about to lose his friend. He pleaded with his father, about letting Isille stay with them.Didnít she brought joy to the slaves, and didnít they work harder then other slaves? Because they were happy and had hope? But his father had made up his mind, she had to go. And frankly he didnít care much to whom she went, as long as she went. Having those young females around is asking for more trouble. Osrias went to Isille and told her that there was nothing he could do. For the first time, he didnít matter. He couldnít even help one of his closest friends. Isille tried to be strong for him, and said it all didnít matter. Sheíll find a good husband, and a new master. She worked hard didnít she? Then surely she would be treated well.
Osrias looked into her eyes and looked at her as a man, and not merely has a friend. He saw how attractive she was, and how utterly hopeless this situation was, and that her husband would matter little. He already felt how he would miss her, and her smiles and her eyes. And Isille just thought about Osrias has her husband, how that would save everything. Osrias couldnít stand the thought of seeing her married to anyone else but him. So what the wise said was true, you donít miss things until itís gone. They were talking about other things, but the thought of her gone and not safe, with him caused his anger to grow.
After a few days, while trying to convince his father to let her stay, unmarried, and while Isille talked to her people. They came to the conclusion that nothing would and could help them. They had told too many people, and they knew what they were up too. They wouldnít be safe from the Amarr, or the Minmatar. They both loathed the idea of them together as husband and wife. And that was their desire.

So now, I come back into the story. Their specific request was to kill them both, quickly and at the same time. Or very close near to each other. I refused, such love should be aloud to exist. Surely they could find shelter in pirate space? But they knew for sure that their families will come after them to kill them and this blasphemous relationship.

I asked them to give me some time and let me think about it. I may have been involved in some light pirating, but surely, I have morals and a Code. I was granted that time, and I thought about it. Would they have a life running from here to there trying to escape their family, with possible bounty hunters? No, I didnít think that could be called a life.
I met with them again, and told them I would do it, or rather. I would turn on the guns and keep them going. They sighed both in relief and looked at each other smiling. I agreed I would keep the documents they gave me, for later, when they war between the races would be over.

Band of Brothers
Posted - 2003.11.16 16:39:00 - [3]

A few hours later we set out, I explained to them that if they would be in capsules already it wouldnít take long. So they were in capsules, and I was in my Moa. I was right, it didnít take long.

With this story I fulfill one more wish of them, to make it known to the public.
This story has saddened me more then any tragedy I have known, and I have the documents safe in some station. I have written them down and I have those as well in some far away station.

I donít mean anything political with this story, Iím just a humble Caldari fighter, but I felt compelled to tell it and share it here with you all.

Imperial Dreams
Curatores Veritatis Alliance
Posted - 2003.11.17 11:05:00 - [4]

Nice story Lianhuan!

Altho of course an Amarr would not actually fall for a Minmatar. There is an inbuilt dislike Wink

xeno calligan
Posted - 2003.11.17 12:56:00 - [5]

Edited by: xeno calligan on 17/11/2003 12:59:01
Not only the most beaming fallen daughter of Caldari State I have yet seen, but empathic with a flair for story telling! And well-versed in the ancient battle hymns of the pre 2nd renascence empire of Germania to boot. I have but my Ishukone Neuron Regulators to thank for the ability to maintain my manly pose.

*hrmm* Nothing to see here, move along.

Band of Brothers
Posted - 2003.11.19 19:23:00 - [6]

"Altho of course an Amarr would not actually fall for a Minmatar. There is an inbuilt dislike Wink"

... Yes Mr.Hardin, just like no Amarr would even consider the idea of spending his time with inferior Gallente wench :s

Blue Ice
Posted - 2003.12.16 13:38:00 - [7]

Beautiful - great story a tradegy for sure :(

You win in my books... x


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