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LaiDai Research Services
Posted - 2006.11.30 11:18:00 - [1]

Edited by: TTIGER on 30/11/2006 11:35:51
Edited by: TTIGER on 30/11/2006 11:34:29
after seeing some whining from new players aout the blocade mission i tried my old lvl2 agent and grinded some missions until i got(will try lvl3 after downtime,no idea when i can get lvl 3 the blockade).
lvl2 blockade (done with cracal and 5 assault missile launchers)
What happened at mission long story short(did guristas version)i warped to 50km,
i killed a destroyer 2nd wave spawned
i killed a osprey 3th wave spawned
i killed a osprey 4th wave spawned
i killed Blackbird 5th wave spawned
i killed Moa mission finished

key is range move away from ships If you can keep them away from you this mission can be done without problem. Dire pithi destructers may pain for a new player .Youll be ok if you can keep rats at 40-45km i think more is better Wink

IM suspecting if you kill highest bounty rat it trigger next spawn (share your experience about this)but if you are far away youll be safe.Blackbird was highest bounty rat at 4th spawn . There were more than 1 type destroyer and osprey at 1st 2nd 3th spawn(i cant remember excat name which one i killed and next wave spawned sorry but suspecting it was highest bounty type)
I uploaded some pics to eve-files for new players

For lvl 3 and 4 im expenting same logic ,share your experience Wink


host changed from eve-files to hidebehind no idea why pics removed from eve-filesugh

LaiDai Research Services
Posted - 2006.11.30 11:18:00 - [2]

Edited by: TTIGER on 01/12/2006 13:26:53
Lvl 3 version
i finished before downtime ,and these ships triggered nex spawns when i did mission.I warped killed statis tower first then pithuur guerilla and it triggered 2nd spawn Shocked,i had to warp twice until i cleared big part of 1st and 2nd spawn and could have range from rats),used ferox with 2 invuls

pithiur guerilla (destroyer triggered 2nd wave)
pithatis assaulter (bc triggered 3th wave)
pithasis assassin (bc triggered 4th wave)
pithasis assaulter (bc triggered 5th wave)
mission finished when you kill one of the Death Dealers (there were 5 pithasis death dealer +3 dire pithi despoiler)

wave 1 pithior guerilla/pithatis enforcer 4/Dire pithi mortifier 3

wave 2 ,pithior anarchist 6 /pithatis enforcer 4/pithatis assaulter 1 /pithatis executer 2/pithi plunderer 2

wave 3 , i cant give excat ship numbers for this wave sorry but i can say rounded numbers ( i have pic but 2nd and 3th wave mied at pic)
Dire pithum abolisher 3/pithatis enforcer 3/ pithior terrorist 4/pithatis executor 3

wave 4 ,pithatis enforcer 5 /pithum eraser 2/Dire pithi destructor 4 .Dire pithi destructors are jammers

wave 5 pithatis death dealer 5 /dire pithi despoiler

notes: rats spammed flameburst light missiles heavily ,a thermal hardener may be good idea and i remebered why i dont like gurista version of missions non stop jamming .Player ew nerfed i hope 1 day npc gets nerfed too,rats jammed 4 times actually better than lvl 2 version . it was 9 times at lvl 2
Ill update pics when i have time

Pls post and share your experiments .ıt looks other ppl have different trigger topodo's experiment

Posted - 2006.11.30 11:35:00 - [3]

Just did the lvl 3 mission:

Unfortunately i did not manage to get the pattern behind the spawns. Thus i just killed all spawns.

As TTIGER already meantioned: Just keep moving away from them. They respawn at least 60 km away from the jumpin point at the 3 clouds or rocks or whatever that was. The cruisers are not so fast so you should be able to kill all rats before they catch up to you. The npcs that await you when you jump in thus might be tough for newbies. Think there were at least 6-8 (battle)cruisers up to 250K isk bounty awaiting you.

I want to add that in my eyes this mission is easy mode when you know what to do but might kill you when you act wrong.

Shadow Silvermoon
The Sanctum
Posted - 2006.11.30 12:09:00 - [4]

(As Posted in my thread, didn't realise this was here)

Lvl 4 version is one of the most insane missions I have ever seen, and one of the few where I have been forced to call in a friend just to kill single ships.

  • 600+ damage in 4 seconds through a rat specific tank (when all BSes are in range)

  • 7-8 Cruisers which dampen from 95km, at one point my 105km locking range was down to 15km (and cruise missiles do around 60 damage to them)

  • Almost impossible to determine which ship is the target (multiple ships under each name)

  • 3rd wave contains 3 scramming frigs (which cost me my raven)

  • all for 3k LP and 827k Reward

LaiDai Research Services
Posted - 2006.12.01 13:22:00 - [5]

Im sorry to hear your lost shadow,i guess this mission very weird.if you can warp to a safe distance can be done but you are near rats youll be bbqed.
I did not think try bookmarking if may be solution warp with fast and cheap ship made bm and warp like some other missions.İll give a try when i get nex time

Standard Ore
Posted - 2006.12.01 14:44:00 - [6]

I think you hit on something TTIGER, as that is similiar to what I did.

Lvl 2 Mission
Warped in the first time and took a look over what I had in front of me. I selected one of the groups and positioned myself where I could aggro them but be moving away from them. I've always used the logic of getting rid of the smaller ships first and then worry about the big guys. Even when I went after the group with the larger cruiser in it I made sure I took out all the smaller ships first. Once I kill the cruiser the next wave appeared. Repeat/rinse the same thing for the next 4 waves......always leaving the one large ship to last. And since I was taking care of one group while I was moving away from the main area each wave spawned well away from me which allowed me to heal and be ready to take them on.

Did this in a Rupture, 3x720mm howitzers, 2xheavy missle launchers. 4xlight drones, 1x large supplemental shield extender, 1x medium shield extender, 1x targeting booster 3x400mm plating and 1x medium armor repairer.

I really enjoyed it, though it did take a while but hey bring on the new missions!

Posted - 2006.12.01 16:38:00 - [7]

Nerf caldari.

Green Rhino
Posted - 2006.12.01 19:01:00 - [8]

Originally by: Epidemis
Nerf caldari.

Nerf playtime ;)

Posted - 2006.12.01 22:28:00 - [9]

I have absolutely no idea why you had such problems with the level 3 version of it TTIGER. As long as you keep moving away you should be fine. The spawns itself are not so hard to come by. With a passiv tanked ferox you should be able to tank most of the damage easily.

Ferox setup id did this mission with:

5* heavy missile launcher II
2* nos

3* shield extender II
1* em hardner II
1* thermal hardner II

2* passive barrier
2* BCU

Warchild Lightningblade
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2006.12.01 22:54:00 - [10]

I did this yesterday and the Guristas were hitting me with Bloodclaw missles from literally 100km.

LaiDai Research Services
Posted - 2006.12.01 23:45:00 - [11]

Edited by: TTIGER on 01/12/2006 23:45:16
Shacra you are right when i warped rats were around 25-29km this caused trouble until i have range.(nearly same setup except 2 invuls and no nos)
warchild excatly same thing. i thought WTH ccp ,flamebursts from 100-110kmQuestion

The Scope
Posted - 2006.12.02 21:52:00 - [12]

On the lvl 4 version, and some on the level 3 version, there are cruisers with bounty 220k ish, as serpentis that dampen like crazy and have insane resists. My Domi's lock range came down to about 10km.

James Snowscoran
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2006.12.02 23:21:00 - [13]

My corpmate got this mission versus CONCORD, and it was pretty insane stuff :)

Posted - 2006.12.03 00:01:00 - [14]

I did lvl 4 version against bloodraiders a few times already. The key not to triger more ships is to leave that single ship alone and kill the rest. Usually, a spawn will consisted of multiple ship of the same kind and single ship that is different from the rest. If you kill that ship, a new wave will spawn. So, your kill order is to kill the ships with same name first then kill the single ship the last. All in all it is a fun mission. Just wish the wrecks show some indication about loot status. Going through those wrecks one by one is real pain. Had to install a heavy beam laser on my looting ship to kill off the empty wrecks.

Bruticus Prime
Posted - 2006.12.03 04:34:00 - [15]

Wow wish I'd read the forums before I accepted this mission. Thought it was a new one but didn't really pay attention. Doing the lvl3 and it's more like a lvl 4 mission. I wasn't ready for all the extra spawns luckily all I've lost so far is some drones.

Be ready if you accept this mission. I fly a tempest with ac's, this is not going to be an easy mission.

The Scope
Posted - 2006.12.03 05:08:00 - [16]

the lvl 4 version of this misson is the best misson to date, regardless of isk/lpreward for the sheer fun factor.

Bruticus Prime
Posted - 2006.12.03 05:31:00 - [17]

Wow, well you're definitely doing this mission just for fun and bounties. I finally got the msg I'd completed the mission, that's when another 20+ ships appeared. Zero time to loot with the constant respawns so I'd say get a group or this mission is just a time sink with very little reward vs the risk. I guess I could stay for another few hours and try to kill the rest of the ships but doesn't seem woth it as I'm sure more will appear.

I don't mind the mission, kinda fun how hectic is it is when you fight short range. It gets a thumbs up for seat of your pants fun factor but a thumbs down for reward potential. I'm sure there's something nice floating around out there that I'm missing but too much time spent on this mission already.

Tsanse Kinske
Posted - 2006.12.03 10:05:00 - [18]

Just finished doing the level 2 version in a Claw. Insane. I resolved to stay away from these threads to keep the suprise intact until I got to go through it and I'm glad I did.

The second to last wave was crazy because of 4 Dire Gistii Ambushers. In a L2.

All in all, it was pretty fun to see a mission so different. It is completely out of wack compared to any other L2 though, and I feel sorry for any rookie who gets this one.

Phobos Alliance
Posted - 2006.12.03 10:41:00 - [19]

Just finished running a lvl 3 of this mission and OMG that was fun, spawn after spawn pounding on my tank. Best drops were the new assault heavy missile launchers + around 6mil in bounties ( 131-249k per rat ). I want more of these :)

Zaphroid Eulthran
Imperial Visions
Posted - 2006.12.03 11:18:00 - [20]

Did the lvl3 angel version today with a ferox and nighthawk.

both passive tanked, we found no pattern to the spawns so ended up with many many cruisers all aggroing my NH, (the ferox never got hit once despite having npc's spawn around it) one warpout due to overactive arrogance mode, but all in all a very enjoyable mission.

I can say again KEEP YOUR RANGE, however with serpentis and their dampening this may be difficult, Angel target painting on already Blimp sigged passive tanks makes no difference

event mocean
Posted - 2006.12.03 12:05:00 - [21]

Did lvl 3 today in passive tanked Drake
15000+ shields.
5x T2 HML
2x Arbalest HML

Fired at cruisers first, not the smartest as multiple spawns appeared but did manage to tank the freakin onslaught of some 10-25 rats all firing at one time.

Sheilds got down to 30% but held. all up took about 30min to kill all rats.

For those complaining about reward??? +6m in bounty, that not enough?

Best mission I've done.

event mocean
Posted - 2006.12.03 17:06:00 - [22]

Just redid it.

As previously mentioned it is definately the one odd ship in each spawn that triggers the next.

Also kept my distance this time. Heaps easier, sheild never went below 80% but man it took like an hour to do.

And then there's the looting... there's like 50 wrecks to sort through, scattered everywhere. there's another hour.
Looting is quickly becomming pointless. A shame, I loved looting. It was finding like treasure! now it's like sifting through the bin.

Gwynn Worvan
Etherware Heavy Engineering
Posted - 2006.12.03 20:37:00 - [23]

Did this mission, Lvl 4, yesterday. Domi, Typhoon and a Megathron. The Mega got aggro and had to basically sit there and tank, while the others ganked the baddies and drone repped him. None of us have heavy faction tanks, but I do agree that bringing a friend (or two) is the order of the day for this one.

Oh and I totally agree on the "Great mission" bit, this mission rocks! We got about 18-20mil in bounties.... Very Happy

Midnight Elites
Echelon Rising
Posted - 2006.12.03 23:56:00 - [24]

tbh, this mission is great, but it could be toned down on the Ewar cruisers.

being dampned to 8km targeting range is a bit "err"

Raith Seinar
Posted - 2006.12.04 00:23:00 - [25]

I've tried lvl2 and lvl3 versions of this mission, and can safely say that both are much harder than their normal "brethren" :)

While we're on this subject, what's the key to getting this mission done with a beam laser boat? I use a proph with 4 medium beams, about 32km ideal range and 8km falloff. Most of the smaller mobs were fine, including the stock BC's....but there were large groups of 270k bounty thorax's which I never managed to damage about 10 per hit! My usual damage is between 60-150 on similar mobs, yet these guys must have been wearing lead overcoats...

Certainly, the usual amarr laserboat tactic of running away, out of their range, while puounding with long range lasers didn't work Embarassed

The Graduates
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2006.12.04 06:21:00 - [26]

lvl 4 angel blockade:
warp in.
kill everything.
kill everything
kill everything.
kill everything.
go back to agent hoping he will give u another one.
almoust 15 mills in 30 minutes.
(having a decent tank u do not even need to move. just tank sit and kill)

Miners of Moria Corp
Posted - 2006.12.05 00:39:00 - [27]

Ok read this thread before doing my own lvl 4 blockade vs serpentis....
Long and Short

Open range upon warp in, and KEEP GOING.

Engage from the extreme of your lock range (93km for me in my raven)

From that range i picked off everything in turn.

Only had to turn on shield boost ONCE and that was to open range at the beginning.

Found that the next wave does seem to be triggered by the odd ball ship in the current wave. and core lord commander was the mission ender.

the structures didnt drop anything that i could find

salvage (using a DD with 4xtrac and 4xsalavage) netted about 40 pcs of rig loot to boot.

Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2006.12.05 02:25:00 - [28]

I really love this mission, one of the better one's i think. I'm doing L3 missions, i get 1038LP and about 1mill isk (thats including the time reward) and about 6mil in bounties, not to bad really.

I am using a raven for this, i warp in 70km. then i move away from the main groups, i try and take out the Guardian's 1st (Corlium Guardian <whatever>) as these are the one with the insane resists, i hit for about 50dmg with my Cruise missile's, i also send my drones in, normaly it doesnt take too long to kill.

I'm not 100% sure when the 'waves' come in, i've not noticed any real pattern to it, not sure if its timed or when you kill a certain ship in a group or if its when when you get to a certain number of ships left. But aslong as you keep distance i find i'm ok.

My Raven setup

6x Arby Cruise
1x Hvy NoS
1x Tractor Beam

1x XL Shield Booster
1x Shield AMP
2x Passive shield resists T2
2x active shield resists T2

2x BCU T2
3x PDU T2

a mixture of drones aswell (med & small)

I'm doing missions for Gallente, so when i get this mission it tends to be against the Serps. So i fit therm/kin resists, i also fit for therm dmg. I was toying with the idea of dropping the tractor and NoS and fitting two 350mm rails for alittle bit more dmg (tracking wont be a problem as i keep em at range).

Center for Advanced Studies
Posted - 2006.12.05 04:04:00 - [29]

So I'm not the only one whos getting dampened to all buggery, its insane that I have to be closer than 16km to hit. I might aswell take aggro and get a fleet of n00b frigate fighters to warp in and take them all out.

Thomas Maleficus
Posted - 2006.12.05 04:44:00 - [30]

I did this one today, level 4. Agent paid almost 3M in rewards, plus I made about 15M in bounties for killing everything. It's not bad at all, took raven in, at 100km off, once the jamming cruisers got in range to kill my targeting range I just warped to a stationary object in the spawn and put myself outside their range, make sure you remember to drop a can before you do so you can create another warp to point. I took very little damage to my shields at all. Main thing is, sensor boosters and backup arrays to keep sensors running.last ebil guy to end it all is a pain and takes a lot of damage, bring a friend in to help kill him faster if you want. Another good way to do it is have one friend tanked to take the agro and fly away from the spawn, other person follows behind the pack killing em off. It's actually a really easy mission that just takes time and thought. Don't know about the lvls other than 4 tho.

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