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Posted - 2003.11.15 14:40:00 - [1]

Looking at her, his heart raced and a flood of warm memories raced through his mind. She was beautiful thought Sarkos as he could only gaze at her perfection. With a small lump in his throat he whispered 'You are most beautiful' to her.

Gazing at her, Sarkos could only think of all the good times and bad they both have shared. He thought of how she lifted his soul when he was depressed and how she was always around when stress had weighed the heaviest. He loved her deeply and would kill any who came between them.

'Hey boss, your all loaded up. The ammo hold is full and she checks out perfectly'. Hearing the voice of Changar, the Brutor in charge of the docking bay, he turned his gaze from The Star of Freedom, his Tempest.

Taking the DataPad from the stocky man, Sarkos scanned it and verified it. Thanks Chang, these new mods should work out nicely. With a slight smile, he turned to gaze at her once more before heading to the walkway leading the Pod entry.

'Hey boss' Changar spoke as he walked alongside Sarkos. 'Later on how about coming down to the Dark Nova with us all and help celebrate Ulrichs promotion to Chief.' He chuckled slightly. 'I've heard that Drella, that lovely hostess kind of likes you.'

Fighting back his wants, he buried them behind his duties. Speaking softly as he limped on he let out a small laugh. 'Come on Chang, you know as well as I do that as long as our people are slaves, as long as the fighting continues, I have to keep focused on our goals. Oracle is my family, and my duty to all of you and our kin held in slavery. One day, when all of this is over, I can begin to think of settling down'. With a small chuckle he continued 'Now come on, help me into this thing'.

As the words were quickly drowned out by the clatter of noise in the hanger, as he limped forward to the entry port for his Pod, Sarkos did his best to hide the small bits of moisture collecting in his eyes. For as much as he loved his Tempest, the love of his people was far greater and nothing can be allowed to distract him from his goals to free all that existed as slaves.

Nariko Tenrai
Hayashikani Dynamics
Posted - 2003.11.24 21:21:00 - [2]

Sarkos-sama, if you will forgive my boldness, I believe you need the companionship of a good Minmatar woman more than you think. ^_^

Do not work yourself too hard. Our people need you.

"Right now, he is like a brandished sword... but a sword needs a sheath." - Nobuhiro Watsuki

Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2003.12.16 02:21:00 - [3]



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