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Isk Sink Inc.
Posted - 2006.11.25 22:58:00 - [1]

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Originally by: Infinity Ziona
Set up with the sole purpose of providing a free way of waging war against some of the largest alliances in

You may join as you wish and take part at no cost. Fight anywhere, with alts, mains or trials.

There are no rules for you to follow. If you can shoot it, its a valid target.

To apply go to one of the following offices and submit an applications.

Sarum Prime - Sarum Prime VI - Moon 7 - Sarum Family Assembly Plant

New Caldari - New Caldari V (Oniterseru) - Moon 2 - House of Records Archives.

Yulai - Yulai III - Moon 1 - Secure Commerce Commision Investment Bank

Infinity Ziona created something revolutionary in EVE when he made the Privateers. He has recently scaled back his role and handed me the CEO reigns so send the hate mail this way.

24/7 365 we war dec alliances. We are now the Privateer Alliance. We are adding members and member corps every day. What started as 1-2 alliance wars a week has grown into 20-30+ fulltime alliance wars every week. We are growing fatser than ever and proving the privateer concept can be viable in EVE.

If your a lonely pilot and want in on 15,000-20,000 war targets join our corp the Privateers. If your a corp and have interest in joining our alliance simply have your CEO convo me in-game.

Privateers, making EVE a fast twitch game.



EDIT: As of 1/4/7 your character needs to be greater than 3 months of age for acceptance.

Posted - 2006.11.26 13:20:00 - [2]

This is an endorsement from a very happy Privateer,

I've never had so much fun in Eve until I signed up, your not safe in any space, constant wars, constant hauler targets! LOVING IT!YARRRR!!Smile

Federation of Freedom Fighters
Posted - 2006.11.26 14:01:00 - [3]

This is a really nice offer.

I'm wondering...

I heard talk about Privateers turning into an alliance to allow more wardecs. What will happen with this plan now that Infinity is not CEO? Please train alliance command skills. More targets = More fun. My corp would probably join

Privateer Alliance
Posted - 2006.11.27 15:14:00 - [4]

Much fun to be had here people.. come one, come all!
uh, yeah.. you get the picture ;)

Lord Bleu
Darkstorm Command
Ethereal Dawn
Posted - 2006.11.28 00:45:00 - [5]

Been a privateer for a short while. Enough time to know that this is what I've been looking for in Eve for quite some time.

Targets, lots of them. No lame security status loss, just simply lots of pvp.

No whiney maladjusted CEO's to tolerate, just alot of other fellas who like you, just want to shoot stuff.

Posted - 2006.11.30 18:18:00 - [6]

Still Recruiting and yes the Alliance idea is still being looked at.

Isk Sink Inc.
Posted - 2006.11.30 23:10:00 - [7]

150 roster spots left.

It is my fault as I have kept most in the dark but if all goes smoothly we will be an alliance by weekend.


Posted - 2006.12.01 08:03:00 - [8]

i must say - fun fun fun more than i could imagine befor i joined

pew pew keep the wars going

Belladonna Nightshade
Posted - 2006.12.01 08:57:00 - [9]

Do you have a killboard?

This is an alt asking because I belive one of our corp was killed by you and is too embarrased to post his death, I want to make sure everyone knows.

Posted - 2006.12.02 10:24:00 - [10]

Ask with your main, or go and search for our killboard yourself. means yes we have one.

are you missing a frighter ?

pew pew = privateers

Posted - 2006.12.03 11:15:00 - [11]

Edited by: Sicarii on 03/12/2006 11:15:02
some fun slots avaible for nice ppl
thousands of targets for <100 privateers we try but we cant get them all YARRRR!! - atm Wink

Posted - 2006.12.04 08:54:00 - [12]

go back to top you refugee ugh

Posted - 2006.12.04 10:58:00 - [13]

Originally by: Sicarii
Ask with your main, or go and search for our killboard yourself. means yes we have one.

are you missing a frighter ?

pew pew = privateers

Are you missing a frieghter?..PMSL - I know a few folk are. Still stay if these guys stopped flying AFK they could get away with a few hundred mills ransom, - bloody traders, more money than sense.

The killboards are a bik ****ed with the new ships atm the old killboard addy is but word has it we will be on a new KB very shortly - which will be updated with the new ship content in due-course...


P.S. .YaaaaarrrrrrrYARRRR!!

Posted - 2006.12.04 11:16:00 - [14]

Applied... and looking forward to a change of pace, and learning all about PVP. Fully intend to lose a lot of T1 frigs! - Hope my wallet and the returns of juicy empire haulers can keep up with the loss cost.... Yarrr! YARRRR!!

P.S. - Sic, thanks to your recruitment efforts, you gave me an option that I was looking for (was just about to head into lowsec looking for targets) - Privateers sounds like more fun though. Twisted Evil

Posted - 2006.12.04 13:31:00 - [15]

Originally by: Chilblains
P.S. - Sic, thanks to your recruitment efforts, you gave me an option that I was looking for (was just about to head into lowsec looking for targets) - Privateers sounds like more fun though. Twisted Evil

dont thank me iŽll forward it to the idea of PRIVATEERS; i was long seaching for the same optionWink

Per Kopfhurer
Filthy Scum
Scum Alliance
Posted - 2006.12.04 15:10:00 - [16]

Happy bump from a happy Privateer. Much more fun than solopiracy. Hop onboard!

Lt Angus
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2006.12.04 19:25:00 - [17]

Cool Good fun to be had by all

Patric Murphy
Privateer Alliance
Posted - 2006.12.05 10:17:00 - [18]

Just got in and having a blast!!

Boennerup Banden
Posted - 2006.12.05 10:55:00 - [19]

Been in for a few months, I rarley have time to play, but whenever I logg in theres always something to shoot at,


Posted - 2006.12.05 13:09:00 - [20]

Update with our new killboard.
for whoever's interested

and a bump too.. this place moves faster than the Sell fourmsExclamation

WTB hauler info for our current targets - low in ISK? Have Alliance intel? YARRRR!! Yaaaarrr

Posted - 2006.12.05 14:49:00 - [21]

Sounds like a great idea to me... Very Happy

Posted - 2006.12.05 17:27:00 - [22]

Originally by: Rhax
Sounds like a great idea to me... Very Happy

it is btw...
check for infos the old main post here
worth reading it

apply at one office or mail, private convo or join channel PRVTR

Posted - 2006.12.06 00:08:00 - [23]

Can we say bump?

how about War Target hauler!!!! PEW PEW PEW PEW OOoooooShocked ..look at all this ........


Inquis Eisenhorn
Posted - 2006.12.06 02:59:00 - [24]

We need more memmbers, we are now an alliance so we have more war decs.Very Happy

Seriosly I made almost 100 million isk in three days, im super cereal.

[corp comedian]

Posted - 2006.12.06 11:12:00 - [25]

Originally by: Sicarii
go back to top you refugee ugh

ohhhh grrrrMad

i told you not to run the pages down....
next time i catch you there ill nail you on the top Wink

btw you can all still ask here, so i dont have to triple answer the same questions ingame...
and to get it clear again read the main post here, but dont reply to it, use this one.

Intime Famir
Posted - 2006.12.06 16:50:00 - [26]

I heartily endorse all the above posts. They are all signed.

Seriously though, for lone wolf or team player, action is never more than about 3 jumps away for a Privateer. What the hell else can you ask for?

Sgt Napalm
Veto Corp
Posted - 2006.12.06 17:08:00 - [27]

What the OP says is true. ISS has a nice war dec active as of yesterday from the Privateers. Shocked

Posted - 2006.12.06 18:39:00 - [28]

Edited by: tams on 06/12/2006 18:39:38
I dont really have time to play eve, but when i do i know there is targets out there and thats the comfort you get with being in Privateers.
No hauling ships, no looking for targets just to see the single one you found dock and log.
I think many people dont dear to join couse they think they going to get insta ganked at the first gate they jump,dosent happen! and i fly solo most of time.
Moste of the people in corp seems mature to so thats all good no cs kids screeming in corp chat all night and stuff like that.

So join up! solo or gangkster, its all good Very Happy

Futile Zombie
Deviance Inc
Posted - 2006.12.06 20:41:00 - [29]

Great corp and loads of fun.

There are always people around and lots of targets floating about, and now we are an alliance there will be even more!

Whether you want to hunt solo or gang up with fellow corpies..its all good.

Long live the Privateers!


Posted - 2006.12.06 22:13:00 - [30]

Edited by: kinko on 12/12/2006 06:52:05
Bumpage Wink

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