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101st Space Marine Force
Gentlemen's Club
Posted - 2008.02.21 22:11:00 - [31]

Hood River!

Posted - 2008.02.22 00:35:00 - [32]

Another Hillsboro pilot here. I didn't know about the Portland chat channel. I'll be flying tonight and will check it out. It would be great to get together with some fellow EVE addicts and drink beer and talk EVE. Fly safe! Very Happy

Posted - 2008.04.05 15:12:00 - [33]

Astoria FTW So do we know if there is an Oregon or a Pacific NW channel? That would be sweet and much easier to talk about a get together. Trying to find threads on these forums can be a bear sometimes.
Shap Shocked

Posted - 2008.04.05 15:21:00 - [34]

"Pacific NW" is already a channel perhaps we can all just meet in there. I brought it up on my chat window you should too Laughing

Posted - 2008.06.16 06:02:00 - [35]

NW Portland. Close to Beaverton/Hillsboro. There's an in game channel for locals called "Portland". Stop in a say hello :)

Posted - 2008.06.16 19:26:00 - [36]

Living in NE.

Goonswarm Federation
Posted - 2008.06.18 00:41:00 - [37]

I live in North Bend

Posted - 2008.06.19 05:57:00 - [38]

Canby, OR here. :D

Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2008.08.16 01:34:00 - [39]

I'm from Oregon City...

but I live in Maryland right now, so hey... free bump for the misspelled topic Laughing

Posted - 2008.08.18 18:27:00 - [40]

o/ Tech

and Oregon City for myself as well.... But not there atmCool

Posted - 2008.10.01 20:09:00 - [41]


Pneumonia Omega
Posted - 2008.12.02 01:06:00 - [42]

There are two of us from Corvallis Oregon.

Lantern Shark
Pyrrhus Sicarii
Posted - 2008.12.02 05:10:00 - [43]

Lake oswego

Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2008.12.02 08:29:00 - [44]

Edited by: techzer0 on 02/12/2008 08:29:53
blah.. IT'S ALIVE! necro'd thread and all that...

but w/e originally from oregon, as my post above says

Demon Fox
Posted - 2008.12.04 00:27:00 - [45]


Cobra Corp
Posted - 2008.12.17 11:44:00 - [46]

Alphabet District!

William Coldfire
Posted - 2008.12.20 01:45:00 - [47]

i Live in Lafayette. its next door to Mcminnville

Pneumonia Omega
Posted - 2009.01.21 01:22:00 - [48]

How about a Portland meet on some Friday or Saturday night? Let me know who is all interested and we'll set a when and where.

Federal Navy Academy
Posted - 2009.01.21 10:45:00 - [49]

I'm in Eugene right now but about to be moving up to the Portland area with my GF. We'll be in Canby for a while until we can snag a place actually in P-town.

I wouldn't mind meeting up with some of the Eugene guys before I left. Only have a few days though. Still packing and trying to get everything ready to go! Laughing

Krennel Darius
EON Solutions
The Laughing Men
Posted - 2009.01.21 20:57:00 - [50]

From Bend myself. Guess I'm the oddball in the Oregon crowd, don't live in the valley. Laughing

Pneumonia Omega
Posted - 2009.01.21 21:08:00 - [51]

Dasalaar, let me know if you guys meet up. There are a couple of us that live in Corvallis that might be willing to drive down if you get enough people.

Eve mail me with more info.

Pneumonia Omega

Grisella Clifton
Posted - 2009.01.23 20:39:00 - [52]

I'm in Beaverton, and my corpmates are in Portland, Vancouver WA, and Wilsonville.

Viper ShizzIe
Habitual Euthanasia
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2009.01.25 06:54:00 - [53]

Bend represent.

Krennel Darius
EON Solutions
The Laughing Men
Posted - 2009.01.26 01:17:00 - [54]

Originally by: Viper ShizzIe
Bend represent.

Hell yeah

Posted - 2009.01.27 09:12:00 - [55]

Very HappyVancouver o yeahCool

Posted - 2009.01.29 04:18:00 - [56]

SW Portland here.

Wyrde Dayze
Posted - 2009.02.05 08:10:00 - [57]

wow, all these oregonians, and no one from salem? i feel so alone. Razz

569th Freelancers
Gunmen of the Apocalypse
Posted - 2009.02.05 08:23:00 - [58]

I'm in Eugene... if anyone wants to meet up or whatever, send a mail :)

Alcoholic Skunk
Posted - 2009.02.08 06:26:00 - [59]

On border of se portland and gresham. In the new ghetto... keepin my self from getting podded in the house and keepin from getting shot outta the house.. not that bad really.

Posted - 2009.02.11 03:15:00 - [60]

Astoria here, couple guys in my corp (including pneumonia who already posted) are from Oregon.

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