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Agrias Hellion
Pitbull Industries
Knights Of the Southerncross
Posted - 2006.11.21 23:59:00 - [241]

Sounds pretty funky, so can I can place those 200 marines in my hangar to work protecting my gear while in station? Very Happy

Yuri Mengeroth
Very Bad Things
Posted - 2006.11.22 02:10:00 - [242]

This combined with the awesome content skills of White Wolf will make Eve TRULY the most innovative MMO in the business.

CCP is most definitely going places... just please don't sell out to losers like Sony et al.

As said earlier, you guys have the best jobs in the world! Looks like negotiations with the wife about moving to Iceland may re-open...Razz

Chuck Dawg
Di-Tron Heavy Industries
Atlas Alliance
Posted - 2006.11.22 07:56:00 - [243]

If this can actually become a part of the game then Eve will truly be the best game ever created! I am in no way shape or form over doing that point either! I truly feel that way! I have always felt as though Eve did lack that personal feel. All the shipps looks the same and the only way to get a "feel" for the other person is their mug shots.

One quick suggestion I have, probably not the right place for it, is to have a "squadron" insigna on all of your ships. Just like they do on military planes. You could choose how to place it on the ship etc, and possibly even put more decals on it. Just a thought.

Nemtar Nataal
Demonic Retribution
Posted - 2006.11.22 10:09:00 - [244]

Originally by: Agrias Hellion
Sounds pretty funky, so can I can place those 200 marines in my hangar to work protecting my gear while in station? Very Happy

Uhh exotic dancers....exotic dancers....eve could become a X rated game Twisted Evil i like it...

Cohortes Vigilum
Curatores Veritatis Alliance
Posted - 2006.11.22 11:51:00 - [245]

So they have finally come up with a way to solve lag in game. If we have less pilots in space we automatically have less lag, less gatejumps, less encounters, etc etc etc...

Im sorry but EVE Online is not Quake or SIMS and that is why I play EVE right now. If I wish to play FPS games or some other type of game I will. Is THIS the way this game is going to expand ? Right now EVE doesnt have ANY good competition out there - make it an FPS game and you will be in hard competition not to mention less of the game that we really want to play - i.e. the pew pew in space with little ships, mods and whathaveyou...

Sin inStyle
Posted - 2006.11.22 14:05:00 - [246]

I would have to agree with arthegon. I play eve to work my brain and the one of a kind environment. It takes thought to plan ahead and figure out your opponent. If I need an instant fix of kill gratification I play Battlefield 2. I pay for 2 accounts on eve and have for years. Don't worry the 1st person shooter games pose no threat from my standpoint anyway.

I have a question...
If station interaction is now a thought on dev minds does this mean the universe has become what was originally dreamed of? Not to say perfect but close enough where you have become bored of trying to enhance it? Wouldn't it be better to try to make what is there better? Not trying to sound unimpressed because I am. Eve is one of a kind with competition that can't even compare to subtle aspects of the game let alone its entirety.

Anyway these are just my thoughts after reading the blog.


Posted - 2006.11.22 16:06:00 - [247]

hmm pleasure hub? Shocked
anyway this would make eve a real game universe

Debitum Naturae
Drop the Hammer
Posted - 2006.11.22 16:51:00 - [248]

2. When will this be ready?

Well, I'm not even going to say Soon(tm), because we're just starting the ground work for this. Building all the content needed to render all existing bloodlines in fancy costumes and outfits within various station environments will take some time.

1. I sincerely hope that the lesson of the failed game "Earth and Beyond" is not lost here. That was one messed up, junky game. I hope that I would never be forced to dock and interact with EVE systems where i would have to run to various points in the station.

2. I am intrigued by the idea of in station agent missions. Like the old game "ONI" by bungie. run in, kick some booty, hack a system, gun my way out, oh, ya!

3. A wardrobe would be nice. I been wearing the same outfit since eve was released.


Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2006.11.22 19:20:00 - [249]

Since there will be facilities for corporate meetings, will we be able to have powerpoint presentations in game? Laughing

Alha Qmar
Xenon Logistics
Posted - 2006.11.22 23:55:00 - [250]

Aslong as the character speech synchronizing is not as retarted as in X reunion, then this can only be a cool thing.

Shira d'Radonis
The Amarr Mission
Posted - 2006.11.23 02:12:00 - [251]

EVE's setting makes something like this reasonable and allows for a new system to not interfere with the old one quite nicely in my opinion.

With regards to agents, it makes sense that in EVE one should be able to speak to an agent in person or through the existing interface. In a world of wireless communication, it's quite easy to interact with someone without having to be there in front of them. After all, how many of us have sat in a bar or in a restaurant with somebody who picks up the cell phone and starts chatting with somebody? Mad

I am definitely leery about the idea of in-station combat for the reasons that some people have laid out... I think there should be some serious constraints on this. Not that I wouldn't want U'K and CVA to wow us with their rendition of West Side Story, but I just think that no society is going to just let warring factions do battle right in their streets. At least in space, the combat is far away from the citizenry. In station you can't help but have innocent civilians becoming casaulties to what is essentially state-sanctioned gang warfare.

To be sure, it's going to really annoy me if every time I walk into a station, I see people dashing about gunning each other down with a bunch of NPC CONCORD officials shooting back and at the same time civilian NPCs and non-combatant players going on about their business like there isn't a shoot out going on ten feet from them.

THAT is not immersive... that is the exact opposite of immersive.

Having said that, however, I like the idea that a bunch of minnie "freedom fighters" might start using... errr.. disruptive techniques in Amarrian stations. THAT to me would make for interesting gameplay both as someone on the ground and someone reacting to it after the fact.

But I am hopeful about this and it's one of those things that I've been hoping for in EVE ever since I started playing. I enjoy roleplaying and I look forward to a deeper roleplaying experience outside of the ship.

And as some people have said, sometimes I have to do management stuff that means I'm not undocking, and I get sick of the hangar. I want to do something else.

Some ideas for the immersion factor:

Slave auctions in Amarrian stations

Allow players (in space where slavery is legal) to have slave attendant NPCs that follow them around in the station. I guess anywhere else maybe have paid attendants? Razz I really have no idea what the difference would be.

Put places of worship into stations.

Casinos with games and chance to make or lose iskies. Very Happy

I would suggest making some fictional gambling games or card games or something... something new and different and that people can get good at.

Integrating this with EVE now:

Make a use for trade goods. Someone here said that this contributes nothing to the current game, and I say that this is only true if designed that way. For one thing, it gives people something else to spend their money on... there should be a whole assortment of new stuff that can be used in the station INCLUDING rentable space for things like housing, corp offices, bars, etc. And things like liquor and cigarettes are going to be needed for thirsty and addicted customers... so you provide a sink for those products.

You could get corporations appearing that would make their money entirely off of providing the kind of luxury goods we'd expect pod pilots to be using in stations. So that opens the possibility for new skills, new base materials to feed the need of other players. These goods need to be shipped so it keeps the freighter pilots happy then...

And alliances should be able to have a fairly free hand in customizing the stations that they control.

But even if all that is excluded as being too difficult, I will just be happy with a little bit of "fluff" a "socializing" environment that does nothing but adds ambience.

Good work and keep it up, CCP

Rodj Blake
PIE Inc.
Posted - 2006.11.23 10:56:00 - [252]

Edited by: Rodj Blake on 23/11/2006 10:56:29

I'm sure that I'll be repeating this many times in the months to come:

People with badly negative faction ratings should not be allowed to leave the docking area.

It's bad enough that they can dock in the first place, but it makes no sense at all for a station's owners to allow their enemies to walk around their station freely.

Flabida jaba
Posted - 2006.11.23 11:23:00 - [253]

Now all you have to do is merge Planitary flight and enviroments
with the ability to walk around outside your ship and add some landing gear and...
.......hey presto

Terrestrial mining facilities!

Complete with orbital defense cannons, canteens and sheild generators

I knew there was a reson to hold onto all thoses planetary vehicals i got!
you may wana hold off on the ground assult vehicals for a bit though
could get messeyugh

Kentucky Smith
Posted - 2006.11.23 12:10:00 - [254]

Seems like a waste of everything to me. Why? for pritty effect or to be like other games in the past. Now if u could go to play cards or go to a lounge and have a drink to socialize this would be nice. Better yet here is an a chance to add puzzle content to the game. Agent missions says: go to this station find the tools to break into an apartment/office/computer room and bring back something or reset a control pannel or anything fun and interesting. Seems this game really lake puzzle content and walking in station would be a great platform to do missions using story llines and puzzle content. My opersonal opionRolling Eyes

PShi Pullani
Federal Defence Union
Posted - 2006.11.23 13:42:00 - [255]

I do think that a FP bit to the game could enhance and expand the gameplay a lot - the simplest reason is at the moment EVE is a very impersonal and sometimes grey place for interaction with other players. Agree station missions would be a very interesting concept - adding some mystery and roleplaying.

However, I get twitchy when developers in their blogs start talking about running around stations blowing people up. Can't see any point in that, when you can do it outside the station. Plus, its silly - any station commander would make sure no weapons were allowed off ships. Of course, i guess this leaves covert actions available still (assasinations etc.), but this is very different from running around blowing people in enemy corps away. Also, as someone who doesn't get the urge to attack people every day on line, this sort of environment would be just another reason not to get out of my pod in the first place.

CCP kieron

Posted - 2006.11.23 21:49:00 - [256]

To provide a little recap for some of the questions that have been asked a number of times:

1. You will not be required to use the in-station environment if you do not wish to. If you chose to never leave your docking interface, that is up to you.

2. Implimentation will be slow and gradual. The technology will be developed and proven before adding it to EVE. We are in the initial planning stages and have a long way to go before the expansion that brings this into EVE.

3. If combat is added to the client, it will be added slowly, just like the other features. Other features that have been suggested include Mind Clash , personal spaces (offices/apartments), gambling and much more.

4. Station environments will most likely be hosted on a different server than the ones that handle space. We do not want to add lag to space.

5. The technology may be exported to other future CCP projects, like a World of Darkness MMOG.

6. Did I say this was optional and you would not be required to use it if you don't want to? Smile

Joram McRory
eXceed Inc.
Posted - 2006.11.24 00:46:00 - [257]

Just a thought:

This looks pretty cool, but apart from the "fluff" bits how do you make this useful? My idea - introduce some kind of station based activity which allows you to double(??) you skill training time. means the station is still optional, but there is some benefit to using it.

It can be justified by saying that getting out of you pod makes learning easier...

Posted - 2006.11.24 07:55:00 - [258]

I havent read through all 9 pages of comments, so maybe this was added already..

I would like to see similiar controls in the walking-around mode to those of the flying. would make things simple and easy to adjust to. an overview could be present with appropriate controls for indoor elements.

ive got a lot of thoughts for the game in general and have no place to put them, ill frequent this blog more often and check out whats happening before i go off on ideas, but one last though, there could also be ranks within corporations, easily viewable in the info of a player, and that could predetermine squad leader status for military rankings. and then potentially mining rankings and so forth. like little badges.

Nanchen Huimoro
Posted - 2006.11.24 09:27:00 - [259]

A few questions.

Would I be able to use my 100+ marines as in station bodygaurds and retinue?

If so maybe we could get some missions where we board a hostile station, fight thru some gurista soldiers and retrieve some stolen papers ?

And if so happens to be, maybe in station combat might just wind up as a squad/rts type of game mechanic?

Paragon Fury
Cascade Imminent
Posted - 2006.11.24 10:32:00 - [260]

Originally by: Joram McRory
My idea - introduce some kind of station based activity which allows you to double(??) you skill training time. means the station is still optional, but there is some benefit to using it.

It can be justified by saying that getting out of you pod makes learning easier...

Not a flame... I wouldn't want to see anything like this introduced to Eve, it sounds far too much like adding in a grind.

Roy Batty68
Immortal Dead
Posted - 2006.11.24 13:22:00 - [261]

Well, I'll rattle off my rambling thoughts on this topic. See if I stumble on anything interesting:

- I think CCP has to do something like this in order for Eve to grow. In an interview about 4 or so months ago, Mark Jacobs (ex honcho of Mythic Entertainment, now EA ***** boy) said something like, "no one likes to be a vehicle, people have trouble identifying with that". Now while this obviously doesn't apply to the current Eve player base, I can't help agreeing with M.J. in regards to the general MMO player (even though he's a douche for horribly mismanaging DAoC).
Point being, I think Eve would have a much larger player base if there was a "dude" for new players to identify with.

- Ok, that's all well and good IF Eve can handle a flood of new players. This last summer has shown that they have begun pushing the upper limits of their scalability. While I'm sure we all hope that the loads of new hardware and the new code in Kali cures all these woes, I have my doubts. I would bet that someone at CCP is biting their nails about a certain What If:
What if EVE gets popular enough that we have a sudden surge of new players up to the 50K+ concurrent range? 60k? 80k? 100k? Uh... Oh...
Ironic for sure, but there may come a day when people review the history of MMOs and cite EVE as the only game to kill itself by getting too popular. Scalability is a huge issue for this unique 1 server design. They better make damn sure they can handle what might happen.

- So let's say it all goes perfectly well. Kali works out the dynamic load balancing. New "walking around in stations" thing adds no lag as it is served seperately. What does that do to the current game play?
Give your players something else to do and they may just do it to the general populace's dismay. Case in point; Mythic came out with the Trials of Atlantis DAoC expansion in 2003ish. A huge portion of their player base flocked to those new areas and spent literally months there. The rest of the player base, the ones who had been told the expansion was "optional", found themselves quite alone in the Realm vs Realm frontier. The expansion had killed the game for those who chose not to do it (it killed it for those who did buy it as well, but that's another story).
Point being, "optional" can be honestly intended by the devs but turn out to be something else in practical terms.

- Another problem with optional content that often rears it's head after awhile is that it often becomes not really so optional in player's minds. An example we can all relate to is the Learning skills. They're truely optional but many players believe quite the oposite.
How would this happen with "walking around in stations"? Quick example:
--The content team want to make climbing out of your pod mean something, so they start making missions tailored to it. Mission you can only get in station.
--One of these missions results in some OMGWTFPWNage implant that completes the Retribution pwn-mobile setup of TOTALHELLDEATH.
--Player has no desire to do any of the walking around stations content but loves his Retribution... Must.Have.OWGWTFPWN.Implant!
--Player now feels obligated to do something he's not really interested in.
--And to make it worse, the mission he's after is a 3 part deal that you only get after accruing 1000+ LP from the station agent... He's gonna be doing stuff he doesn't really want to for awhile.
--Potentially even worse, he now may feel obligated to train Small Arms, Quick Draw, Head Shot, and Diving-Rolling-Shooting skills that are only for Out of Pod play just so he can survive his trip into the station (since a year later they've added FPS to Eve).
--All because serveral well intended devs thought: "must be optional" + "content must have meaning" + "content must be rewarding" in their seperate cubicals...

But meh... enough of this devil's advocate stuff. I really do look forward to it. Very Happy

Posted - 2006.11.24 17:21:00 - [262]

Edited by: TorTorden on 24/11/2006 17:22:30
An example we can all relate to is the Learning skills. They're truely optional but many players believe quite the oposite.

I agree, in fact with my earlier question about missions including on station combat, (Nanchen Huimoro #259, dang posting with alt thing.)
What may have benn a little unclear is my scepticism to exactly that, in fact in station combat should not be something that I physically do out of pod, I have enough marines to fight for me.

As for on station activities the only thing I think would be successfull and quite optional would be station gambling, poker anyone ?

Ps doesnt EVE lore state that you cannot train skills if you step out of pod, one of the reasons why some pod pilots wave goodbye to any life outside ship.
So an increase in SP/s would sound realy wrong for me, although I am sure some people would think that maybe forgoing a few ours of skill learning in return for a chance at winning 500mil+ in a poker game could be interesting Surprised

Posted - 2006.11.24 22:24:00 - [263]

Edited by: Jiny on 25/11/2006 01:07:49
Ok so I understand the logic behind keeping the current functionality with regards to station services and such, for those "on the go" players, but is it possible for alternatives as well? Can I access the market from my ship OR by walking down the hall, to the left, and into the big "Commodity Exchange" room, or only from the ship as now? Just curious...

On a further note, I dont see "walking in stations" destroying the game for people who dont want to. Look at it now...there are empire people, and 0.0 people, pvp and non-pvp. They whine and argue and complain about each other, but both are still playing strong. Just my opinion of course...

Red Dwarf Mining Corporation
The Elders Alliance
Posted - 2006.11.26 04:14:00 - [264]


Just about three months ago, I joined the wonderful world of EVE, and, although, this may not seem like all that great an accomplishment, for me, it is. You see, because of a disability, I do not have the use of my hands, and I entirely play this wonderful game with the assistance of a voice recognition program (whose title I will exclude, thanks to copyright infringement). I am... overjoyed about this game, and each day I play it, I enjoy myself more and more, but when I heard about being able to "walk around," in stations, I started thinking about what this would entail. As it stands right now, because there is no manual flight, with the use of a keyboard, the fact that I can't use a keyboard, doesn't come into play, but if I am going to need to use the keyboard, to walk around, that's going to be impossible for me. Now, I'm not complaining, but I think if the wonderful people at CCP are as serious as they say they are, about keeping their players happy, hopefully, they would develop an alternative method of walking around, other than using a keyboard.

If anybody has any information, suggestions, comments, or concerns, please, by all means, post them. I'm curious to learn of other disabled players, who are enjoying this wonderful game.

Thank you.

Kapitaine Krunche
Posted - 2006.11.26 04:34:00 - [265]

Edited by: Kapitaine Krunche on 26/11/2006 04:34:56
OMGWTF GRAAASKITZKABIBBLE!!! EVERYONE PANIC! Take all my moneys CCP, just take it!!!!!

..I mean, this may prove to be somewhat interesting.

Posted - 2006.11.26 21:28:00 - [266]

consider its more complex space mmorpg arise now on the mmorpg scene I give ccp 6 months to fix the first "walking on stations patch"

Soo any years of development I dont belive in. Confused

Dirge Lamentor
DynaChrome Industries
Posted - 2006.11.29 12:47:00 - [267]

Edited by: Dirge Lamentor on 29/11/2006 12:55:29

this is the best news i've ever read on the EVE site. I've been wating for this for almost 3 years and its finally here!

i'm surprised at how many close minded and fear of change people there are out there... i've always disliked the idea of just being a "ship" there is a fully formed persona in the pod who has to get out eventually.

this is going to expand the game beyond my wildest dream...i hope it follows to the logical conclusion of there being a complete avatar side of the game. i would love to meet in smoky bars and discuss merc deals and fly down to a planet and get lost in a city full of vice and crime..

way to go CCP! you guys just made my decade! there are alot more of us that are for it than against so please dont stop, i for one am going to start recruiting friends (and complete strangers) to come join so there are more dev funds!! :)'s the proof i've been dreaming of this for a long time YARRRR!!

Mr Xzomo
StarLight Inc.
Prismatic Refraction
Posted - 2006.11.29 12:52:00 - [268]

Please make it possible to walk around near your ship, and possible to at least see others ships from a distans Very Happy

Would be ssooooooo cooool

Jarah Tatarin
Native Freshfood
Posted - 2006.11.29 13:46:00 - [269]

Originally by: TornSoul
Originally by: Brutor Shaun
1st, having actually read it. Looks awsome, but TBH if I want to play an FPS I'll buy an FPS.

Basically my thoughts as well.

Save it for the to-be White Wolf game.

Over time there *will* be demands for all kinds of silly 'emotes' and what not.

It probably wont ever end up beeing macarena dancing (as said in the blog), but still...

I personally just dont want to see that kinda thing in EVE...

So - Save it for the to-be White Wolf game.
(and yes I know.. the ball is already rolling on this.. But thats still my opinion)

I'm excited about the technology etc - Just not about seeing it in EVE...

I dont agree here, since Eve is such a personal and serious game I dont think the demands for WoW-like emotes will appear in the game. Eve is a dark place with a dark history, any kind of dancing or silly emotes in station isnt Eve like so I dont think CCP will add /dance or /poke in the game.

But some emotes should however be added to the game, like nodding and facial expresses.

These are of course my opinions Smile

I really support this kind of gameplay, even if it isnt possible to fight in the stations. Also it would be cool if one could choose from First person to Third person by scrolling, and it would be very nice if you could choose if you want to walk to the repair shop or if you want to use the HUD.

But I got two question here,
1. will it be possible to buy/change clothes? Or will I have the clothes I chosed when I created the character?

2. Will it be possible to use the coming in-game vioce system in stations? I dont mean so everyone hear but if you open a "conversion" with the person you want to talk and so on?

Would be cool if CCP could give some anwsers to these questions (if you even thought about it yet so soon in the development)

Vankl Jetson
XMX Industrials Inc
Posted - 2006.11.29 17:36:00 - [270]

It's cool. And so impressive. Very Happy
I wonder how it be - walking in station and even ... on planet! Rolling Eyes

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