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Posted - 2008.01.27 23:40:00 - [451]

Edited by: Richyie on 27/01/2008 23:40:24
Regarding walking within a station

- Absolutly great idea, like a visualised chatroom. But Dont go overboard with the graphics and make it ultra realistic fps view, A nice isometric stylised approach ( like the origional shadowrun, or starcraft ) will work alot better.

Bottem line, make the camera FIXED

Freedom Freight Inc.
Posted - 2008.01.28 22:43:00 - [452]

So when we first created the portraits for our characters in character creation all was set up for doing from the chest up basicly. With the addition of the full body avatar, will existing players have an opportunity to update their avatar without having to spend $20 to do so? Or will they just get stuck with whatever visual options they currently have selected and just hope that the image works out for the rest of the body too?

Chris Liath
Nex Exercitus
Posted - 2008.01.30 18:50:00 - [453]

Lol the avatar thingie DOES look like Bruce Willis.

I think the station thingie would be a nice addition to Eve. Swooshing around in a ship CAN get a tiny bit mundane from time to time. Maybe just for drooling in awe at the other people's ships, feel big and important by looking down on the streets below as one of the few thousand of the billions that comprise the human race.

Something that must be allowed though, is to either let you change your character's appearence or atleast modify it. Im pretty sure that most of the characters only look good from that exact angle their "podpiloting sertificate photo" was taken from, cause the other sides didn't matter. Im sure my own characters hair looks ridiculous from any other angle, or that his face will look unnatural or even wierd from other angles. This, and of course, choosing the appearence for the rest of the body.

Maybe have shops that will let you buy clothes and accessories for your character? And maybe let the ones with nano tattoos use them in some sort of way ^^

I can picture the walk-in dressing room in my luxurious suite xD

Just my two isksies.

Die Trying
Posted - 2008.01.31 09:41:00 - [454]

Any news t0rfi ?

Ancy Denaries
Posted - 2008.01.31 10:12:00 - [455]

Originally by: SirTKAR
So when we first created the portraits for our characters in character creation all was set up for doing from the chest up basicly. With the addition of the full body avatar, will existing players have an opportunity to update their avatar without having to spend $20 to do so? Or will they just get stuck with whatever visual options they currently have selected and just hope that the image works out for the rest of the body too?

It's been stated in a few interviews that EVERYONE will have to remake their avatar when Ambulation is rolled out. You will, of course, not be allowed to change race/bloodline, but the avatar you will have to redo.

Solomon XI
Hidden Souls
Posted - 2008.02.08 11:18:00 - [456]

Edited by: Solomon XI on 08/02/2008 11:17:53
Awesome Dev Blog. Read it a bit late by oh well. I can't wait!

I don't know if any of you have ever played a game called 'Phantasy Star: Online' for the XBOX 360 but how they handled in-station stuff like this was awesome.

Stores to buy clothing, buy accessories, and various other stuff.

As far as in-station combat, I'm at a loss. I am IN FAVOR of strip clubs and bars, though.

Zey Nadar
Unknown Soldiers
Posted - 2008.02.11 12:24:00 - [457]

Edited by: Zey Nadar on 11/02/2008 12:34:13
Edited by: Zey Nadar on 11/02/2008 12:33:46
Edited by: Zey Nadar on 11/02/2008 12:32:50
Edited by: Zey Nadar on 11/02/2008 12:32:00
This would be awesome and depending on how it would implemented increase immersion a great amount.

As far as animation and such issues are concerned it doesnt need to be too fanciful. For instance, moving by clicking where you want to go would be good enough for me.

The pod-pilots / capsuleers are the elite of EVE society. The chosen few who decide their own fate and often that of others, with the buying power of small contries and the military might of nations. As described in our stories, they are the rock-stars or the EVE universe. Normal people look upon them with awe, and those in power regard them with often envy, discontent and fear, as the pod-pilot, powerful as he is, answers to no-one than himself and his corporation. This is fact we want to capture and portray realistically within the stations. That’s for instance why pod-pilots mingle with each other and perhaps a select few of the NPCs in stations. They stay in VIP lounges and corporate offices, and far below in the small streets and corridors, you glimpse the thousands of normal people making their way around the station.

To promote this issue, I hope there is enough NPC populace at the stations to show off the difference between capsuleers and the common folk. How you do it is up to you, but I just hope its possible to see the normal populace as something more than few moving pixels from far away through a window or icons at a market display. Don't leave it all on players imagination. Theres a lot of small detailed ways to show off that capsuleers are the king of the hill at a station. For instance, if you animate NPC people in the same space, have them step aside when a capsuleer walks toward them. Show off NPC respect in various ways.

And lastly:
DON'T BRING FPS's to eve. Like, ever. There is enough of that sort in the world already. Personally Id advice not to worry about combat at first. And if combat comes, make it utilize some other kind of control system than FPS. I hate all FPS's with a passion but Id LOVE to be able to walk on a station.

Also one of the main issues thats been missing imo is "sense of scale" as someone else already pointed out. For this, we need to be able to exit our ships (or walk inside them too). I can see from numbers that my Dominix is heavier and larger than Titanic. Does it feel like it? Not really.

Posted - 2008.02.11 13:21:00 - [458]

This is soooo cool!! CANT wait I even reactivate my account to catch up with the SP so I could fly with my other corp mates.

But some news/updtae on this or some exclusive info would be sweet.

Chronnick Bladerunner
Posted - 2008.02.17 03:48:00 - [459]

Edited by: Chronnick Bladerunner on 20/02/2008 13:26:31

Concerning in station combat.
Maybe something akin to Planetside... crossed with Team Fortress. and Synergy lol..

Peeps, if killed after docking and getting killed, spawn back in station of last "combat clone" assignment, and only if cloning service is online..attackers go back to their last "combat clone" loc (a FREE and disposable body..perhaps it is the clone that is plugged in skills before each spawn ala Matrix-style w/ you choosing Weapons, Engineer, Medic or " I know Kung-Fu!" training w/ each respawn)

a loadout exactly like ships could be employed with diff loadouts depending on class chosen.
highslot=all weapons, repair tools, healing array II,
mids=Personal Shield II, Equipment packs(car/ etc
lows=Personal Armour, etc
EXACTLY like ships to simplify and allow instant understanding.

Conquering a station should involve penetrating the stations hull with a specialized hull breaching/boarding vessel/mod allowing station access for invaders...

Station defenders get a warning..and a general loc of hull breach.
Interior station defense/offense services can be placed and "fitted" in slots at particular locations/choke ammo dispenser/health recharger terminal or maybe an auto turret...perhaps a forcefield generator acting like a shield and a shield booster..of course a necessity for diff level of small, med and large and diff meta levels of to be fit depending on Station upgrade status of that particular function or service.
As in many FPS's the attackers would have to capture and hold all key "computer command controls centers" to effectively capture the station.
Defenders would have the benefit of "constructing" certain defenses from surrounding objects..moving(unanchoring and anchoring?)a few tables/vending machines to provide tactical cover/ damage mitigation.

Combat in Empire is same as always..suicide gank in a station OK but weapons and items of nefarious nature will be confiscated by Empire Customs upon entry and successful detection by , for example, a Minmater Explosive Devices Scanner, Ammar Energy Weapons Scanner, Caldari Conventional Weapons Scanner, and maybe a Gist X-type Illegal Contraband Scanner.or an important Biological Infection Scanner II u get the idea, all mountable on player owned stations too..

The love idea of scanning planets..finding a hostile alien life form...managing to capture it..(or find something with an embryo growing nicely in its chest..not unlike a frozen corpse..but a sick person)..then somehow transfer him to an enemy station and getting outta there ASAP...if an alien kills someone..another NPC alien spawns etc etc...WOOT! what fun and mayhem! If you are unsuccessful at capturing hare essentially killed and are podded..and the alien infestation at area grows.

PvP for taking player owned POS's and stations,but with available PvE as in belts now...
Missions for Hunting and killing NPC Terrorists/ Booster dealers in stations, or on Planets, friendly fire would be off of course and could lock the encounter to the mission runner...
You could engage in a show down between a terrorist cell in some abandoned cargobay, with a small gang of corpies working like any current group dynamic mmorpg..
ie..tank..healer..damage dealer..specialist
Weapons allowed in Empire stations are of Jovian design and will only discharge at confirmed and validated enemies of that Empire programmed i

Posted - 2008.02.17 16:55:00 - [460]

Personally I think this is a good idea.


Because it gives you more of a character to actually make your own; you are no longer just a tiny portrait and whatever faff you write in your bio, people can actually meet your character on the station.

It also adds massively to the game, as it gives a completely new aspect of the game to use; I am sure that some people will make their ISK through setting up bars, gambling and providing purely in station activities, hardly bothering to leave the station and buy a ship at all. It is certainly going to attract new players to the game to fill these rolls.

Posted - 2008.02.18 09:16:00 - [461]

ShockedCan you imagin teh lagfest in jita, all the shopping trolleys crashing into eacother in teh market!Laughing

Nasty Pope Holding Corp
Talocan United
Posted - 2008.02.21 15:11:00 - [462]

Heres a quick (and slight oddball) idea:

Thats Entertainment!! EVE TV!!

Yup, you can record images of your avatar(s) and broadcast them in game.


Well think about it. You could have avatar presented news, corporate adds, politcal proclamations, soap operas - all sorts of trash. Perhaps just restricted by station, or with a bit more ISK shown over the 'Networks' constellation or even Region wide.


FarScape III
Journey On Squad
Posted - 2008.02.22 17:44:00 - [463]

Getting at least some sort or different/extra outcome by actualy walking to your agent would be helpful in giving us a reason to do it more then just the one time we will do it for the 1st time excitment factor.

Magnum III
Journey On Squad
Posted - 2008.02.22 18:05:00 - [464]

This is strange to me that it seems in the dev blog you guys are talking more about what we will NOT do then what we will be able to do.

Please in the next one tell us what we can do and make it have a good reason to be done too.

Deadeye Devie
Posted - 2008.02.26 14:23:00 - [465]

i personally cant wait for walking on stations, as it will add that missing personal feeling to the game.

as stated the whole station walking thing will be OPTIONAL and so if its not your thing thenyou dont need to ever worry about changing your gameplay. but for those who welcome it i think its for the same reasons.
There is something to be said for the many other mmo's out there with more personalised avatars, and the way peoplke can identify each other by, say, what armour they wear with what face and/or hair style/colour, etc... but in eve there is little of this. we see the same ships (although nice looking) day in day out, and a break in a station adds a little colour and more ''in touch with the player-base' feel.

Also, i think this will improve the whole salesman side of things. as in if you know a certain player favours a certain station, it will add that whole 'doing a deal' feel to it to be able to go set up a contract 'face to face'. it will also help lend character to corpies though in station corp meetings, being able to see your comrades out of thier big ships.

in all sci-fi, which we all seem to like enough to play a game based off of the whole feeling of it, not many stories are held never realy seeing the pilot behind the ship...would it be such a bad thing to be able to digitally stretch your legs and sit your character at a bar in a station whilst you wait for large artillary turrets to finish, and buy the guns from the dealer in the bar your waiting in???

CCP please get this content in already!!!

Drechana Endisil
Posted - 2008.02.26 22:18:00 - [466]

Edited by: Drechana Endisil on 26/02/2008 22:18:54
This is another step towards an absolutley awsome future for this game. In the time i have been playing i have dreamed about colonising worlds and being able to walk in stations and chat and as one poster said, walk around miles of corridors and talk to science npc's and the like.

I started a few peoeple off on this game and they said it was too hard for them and they have stopped. It was for me at the beggining but the one thing that kept me playing everytime i nearly stopped was the infinite possibilities that this game has.

I would always say to myself 'no dont give up yet, something else might come along and you will miss it!'

Well im glad to say that i stayed and became part of something that is obviously going to be a consistintly ground breaking game.

Keep up the good work with making my dreams for this game come true!

(exscuse spelling mistakes, been hauling for 7 hours)


Legio Prima Victrix
Imperius Legio Victrix
Posted - 2008.03.10 15:10:00 - [467]

Looks amazing! the only question i have is, when will it be released or is there any more news on it?

Molly MacBeth
Black Serpent Technologies
Posted - 2008.03.10 20:28:00 - [468]

Originally by: Winterblink
Awesome blog.

With upcoming MMO projects CCP's doing based on White Wolf IP, having realistic figure movement and interaction technology can make those worlds come alive, not just EVE's.

From a LONG time fan of White Wolf stories and such, this has an awesome potential for those story lines. Puts a whole new outlook for LARPs. Twisted Evil

Bulgarian Mafia Squad
Sons of Tangra
Posted - 2008.03.11 16:15:00 - [469]

Give us Update pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. There is nothing new on the topic, no video, no status no nothing for a long time. Pleaseeeeeeee. It's really something very exciting. Give us something ;)

Hasimir Rabban
Posted - 2008.03.22 08:32:00 - [470]

Edited by: Hasimir Rabban on 22/03/2008 08:43:49
Edited by: Hasimir Rabban on 22/03/2008 08:41:01
Edited by: Hasimir Rabban on 22/03/2008 08:32:23
I play EVE because I've grown tired of the "Dungeons and Dragons" environment that pervades soooo many MMOs on the market. I will have to say that being able to FINALLY interact with the characters themselves will be an immense improvement over EVE's current static (and often times) boring gameplay. I can't wait to see more! Maybe someday we'll actually get to land on planets?! Possibly we'll get to see the inside of these pretty ships we fly (i.e. "Mass Effect" / "KOTOR"). Anyone? Anyone? . . .Twisted Evil

Die Trying
Posted - 2008.03.31 15:03:00 - [471]

I am dying from not having any update about this Sad

Posted - 2008.04.12 07:21:00 - [472]

one idea from reading original post poped in my fore head : security status & standings can be used to determine what would be the reaction.
Also would be nice to add gender based interaction like eye blinking at a member of oposite /same gender

also pictures are fantastic
i would also like to be able to "land" on planets & walk around ...
that be so neat ! but i can be satisfied with walking the hallways at Rens Rolling Eyes

School of Applied Knowledge
Posted - 2008.04.15 14:49:00 - [473]

Do CCP have any idea what graphics will be required?

Posted - 2008.04.15 15:53:00 - [474]

When the Dev mentioned in-station combat skills/equip/tactics, and somebody posted a link to Clash on the first page here, it brings up an idea. This could add a whole new dimension to the game, of players who barely have any pilot skills, making all their money and glory as fighters in station. This sounds like great fun.

It raises the concern though of how long skills take to train at higher levels. Will we have three skill trees: One for Ship based skills, another for Station skills and a third for trading, etc. skills that can be used either place? Will skills be trained just a bit faster? Or will the new skills take just as long, requiring a much greater commitment of time and funds to be able to operate in-station as well as in space? My concern is that it takes months to be able to use tech 2 guns, how long will it take to become capable of defending myself from gangs in-station if I am a new player? It seems like one might prohibit the other for all but the most experienced and die-hard players.

Posted - 2008.04.16 11:33:00 - [475]

Originally by: Cailais
Heres a quick (and slight oddball) idea:

Thats Entertainment!! EVE TV!!

Yup, you can record images of your avatar(s) and broadcast them in game.


Well think about it. You could have avatar presented news, corporate adds, politcal proclamations, soap operas - all sorts of trash. Perhaps just restricted by station, or with a bit more ISK shown over the 'Networks' constellation or even Region wide.


And I'll count the minutes on one hand before someone is running a **** channel!

Elite Force
Posted - 2008.04.17 00:13:00 - [476]

This interview with Eve Online’s senior technical producer, Torfi Frans Olafsson, focuses on his work on the “walk-in stations” concept for Eve Online. This initiative is the thing that will finally give the disembodied character portraits of Eve some substance. We’ll be able to hang out on stations, interact, and participate in station activities with embodied avatars. As always, the theme is human interaction, only this time there’s not going to be any combat.

Sounds great guys.

Inanna Zuni
The Causality
Electus Matari
Posted - 2008.04.18 19:29:00 - [477]

I'm guessing that logically a side-effect of this is that our crews will also have access to the station for some RNR. Does that mean we all get into mutual salutes? What about needing a shore patrol to get those annoying gun crews who can't hold their drink and get carried away fighting Amarr pirates?

:: looks forward to the new opportunities ::


Posted - 2008.04.30 11:37:00 - [478]

We seriously need some more news on this.

Jilly Serkov
Posted - 2008.05.01 16:09:00 - [479]

Is nobody here a little concerned that the current game is resource hungry enough, without adding ambulation ?

Does nobody see a danger in making the game more demanding on resources - i.e. if multi-account users cannot use multi accounts, they will stop subscriptions ?

But then I guess the people already hooked who "just about" tolerate overview bugs / whiteout / freeze / lag spikes / crappy fleet battles / Jita .... aren't the priority, are they ? There is no new money for CCP here, and if they lose a few, so what.

No, the new money is attracting in some of the bajillions of FPS zombies who can run around in stations 24/7 or whatever, who will EVENTUALLY try out the undock button and scream into their headsets "ZOMG"!!11!!!, guys, there's an OUTSIDE !!!!! EvE we lubs joo".

Is this anywhere close to explaining the strategy behind ambulation ?

Bah, I am just having a bad day at work. I am sure that ambulation (for those that want it) will be fabulous.

Just PLEEEEASE make sure I can opt out of ambulation just like Eve Voice and Trinity. Please keep the focus on bug squishing and playability - I don't play Eve because it looks nice, and if I wanted to play a FPS game, I would go and buy one.

Letouk Mernel
Posted - 2008.05.01 17:35:00 - [480]

Originally by: Jilly Serkov
Is this anywhere close to explaining the strategy behind ambulation ?

The reasons behind Ambulation are many. A few include:

- test avatar/engine technology to be used in CCP's upcoming Vampire MMO.

- add a feature that might get more people to subscribe to EVE.

- extend the gameplay to station-based / planet-based environments to compete with other sci-fi MMO's, notably Stargate Worlds and/or Jumpgate Evolution, as well as all the fantasy, avatar-based MMO's out there (they can add the avatars now and then add the code to let us fight / shoot each other with guns and stuff later).

- flesh out the EVE game so we don't have to pretend that we're humans-in-pods, but actually be able to play as humans if we want to.

- other reasons, shrug.

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