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Li'l Mol
Freelancing Corp
Posted - 2003.06.03 09:41:00 - [1]

so we can see who made the items, and chosse whether or not to buy from. i mean who in their right minds whould choose to buy goods from bad people Smile

Mister Six
Posted - 2003.06.04 06:30:00 - [2]

lets not forget market filtering! "only list prices from people with 0 rating or better"....just because ebay does it for real doesn't make it a bad idea...;)

As with all trade related ideas, please only give this ability to those who have the appropriate skill level in a trade related skill.

Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2003.06.04 08:17:00 - [3]

ebay rating is because of many ppl tried to trick others and sell things for money they don't have. that's not possible in eve. second there is no different quality of things u can buy. so the only rating u can speak about is the sec. rating.

but the sec. rating has nothing to do with any market activities.

next is market anonymity is better than a market where u know a name. if u want to know ur traders ... trade direct. i have special agreements with special corps about buying / selling things from/to them. that makes it more personaly and is on the other hand part of a role-playing game.

Edited by: Conception on 04/06/2003 08:17:32

Mister Six
Posted - 2003.06.04 18:21:00 - [4]

Actually, there ARE things that can be done in eve to trick people...some of which I've seen posted about, like the guy who saw wine selling for 12k and demanded for 16k, who later figured out it was both by the same guy after he bought the wine and found the demand disappeared when he got there...

...or the pirate who offers a great price for stuff in an out of the way system so he can blow up all the traders who try and take him up on it....for this reason I think security rating is VERY relevant to whether I want to care about a price or not.

Edited by: Mister Six on 04/06/2003 18:22:24


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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