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imperial support inc
Posted - 2006.11.24 00:10:00 - [151]

1) Introduction of armor/shield arcs. They will be divided amongst 4 sides and have certain % of the total shield/armor hp .Assault ships having more shield/armor at forward plating while battle ships having it mostly divided between portside/starboard. If you take out a shield/armor plating on one side you would start doing damage to the armor/hull although there would still be xx% shields/armor left.

2) Introduction of weapon arcs. Weapons will have certain angels they can fire. You could have assault ships with all weapons facing forward or battle ships with weapons mostly facing starboard/portside and partially forward

3)Slowing all ships above frigates/destroyers 4x-5x times , especially the turning speed

4) Dropping the primitive 8 slots max system , increasing the slots numbers by 2-3 times or introducing small/medium/big slots ,allowing fitting smaller modules into larger slots e.g. 2x small modules into a medium slot and 2x medium modules into a big slot.

5) Redesigning warp scramblers. Throwing away warp scramblers from frigates or basing their effectiveness on the ship size and leaving the job for interdictors/battleship class. Increasing power grid/cpu and cap needed to activate a warp scrambler module.

6) Redesigning web , introducing web modules for different class ships. Frigate class modules shouldn’t be able to slow down a BS significantly like cruiser/battleship class module would do.

7) Increasing HP of all ships , making battles more lengthy and similar to naval warfare

8) Introduction of systems e.g. engines/weapons/sensors. You will be able to target specific systems and damage them with emp damage.

9) Introducing real time wsad movement.

10) Giving more space to the battles than just primitive gate camping arcade style

Posted - 2006.11.24 01:15:00 - [152]

1. Remove local from game.

2. Fix drones.

3. Remove all agents from .8 and above. i guess tutorial agents are fine there. serious lag in systems like JITA for example.

4. Dont make soveriegnty such a high priority in eve. its ruining the game.

5. Less blob warfare crap, and more smaller gangs stuff. this needs to be addressed. its kinda boring trying to pvp in a 5 man gang and never getting a fight unless the other side has 52353531 people 30 minutes later.

6. Make ECM modules that fit only with EW ships. thats another issue. they are overpowered when everyone and their mothers fits 2 multis on every ship and can jam a bigger fleet everytime or a smaller one.

7. release more tech II bpos. (everyone else said that one)

8. have races get a bonus for being specialized in their own races ships/ guns. that could add some excitement to the game and a possible outcome change in wars.

9. fighters - they seem to cause a ton of lag. ive heard something about they are rendered different then the regular drones. so it takes more resources when 14353141 attack people. so we are back to the nice lag issue again.

10. Last but not least, REMOVE THE BORING ASS POSes. they have ruined the game and it is absolutely boring to sit and shot at them. just like shooting at conquerable stations. worst idea ever to be introduced into game tbh. another lag issue also and node crashes.

Just my 2 cents of the game. since im so burned out with eve atm due to blobs, lag, pos warfare, logoffs, smacktalkers that log or sit in station hiding. and no u cant have my stuff if i quit.

Posted - 2006.11.24 01:30:00 - [153]

1. Science ships

2. Better thought out skill bonus's

3. Non Missile, anti missile systems

4. Holographic targeting decoys(fools all targeting modules)

5. Better mining graphics(occasional surface explosions as i hit an air pocket for example)

6. No Racial bonus's(amarr ship laser bonus) for mining lasers.

7. Increased rat/empire patrols throughout the game, including overlapping patrols. and the ability for patrols to call in reinforcements after 15-20 minutes of being tanked.

8. Dynamic(fluctuating) security for systems (use player activity and in game story content as an influence). ie, each system has a sphere of influence, on one or more systems around it.

9. new minerals and or mined gems for building and collections.

10. Alien incursions.

Posted - 2006.11.24 07:37:00 - [154]

1. mark own orders by a color frame or whatever in market details view.
2. let me change own orders in market details view. (to check and change 300 orders u need to have market and wallet open and thats hardly workable because of horrible lag. atrm i ned to switch between market and wallet to view and change orders)
3. remove seconds from market and wallet/orders
4. give me the option to update the wallet/orders and/or market details manually only. those automatic updates create lots of lag i think.
5. remove the my orders view from market window. same info can be had in wallet/orders
6. officuall no tracking is involved in ecm stilli have lots of trouble jamming close up ships.
7. let the fleetleader asign specialised gang support slots. if he dooesnt asign people for the slots his own gang boni will be used.
8. let those gang supporters choose their own replacement for the case of ship loss and dropping out of game
9. fix the bug? that pos labs continue researching while offline.
10. give the option to stop the automatic update of the transactions view in the wallet screen. its near impossible to find certain transactions when the transaction is older than 1 hour, i have a transaction happening ever 3 seconds, the window goes back to the first page with every transaction

Seraphin Technologies
Posted - 2006.11.24 13:35:00 - [155]

1. Solve the load balancing issue.

2. ECM: don´t jam complete ship but select systems (guns, launcher, NOS, ECM); amount of jammed systems depends on strength and amount of used modules and skill

3. allow for subsystem damage in combat (effectivly reducing speed, damage, recharge, …); hull repair unit repairs damaged subsystems

4. Redesign of POS warfare

5. T2 BPO misery !!! „standard“ player can´t afford this stuff anymore

6. UI show EW effects on you

7. enhanced shipcommand: assign vectors for movement (only active for short time) to allow fly-by maneuver i.e

8. tier 3 BS need reconsidering: ROLES!

9. CAP and lasers/blaster

10. Passive tank sometimes overpowered

Viscount Hood
Gallivanting Travel Company
Band of Wanderers
Posted - 2006.11.24 14:28:00 - [156]

1: colour schemes and badges for ships e.g. blue go-fast stripe for Caldari - limited edition
2; make it easier to find people with bounties make it a mini profession
3: local chat doesn't show characters unless they type a message.
4: visible missile launching effects
5: pocket battleships (battleship weapons, bc/cruiser armour/shield)
6: split targeting range/speed to seperate module
7: hull tanking with resistances active/passive modules and better hull repair modules.
8: effective anti ECM
9: binary stars
10: Can the Jovian's visit more?

Shin Mai
Posted - 2006.11.24 16:01:00 - [157]

1. Give the Hyperion more grid and less Drone bay, that it can fit 8 of the best blasters.

2. Give every that is atleast 3 months old 500k extra lp, because the new system ***** on this players.

3. do something against the drone bugs

4. planet colonisation would be really nice Rolling Eyes

5. Mobile markets, like a small pos u can build at gates, where u can sell your items

6. More Complexes (espc. higher dead)

7. The Bugs with storylines (implement agents to continue gallente storyline)

8. pvp tournaments

9. more different ships

10. Thx to CCP for a great game

Peanut Factory
Posted - 2006.11.24 16:02:00 - [158]

1. Update the look and/or feel of POS'es. They don't look much like a mini-starbase. They look a lot like a debris field. Interlinking modules and layouts and stuff.

2. Make things like moons and planets actually ORBIT a sun.

3. Move belts nad things of that nature off of the "beaten path" and add them to the exloration part of the game.

4. Add more non-controlled 0.0 space and maybe a new pirate faction or two.

5. Add more options to POS'es. Different arrays. Increase the number of moon materials and reactions. Make them less of a chore to use. UI a little more "user friendly" but still intelligent.

6. Add customizable ship options. Color, corp logo, that kinda' thing.

7. Fix the whole "my missiles shoot through asteroids" thing. Make line of sight more important to game physics and combat.

8. Walking around stations would be nice, but even a free-lander type environment for in-station interaction, maybe with some mini-games to play with other people that are docked.

9. Add some more models for asteroids. All the jaspet looks EXACTLY the same. I know it's not that big a deal, but it would be nice if they looked different. Make some of the boredom out of mining... "Hey guys... That Crokite looks just like Abraham Lincoln."

10. Make the planets and other structures SOLID.

Posted - 2006.11.24 16:56:00 - [159]

1) I won't ask of any nerf/boost,apart from point 3 that i really feel has not being considered well, maybe. This because i trust devs; as they have never let us down =) So thank you, CCP.
2) Fix drone AI, and give the opportunity to see when they're being locked.
3) Consider better the consequences of hp increment, especially the consequent drone nerfing (if you have to, you can find a way to force people not to scoop/relaunch drones with full shield hp) (Or if you really wanted to nerf drones because they're overpowered, just tell me that. I won't complain about it at all.
4) Find a role for all tier 3 bs apart from rokh. As someone said, you did fine with this ship, now let's do fine with other 3 too =)
5) Leave ecm as they are please. They're not overpowered, not underpowered. Imho.
6)I have just seen the hp nerf with the new build. Thanks ccp, once again you did not fail me. I felt it was a too great boost. Now it's fine i think.
7) Change/ remove POSes please... POS warfare is just too annoying atm
8) Is it possible to change the effect of the turrets a bit just to let the hit actually miss if it's told so in the log? It's quite a little thing, but i think it would be cool, and besides i don't have anything more to ask, or at least nothing enough important. Cool

Deep Space Explorers
Posted - 2006.11.24 17:03:00 - [160]

1. More RP love, all factions.
2. Explain Thukker change of standings to Minnie republic.
3. More mission variety.
4. Adjust no of T2 BPOs to playerbase size.
5. Make 0.1 to 0.4 really attractive.
6. More faction ships, not űber, just want that super-extra rusty Thukker Probe :)
7. More Cosmos
8. More exploration and randomization of stuff in space.
9. Dynamic content in missions. Surprise us with that extra, changed or less enemies from time to time.
10. Corp tag on my ship

Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2006.11.24 17:37:00 - [161]

1. Local - too much intel
2. POS warfare
3. More general improvments of old content.
4. T2 market - more BPOs please, BPCs for everyone.
5. Longer fights
6. ECM
7. Lag
8. Move ppl from hi-sec to 0.0
9. Instas
10.Fleet fights and node crashes

Posted - 2006.11.24 19:19:00 - [162]

Edited by: MinRray on 24/11/2006 19:59:22
Edited by: MinRray on 24/11/2006 19:44:07
Edited by: MinRray on 24/11/2006 19:35:21
1) Non Missile, anti missile systems, make the defender missiles work better
or somethin like a real life phalanx defense system ( u know ... really big
gatling guns on ships that float on water in real life ... :)

2) Area damage for missiles ... shockwaves... from missiles and explodin
ships .. and bring back the mines .. mine fields (that sounds nice )

3) The posibilty to better control a ship so that it doesnt get stuck between
asteroids or bump in front of an obstacle ... why not even take damage when
hitting somethin... of course this also calls ramming other ships with
serious damage

4) Multiple system to target and damage on enemy ships ... nav / wep / shield
emmiters / repairers

5) A modification of the high / med /low slot system ... either more slots
either more specialized slots

6) Each race should be more specialized ... not the small diferences that are
around now ... somethin like (dont kill me for this idea :)) ...
-huge shield tankin / huge missile potential for caldari / also powerful ew ,
special modules for this 3 only usable on caldari ships ;
-for gallente huge drone potential , good armor potential / blaster and mwd ,
special modules for this only usable on gallente ships ;
-for minies ... huge speed / low electronics but high damaging weapons but
with low shields / armor .. some drone support because they have some
gallente friends and some missiles because they steal tech .. minies should
have the most varied stuff since they are all over the galaxy ... right ( i
just read the stories ) ... special modules only for minmatars ;
-for ammar ... huge armor / really low shields / energy weapons .. huge cap
because they need it .. but only allow hardpoints for energy weapons ... also
of course modules specialized for ammar

7) continue from point 6 ... more types of missiles for caldari and min than
for ammar and gallente , i mean caldari should get the most advanced types
and gallente only the standard ones ... the same goes for drones .. many
drone types for gallente and only a few for caldari

8) - "Redesigning warp scramblers. Throwing away warp scramblers from frigates
or basing their effectiveness on the ship size and leaving the job for
interdictors/battleship class. Increasing power grid/cpu and cap needed to
activate a warp scrambler module."
- "Redesigning web , introducing web modules for different class ships.
Frigate class modules shouldn’t be able to slow down a BS significantly like
cruiser/battleship class module would do."

9) The abilty to modify ur ships power output so than if its set to low u will more dificult to target / found by others but cannot fire weapons / operate repairers and stuff
, also to shift energy to certain systems in the ship to boost them , takin from the weapons and shields to boost my sensors for example and a mode for passive / active scaning .. same as in subs when u either stay low and wait or u active search a target thus making urself "seen" .

10) And one day i hope to be able to fly my ship into the atmosfere ... dogfight a little .. get on the ground ... get off the ship .. go to the bar ... talk with someone ... fight hand to hand with someone ... get some cargo ... go back to space ; or somethin like that , anyway planetary interaction and planetary stuff at least as complex as the eve space sim is now ( with dedicated planetary vehicles airborne and landborne equipment story and stuff ).

Posted - 2006.11.25 02:27:00 - [163]

Short and sweet

1. Custom Ship Visuals (I.E. Personal or Corp insignia, paint schemes, etc.)
2. Differentiated Manufacture( I.E. spending some extra minerals, or whatever to add range to ammo, or something to some mod)that way the ammo you sell is not exactly like joe schmoes ammo.
3. Someway to free up manufacture research slots, have you tried to find one lately?
4. Adjust insurance payouts for inflation(I.E. A Wolf costs 14-18 million, but insurance only pays 3.5)
5. THis one is kinda hard: make the environment back up the back story. (I.E. the system where long-limb roes supposedly come from has no station. You'd figure that would be the place to get them cheap.)
6. Tied into 5, revamp commodities market so those poor sods who just want to be goods dealers can do so.
7. Could someone bring down the T2 for petes sake.
8. Missions that change with the world to get a storyline mission that goes along with major world events.
9. Since we now have salvage/exploration, how bout a tier 2 ship for that, like a destroyer, cruiser, or even industrial
10. Add minimum arming time to missles, or splash damage, so that tackling frigates get some kind of edge(unless they are using rockets of course.)

Marquis Dean
Indigo Fade
Posted - 2006.11.25 03:34:00 - [164]

Edited by: Marquis Dean on 25/11/2006 14:59:36
Edited by: Marquis Dean on 25/11/2006 03:35:10
1/ Make the Abaddon into a giant Arbitrator. Amarr as they are are way too one-track. I know they are designed to work well in fleets but it hasn't really worked out like that, and Amarr need more Drone love, being the only race who are heavily penalised by not being able to change effective damage types.

2/ Nerf ECM, but please make sure ships like the Scorpion aren't totally redundant. There's bug ger all a Scorpion can do apart from jam, nerfing jammers in the way i've seen described will make it a useless ship. & don't have ECM all about breaking locks, have it shut down systems on the target and stuff, to 'interfere' more.

3/ Give other races ECM boats.

4/ While we're at it, lets stop narrowly defining the races that get bonuses to EW types. If I wanna use sensor damps I shouldn't have to fly a Lachesis.

5/ On a roll now: just have an all-encompassing 5% or whatever bonus to 'EW' of all kinds for EW ships. Such as the Scorpion.

6/ I saw an idea on having several smaller weapon clusters on a hardpoint for a bigger ship. That's a fantastic idea. 'Dual 250mm Railgun' is no such thing, it's just a 300mm Railgun, it even shoots large ammo and has feeble tracking.

7/ Don't do the 50% hp increase. Everything in this game revolves around the idea of a 'tank', which I don't like. High damage first strikes and hit-n-run guerilla tactics would make 0.0 alot more fun.

8/ Unnerf MWD. If the rats can use mwd to close with me at insane speeds, then it's more than a bit unfair if I can't use it to close with them. I don't think anyone is really going to use the mwd to try to get back to the station, breaking the session change.

9/ Yeah, let's see the launchers on the outside of the ship. Let's see them rotate and face the enemy too! Maybe they don't have to point straight at the enemy (they could turn slowly) but having missiles simply appear out of the belly of my Ferox is a persistent irritation.

10/ Get that thing about training 2 skills at half speed, that's clever, and useful for folks going away, especially all my digital chums who get deployed to various places.

*has a sit down*

Kongsberg Vaapenfabrikk Amarr branch.
Posted - 2006.11.25 10:40:00 - [165]

Edited by: Royaldo on 25/11/2006 10:53:51
1. keep null ammo as it is atm on tq.
2. drake, return to "old" bonus, i feel sry for the caldari pilots. The new bonus makes it a whole lot less attractive.
3. warp to 0km on manual. makes eve a better game imo, "opens" it abit more to all players.
4. force players out of npc corps. max 1 month in a noob corp. then transfer them to a npc corp/alliance which players can dec so we'll get rid of macro miners in empire.
5. decrease all ships base em resistance. from 60% down to 40%.
6. unnerf mwd, i want to use mwd in missions/deadspace.
7. this ive said since exodus came, refine loot at pos's. this will make more corps move out into 0.0.
8. beeing able to put a contract on peoples head. maybe like beeing able to sell your killrights.
9. passive armor rep's. make it a low slot module ala dmg ctrl.
10. server statisics like the asian server have. i want to see how many ravens that dies each day.

btw, its great NOT beeing amarr =)

Cosmic Flame
Federal Navy Academy
Posted - 2006.11.25 15:00:00 - [166]

Edited by: Cosmic Flame on 25/11/2006 15:16:20
1. Tech 2 lottery. Get rid of the lottery! This massive price inflation is hurting the game big time!

2. ECM (as well as other EW?) should be specific for EW ships only, and they should get big bonuses. The ECM nerf i.e. will make ships like the Scorpion useless as is.

3. Amarr weapon damage overhaul. Atm, lasers are the weapons which appear to do the least damage when compared to all others. Only 2 dmg types (em and thermal), where Caldari can do all, Minmatar can do 3, Gallente do only 2 but more dmg of each. Note: this is the point of view of an amarr specialist; I may be a little biased here.

4. POS overhaul. Atm it’s just a bit weird. You shouldn’t have to put up 30+ to conquer a system, and you shouldn’t be able to conquer a system by just “POS spamming” it without hardly any fighting. Likewise, takes too long to un-anchor a POS.

5. HP increase should be less than 50%, maybe 25% only. Don’t know if it’s worked on already??

6. Fix Drones! Especially fighters. Returning to a ship at impulse sucks.

7. NOS and Neutralizers should get a penalty to reduce effect on smaller ships. I.E.: to keep large neuts/nos from draining a frig’s cap instantly with just 1 module.

8. Ship probing. I haven’t tested in a few weeks, but it seemed too powerful last time I did. The longer range probes shouldn’t have the ability to bring you to within the same grid of a ship you scan for. If it has changed since, ignore this one.

9. Starmap/System map: Just something minor. I’d prefer the +/- buttons on the in-flight UI to work as they do on TQ, and have the 3 buttons permanently over the overview to switch between the different map views. And bring back the starmap camera reset option!

10. Remove the constant camera zoom reset after a session change. Reset should only happen when you are viewing another object and not every time you jump or something.

EDIT: missed something on point 3. Gallente can do all dmg types (drones). Although drones have the problems we already know.

Hybrid Syndicate
Posted - 2006.11.25 15:53:00 - [167]

1) T2 BPO Lottery Monopoly. IMO all BPO's should be changed into BPC's and then agents give out BPC's depending on Loyalyt Points, in other words: you have ot work to make t2 ships/things.
2) Take away the HP Boost, will just cause everyone to tank and solo pvp will become impossible.
3) REDUCE RANGE OF TORPS, it's ridiculous that torps can go farther than 425mm t2 with spike (approx 150km). No I don't care about flight time, tacklers anyone?
4) Boost Low-Sec. Atm low-sec looks like garbage, give it a boost.
5) POS's, just do something about them please, I don't know what but POS warfare sucks.
6) Give projectiles 1 cap to fire again (No, I'm not joking).
7) Reduce Vagabond base speed. (it's ridiculous atm)
8) Mix out gank/tank, we don't want everything tanking (my rl is strict so I have ot have quick fights).
9) Fix the NPC trade market, the nerf was needed yes but this much?
10) Take the cap penalty away from the mwd.

Perpetua Umbra
Brotherhood Of Steel
Posted - 2006.11.25 16:32:00 - [168]

1. Fix the Hurricane
2. More exploration content (beyond what revelations will give us)
3. Less ganking and sniping.
4. UI revamp (getting cluttered in overview)
5. More professions.
6. More storyline involvement for those not in mega corps.
7. More incentives to smaller corps
8. ECCM that works.
9. Exploration missions (Would really like exploration as a profession)
10. More scanning options.

Pukin' Dogs
Posted - 2006.11.25 21:18:00 - [169]

1. Ability to look in station cans in assets

2. Ability to sell/repackage/recycle form station cans

3. Move Overview buttons to bottom to make them closer to ship ui

4. Rather than being able to scan for cloaked ships in new patch, introduce a new anti stealth ship which would be needed to hunt them down.

5. The ability to run dual monitors and have chat/market/other windows assigned to 2nd monitor.
6. remove the m/s suffix from radial/travs velocity on overview to save space

7. Remove insurance payment for concord destroyed ships

8. Remove Characters from local unless they have chatted or have recently been seen.

9. More agents throughout to remove lag hotspots, also remove agent quality and make it a factor of your standing to the agents corp.

10. Give Amarr ships some lovin' :D

Xander XacXorien
Posted - 2006.11.26 00:27:00 - [170]

1) Bring standing into far greater relevance. Greater repercussions for doing bad things and being found out. Ways and means to either cheat, lie, bribe, double deal your way out of a situation or to make ammends. Eve needs to get down and dirty sometimes. I shouldnt know if the pilot information is correct easily - make it a DED report rather than actual standings. Factions always need spys.
2) More NPC interaction. More missions, more roleplay, more variety. Overall faction actions should ripple down into the Eve universe. Eve news could make you ISK ! Enlist with a faction and fly in NPC raids/patrols etc
3) Everyone wants to feel special at sometime. Every so often someone should get a surprise from their interactions -> Mining, Combat, Missions, Agents etc. I used to like the odd Domination BS that used to spawn in missions,,, but life is more boring now !
4) Overhaul the NPC markets. Introduce planetary demand, Faction demand, DED demand etc. This could be a sub game people would be willing to do for free or even pay for.
5) Overhaul the movement system. Creating bottlenecks just leads to pirate ganks - the reason lowsec sucks. Give players a reason to take a risk and the risk being not able to warp/jump away easily. Large areas where warp/jumping is not possible.
6) Overhaul ship fitting. Base it more on tonnage and less on slots. For example a BS might be able to fit a single capital launcher.
7) Bring in progression to industry. T2 and officer equipment is too big of a step to allow progression to other technologies. Means items will become outdated but the steps should be small year on year. Research brings progression. A general leap forward means faster progression for those just starting out. Outdated items would eventually just fail to work and turn into scrap metal ?
8) Overhaul ship combat. Cannot shoot through structures friendly ships without collateral damage etc. Layout of the ship should reflect the angle of attack for the ship. Missiles cause collateral damage, turrets have a chance of rebound, hitting another target etc. Consider interference if too many ships locked onto 1 target ?
9) Some situations are forcing players down the line of using macros and/or a lot of accounts. Consider bringing in larger ships for mining, transport drones for freighters etc to allow standard players to compete more effectively. Consider bringing in interactions which cannot be predicted via macros.
10) Expand high sec and sort out the high sec blobs in systems until lowsec/0.0 is more attractive to the masses. Perhaps introduce an NPC movement system for goods to get/retrieve to/from mass markets. Piratable ?

Ben Derindar
Dirty Deeds Corp.
Posted - 2006.11.26 09:58:00 - [171]

Edited by: Ben Derindar on 17/02/2007 22:06:50
OK, here we go...

1. Metagaming as a whole needs to be addressed. Start by limiting the number of Eve clients running on any machine to no more than two, and clamp down on account sharing. In addition, CCP should offer internal corp / alliance forum hosting services. If such forums were ever to be illegally accessed, CCP would have more power to be able to deal with the perpetrators.

2. Nerf complexes and complex farmers. On the former, remove them from the map and have them move every time they are run. On the latter, impose a timer restriction on individual players preventing them from running ANY complex more than once a week.

3. Fix the logout-to-avoid-combat issue. Landing in a bubble should count as aggression, and being attacked when offline should reset your aggression timer. Consider removing emergency warping as well.

4. Make low-sec worthwhile. Allow positive security players to kill negative security players without taking a sec hit themselves (presto, there's your bounty hunting profession!), and move all Level 4 agents into low-sec while we're at it.

5. Nerf login traps. Apply login queues at a system level instead of a node level, and base the allowable number of logins per system per minute on long-term averages, ie 20 a minute in Jita, 1 a minute in some 0.0 backwater.

6. Make system sovereignty mean something. Members of non-sovereign gangs must all belong to the same corp or alliance to enter a sovereign system (to nerf NPC corp scout alts), enemy ships stay in space when they log out in a sovereign system, etc.

7. Fix POS warfare by (a) abolishing reinforced mode altogether, and (b) limiting the number of ships that can lock a POS at the same time to no more than ten, so that it still requires a decent amount of time to shoot down, and therefore the defender still has an opportunity to defend.

8. Nerf macro miners and NPC farmers by disabling the use of barges, battleships and all tech 2 ships from all NPC corp members.

9. Remove killmails outside of contract situations, but keep lossmails. This should nerf the killboard culture from the game quite nicely, instead relying on everyone else's honesty to post their losses where they see fit, if at all.

10. Remove spam from the mailing system by (a) making the posting of corp/alliance mails a grantable role, and (b) disabling the mail feature altogether from trial accounts to impede the would-be isk sellers. Petitioning does NOT solve that problem at present, five minutes later the same guy is back doing the same thing with a new character.

EDIT: New #1, revised #2, shuffled the order of the rest.

Interesting to see how most of my ideas involve fixing existing stuff and not adding more of it. Razz


Blackwater USA Inc.
Against ALL Authorities
Posted - 2006.11.26 15:07:00 - [172]

Edited by: Nytemaster on 26/11/2006 15:12:47

1. ECM needs a change. Perhaps to just merely break a lock and make all inflight missiles go haywire from the target. 20 second jamming is way too powerful. Return ECM strengths to as they were before SISI testing. ECMs used in conjunction with dampeners should be more useful than stacking up on ECMs.

2. Logoff tactics are the worst. People logoff in a bubble, sabotage the login and then warp to the next gate and procede to smacktalk us in local about how lame our gatecamp is.

3. Sabotaging logins need to be looked as above. For those who don't know what sabotaging a login is, it is an attempt to log in and out so that you do not return to the same place you logged out from the first time. Works in tandum with number 2 so that they are relatively risk free in travel.

4. Nosferatu has been overpowered for a long time. I don't have a solution here but something has to be done to balance the ship classes.

5. Webs are definetely too powerful in combination with the current nosferatu. If you don't change nos, webs need to be changed so that we can at least survive a single web if we are disengaging from close range. Currently a single web and nos from a ship class bigger than what you are in equals insta-toast. This currently nerfs any close range AF/Interceptor vs. a cruiser of any class, HACs vs. battleships, so on and so forth.

6. Microwarps are too fast. I mean the difference between fitting one and not fitting one is nearly 600%+ after skills. That's such a huge discrepency that you almost require people to fit one if you want any type of escaping speed. With changes to instas (at least I hope they are still in when this is over) I believe they should be dropped from 500% baseline to somewhere between 200% and 300%. Adjust tracking and missiles to compensate for this change.

7. With changes to microwarp drives, increase the base speed of ships across classes to somewhat compensate for the loss of microwarp drive boosts. Smaller ships get a faster baseline increase than the bigger ship classes with battleships getting little if any love. (I fly a blaster battleship so yes I know how it will affect this.)

8. Beef up the tracking of low end large guns. Currently dual 250mm large hybrid rails suck for damage and have very limited range. Limited range is fine but they should at least track as well as regular cruiser 250mm hybrids with double the damage as they are duals,especially since there is a larger signature resolution on larger guns.

9. Tech II ammo is the suck. I see no reason to even use them except for maybe spike or other long range variants. The penalties are just too horrendous to even contemplate. I'll be sticking to Tech I. Rethink the penalty stuff on most of it.

10. Please have the ability to close a window that is loading. There are many times I go to show info on someone and it's lagging, but you cannot close the window (or minimize it sometimes) until it is done loading. That is such a pain.

Broski Enterprises
-Mostly Harmless-
Posted - 2006.11.26 18:13:00 - [173]

1) Scramble effects persist on disconnect (bubbles, scrams). If a ship is in a bubble on disconnect it should not move.

2) Formations!

3) More T2 production. Invention isn't going to cut it as demand for T2 continues to grow and grow as more people train the skills.

4) Ability for an alliance to build a stargate (1 per alliance) that leads to a new system which will become that alliance's Homeworld. Increased control over this system, like placing sentry guns and (to some degree) choosing the environment (imagine a system in the middle of a nebula that disrupts scanning for instance).

5) Option to turn off the vertical lock on camera movement. Would be a god send for people making videos.

6) Area effect environments like nebulae that disrupt scanning/overview, decloak ships, disrupt cap etc.

7) Seperate combat messages into 3 seperate boxes; EW, damage dealt, damage received (maybe too much network lag though)

8) Ability to control POS guns directly. Becomes more important with the hp increases.

9) Sound overhaul.

10) Storyline content that requires a player to actually work out with pen and paper rather than just turn on a module and have a 20% chance of success. Decrypting, gathering bits of a puzzle from various locations, figuring out on your own how to reassemble some strange wreck you found etc.

11) A fix for the damn forum logout thing. I had to login and try to post this about 10 times, trying to maneuver around the "You're going to fast" message.

Nalshiga Dshoayo
Posted - 2006.11.26 18:31:00 - [174]

1) nomading/traveling NPC / pirate groups. should be rare but PRETTY powerful (10+ ships equal to lvl IV missions). they should be so unpredictable that they cannot be farmed, but come often enough to create confusion and kill macroers. this will improve feeling of danger in high sec, and could get rid of macro miners (and boredom) for some noobs.

2) PLEASE FOR GODS SAKE FIX the NIGHTHAWK (more powergrid, boost speed--140 is much too slow, 8th high slot and/or 7th launcher--the RoF bonus is still not enough to make it PvP-able. make it feel like a Tech 2 ship and not like a lame duck or a lame slug ;) the Drake is much much cheaper and has almost same damage output (only 8% difference!). the Vulture is pretty useless as well.

3) make Caldari generally more PvP-able.

4) if your ship gets killed by CONCORD -> NO or limited insurance payout. Concord should protect the wreck!!! suicide ganking can be possible, but not as a way of earning money.

5)I want to see ALL stats updated by skills. I want to see how much damage my missiles do and how my skills influence my drones

6) make rewards of low sec higher and high sec a little more unpredictable [see 1) ] - try to get more people to regularly leave high sec.

7)more eye candy, shield effects and prettier UI (that looks good on screenshots too, so more people will try EVE out). BIGGER font sizes for players with high rez monitors

8)fix stealth ships

9)fix market! every time I buy something, the market reloads and I have to scroll back up, to buy another item that was close before but now requires heavy scrolling.

10) make it possible to unlearn skills/or skill-levels and to put those skillpoints into another skill. that way people could try out stuff before they get frustrated or feel they wasted months (like me on the Nighthawk). limit it to a few millions per month or something like that. I want to try out another race without having to train 2 months to do that.

Bein Glorious
Posted - 2006.11.27 02:15:00 - [175]

I don't really have a lot to complain about, but here goes:

1. Please make T2 Ammo, Drones, and cloaking devices inventable; I don't know if you intend to make them inventable in the future and this feature just hasn't been implemented on the test server yet, but I assure you this is incredibly important if you want people to have fun in the long-term.

2. Reexamine Amarr ships and/or lasers. People whine about this a lot, I know, but I've actually done some math with the cruiser guns, for example, and the Focused Medium Pulse Laser I does a disproportionately low amount of damage compared to other races and the highest caliber cruiser pulse laser, the Heavy Pulse Laser I. If it had a 8% increase to damage, it would be roughly in line with the other races' guns of the same "caliber". (or tier, or whatever you call it) This may be needed for the Focused Medium Pulse Laser II as well.

3. Resolving lag. Making instas and buddylisting obsolete is pretty much the biggest fix for this, as well as the already-implemented server upgrade, so you've pretty much got this one covered already.

4. The new scanning system. I like the idea of being able to scan people out at an appreciable speed. Also, being able to scan on a plane greater than 1 AU up and down is a needed fix, especially in systems with 20 AU "vertically" between the sun and a stargate. (e.g. S-U8A4, Syndicate)

5. Don't nerf ECM too much. I always viewed the problem with ECM was that it was very effective on ships which shouldn't be able to use it effectively. All in all, I'm mostly for the slated ECM changes, though I still think its important for ECM to be just as effective on dedicated ECM ships as it has been since Red Moon Rising came out.

6. Fix powergrid issues. Powergrid among certain ships - particularly the Megathron but also perhaps the Armageddon and Apocalypse - needs reexamination. I believe large railguns take too little powergrid, (with only Engineering V, you can fit seven 425mm Railgun IIs on a Megathron with room to spare, and with a few levels of Advanced weapon upgrades you can have over 2000MW of powergrid unused, with no fitting requirements, enough room for multiple 1600mm Plates) and need rebalancing, but bear in mind the hyperion, dominix, and rokh, which can also make use of Railguns. Meanwhile, the Armageddon and Apocalypse have incredibly tight powergrid. Seven tachyon beam laser IIs on an Armageddon need two RCU IIs to fit with perfect skills. Without RCU IIs, you need three RCU Is, and without either RCU IIs or Advanced Weapon Upgrades, you need four RCU Is, and if you add laser turret rigs, which have a powergrid penalty, you may need five or more RCU Is. My beef with this is that you need Energy Grid Upgrades V just for RCU IIs, (roughly two weeks of training) though apparently named RCUs will have better bonuses besides just CPU use, so that might help a bit. Still, its a very steep drawback, and even reducing powergrid needs by a couple percentage points could make the difference.

7. The new character creation system - because starting out as a newbie at the moment honestly really sucks with all the skills you have to train. This is a good move in pretty much every regard, since newbies need just about as much help as they can get.

8. Exploration. This also ties into the "newbies need to have fun" bit. My only gripe at the moment is that few newbies are going to want to train up Survey V for rig salvaging, even if they have nothing else to do in empire.

9. Nerf sniping even more. I know some people may like hitting stuff out past 150km, but I think that if you really want to stop "blob" tactics, you're going to have to reduce sniping range - as in, fitting a ship for as much range as possible - down to maybe 100km. The damage and range reductions already planned are a good start, but I don't think they go far enough.

10. Sovereignty skillbook...don't think I have to elaborate here

Jin Entres
Malevolent Intervention
Posted - 2006.11.27 09:05:00 - [176]

1. Research and blueprints (insufficient supply of T2; revamp of lottery system)

2. Level 4 agents (out of hisec to balance risk vs. reward and encourage real exodus)

3. Nosferatu dominance (decreased efficiency, skill overhaul)

4. ECM system revamp (to something not chance based)

5. Encouraging common combat (getting a fight is even harder with warp to 0 - docking and jumping is easier with increased tanking ability and prolonged engagements)

6. 0.0 Infastructure (sovereignty upgrades)

7. NPC corp abuse (should not be a tool for running from responsibility)

8. More ships (e.g. Tier 2 Destroyers, faction variants of existing ones)

9. Insurance (T1 insurance risk level is too low. Losing battleships is cheap. Cap at 60-80%?)

10. Ship customization

Malachon Draco
Posted - 2006.11.27 09:17:00 - [177]

1. Advanced sovereignty features: upgradeable stations, gate defenses. Make names of systems changeable by alliances with advanced sov.

2. 0.0 Autonomy: make POSses and POS fuels manufacturable with BPOs or BPCs (if you want to keep some of the isk-sink, BPCs might be better or make the BPOs quite expensive)

3. Mining improvements: Add capital mining ships for 0.0 mining of lowend ores and ice. Currently the yield on these ores is too low for viable 0.0 mining, having capships that have say a bonus compared to hulks on mining veldspar (400%) through omber (200%) would be desirable. They would also need substantially longer range mininglasers and a capship with significantly higher icemining yield would make 0.0 mining for these more viable instead of having to import all the stuff from empire.

4. Change T2 BPOs. Make T2 BPOs purchaseable for high amounts of isk (for example ballpark figure: 5b for a interceptor, 7b for an AF, 15b for a cruiser, 20b for a CBC BPO) and increase manufacturing cost (to keep them expensive), while not increasing insurance cost (so losing them still hurts). Current BPO holders would keep theirs, but newcomers would be able to join the market.

5. Change complexes by removing ALL keys and not making the overseers all spawn directly after DT (partially already in Kali 1?). Maybe do away with all the overseers/overseer effects and just make it a system with more frequent, but somewhat less highend spawns to make it less prone to small groups farming it with impunity after DT and more a continuous source of income over the day.

6. Address logon traps and logoff traps at the same time.

7. Hangar changes: make hangars able to be shared by different characters (option of see, drop, drop and take for other characters), this would greatly help subscribers with multiple accounts.

8. Nerf the ultrafast ships and permacloaked ships. Cruisers/Ceptors doing 5km/s is not good. Make cloaks use fuel (heavy water?) to prevent people from being cloaked all the time.

9. New/more ships. Something to bridge the gap between capships and battleships post kali. T2 Battleships, tier 2/3 destroyers, more recon/HAC type ships, a tier 2 dread. A heavy interdictor type ship (BS size) that projects a bigger warp disruption bubble around itself (to be able to prevent for example motherships from jumping/warping out).

10. Make ships more specialized and synchronize bonuses. No more gun and missile bonuses on 1 ship. No more 5 turret/5 missile slots on 1 ship. Restrict all forms of ECM-like abilities (ECM/Nos/tracking disruptors/sensor dampeners) to specialized ships or nerf their use on other ships.

Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2006.11.27 11:27:00 - [178]

1. Make is possible to get some kind of brain surgery to alter your basic attributes
2. Unnerf ECM on ECM ships like it was before Revelations
3. Unnerf T2 ammo
4. Unnerf T2 Ships (they got less HP bonus in Revelations)
5. Let Complexes change location after evey downtime or evey few days and make them 'explorable'
6. Fix the recon cyno/claok bug
7. Boost all T2 ammo
8. Boost all T2 ships
9. Don't make it too easy for beginners to catch up with older players after Revelations.
10. Fire Tux

Andala Ivi
Posted - 2006.11.27 18:40:00 - [179]

1. Better NPC AI: Better tactics (teamwork, hit&run, flee) and feature use (drones, nos, shield transfer, energy transfer, etc.)

2. Drones: Replace drone bay with drone control point limitation (1:light, 2:medium, 5:high).

3. Drone UI: Show drone launch/control bays (up to 5) as a new row of module buttons on the UI (and support load/unload of launch bays from cargo when the drone is not in space)

4. Make market range based (like 10 jumps radius) instead of region based

5. Gang member locking: Make it instant. Show it in different color (green instead of yellow). Don't autotarget back on it. Ask confirmation when attacking gang member.

6. Replace agent offer system with a shop where I can buy stuff for LP.

7. Develop something preventing ships to get stuck in stations (warping out after undock) and to get stuck in warp-gates

8. Visual ship customization (paint color, text, decals)

9. Update skills from the website

10. Make mining more interesting (and less macro-able)

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