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CCP Oveur

Posted - 2006.11.16 13:56:00 - [1]

This is your chance to gather together in a structured manner, what you would like to see evolved in the following chapters. The reason for this thread is the amount of public testing is really spawning some good follow-up suggestions on various systems and we'd like to gather them here for future use.

The structure is in the already known Top 10 prioritized lists. Anything else will be removed to maximize the signal-to-noise ratio!

The rules are simple:
  • It's a numbered, prioritized list

  • It can only have 10 list items

  • It can not have 1 or 2 list items, it's called a top 10 for a reason (Hint, look at the number)

  • No essays or detailed designs, just short description or reasoning

  • Exception of previous rule, you can link to a more detailed design or forum post.

  • No other posts than a Top 10 list, we delete anything else. That includes, but is not limited to; Flames, trolls, flaming trolls, trolls with flames, criticism, constructive criticism (just do that in another thread), "/signed", any variation of "/signed", "approved", "stamped" or "QFT", references to the "golden ratio", the "23" or the newly coined term "fora whora".
And again, this is for future chapters.

Hells Donkeys
Posted - 2006.11.16 14:14:00 - [2]

1. improved scanning and exploration (I know you're already working on that one but still - finding people is too hard)
2. ECM - it is still overpowered, got permajammed by a dominix on singularity
3. Cap can't be the deciding factor in combat, cap boosters and nos need to be looked at (NOS especially)
4. Omni-tanks are too good - EANMs are making my Geddon a sad panda
5. Reduce the volume of ammo, especially projectile ammo
6. HP boost might be excessive - fights are really boring on sisi but that could be just because it's sisi, still needs to be looked at
7. Low-sec is currently underpopulated and needs a boost
8. Local has too much information, no need for scouts (I'd also like to have overviews show ship names instead of player names)
9. T2 market is screwing me like a 5$ ho - you know it's going to need a fix soon
10. Webs need a nerf/fix - they remove speed as a factor in close range pvp and make fights shorter. Give them more range and decrease effectiveness

Queen Hades
Posted - 2006.11.16 14:23:00 - [3]

Edited by: Queen Hades on 16/11/2006 14:33:20
1. More empire (low sec) pvp options - namely limited low sec system sovereignity
2. More mini professions
3. Bring a better agent offer system, please
4. More roleplaying content
5. Expensive but doable attribute point reallocation
6. Dynamic layout of system content (every downtime brings new asteroid belts and complexes in a random number)
7. No more belts and complexes you can directly warp to, everybody should have to scan first (money sink 4tw)
8. More different missions
9. Upgrade - option for bpc's: "make this a named one" (costly, hard to do, but feasible)
10. Custom ship outfits (logo, color, name printed, etc...)

Azrael Maxim
Queens of the Stone Age
Rote Kapelle
Posted - 2006.11.16 14:28:00 - [4]

1.Jump drives for smaller ships
2.Universal small jump drive fuel type, mined/scooped from large gas planets
3.Universal jump drive fuel infrastructure, fuel scoops, refineries, tankers, fuel depots etc.
4.Voicecomms ewar (voicecomms interception and jamming)
5.Natural unstable wormholes (comparable to jumpgates but not there all the time)
6.Bounty hunting contracts, passing on killrights via contracts
7.Modulated pos building (pos tower has module grid like ships and drag and drop in modules)
8.Local chat changed to constellation by default, special scan ships to find out what local really looks like.
9.Visible missile launchers
10.Tier 2 destroyers

Queens of the Stone Age
Black Legion.
Posted - 2006.11.16 14:34:00 - [5]

1.) blobs: more smallscale tactical warfare would be very nice and no every side pooling all their ships together.

2.) t2 lottery: we have - what? - about 2-3 times as many people as when t2 was introduced yet the same amount of BPOs. Invention is prolly meant to counteract this, but I honestly do not have high hopes there. If it does not have the desireable effect another attempt to fix it should be made AT ONCE and not in another year.

3.) tier3 BS/racial identity: caldari are right now the only race which has 3 racial concepts (ECM, missiles, rail sniping) going through all ship lvls (sans destroyers/BCs), all other races have at best 2. All tier 3s exept the rohk need a major redesign. The orginal conecpt of them was to introduce something new to the race, not making the other BSs of that race obsolete. The *only* one suceeding there is the Rohk.

4.) The EM damage problem...

5.) Aggression timer for docking/using a stargate: with longer combat it needs to get increased.

6.) Nos: with the HP boosts NOs got more powerful. There are IIRC changes planned but, they were delayed till kali 2. Just do not forget them.

7.) Logging & bubbles: Jumping in a bubble should count as pvp act, resulting in the 15 min timer at logoff, even if you do it while still in cloak.

8.) The EW systems are still not really balanced vs each other: The whole basic concept of ECM is IMO flawed and needs an non-random, non-everything-or-nothing effect, just like the other EW systems. Target painters are a nice tool, but have about the same justification to be called e-war system as webs do.

9.) risk/reward of the mission system: Central empire should be the safest (and get lvl1 missions only), the border regions to 0.0 should be the unsafest and get lvl4 missions). Basically, the higher your mission lvl gets, the more should you have to move down the system sec ladder.

10.) local chat: it just gives too much information. Although without it it's possible you will have too little information. Some change is needed there, but IMO not a flat out removal of local without giving anything in exchange.

Di-Tron Heavy Industries
Atlas Alliance
Posted - 2006.11.16 14:54:00 - [6]

Edited by: Patch86 on 17/11/2006 14:29:59
1) Various Drone improvements (you know the thread I'm referring to). Also theres a second good suggestion floating around the Ships & Modules forum, too.

2) Log-on and Log-off stuff needs working with.

3) ECM sytem totally revamped. I mean not improving the current one, but a complete work over.

4) Nos needs some love- a full collection of Nos and Neut related skills, nerfs, counter modules, etc. would be lovely.

5) Agents need reworking- valuable agents shouldn't be in high sec. Maybe a dynamic quality-system based on how much that agent is used? The more it's used, the lower it's quality drops.

6) I'd love to see all complexes one day not be static. The current static ones need to be changed to take advantage of Exploring like the new ones.

7) Factional Warfare to be a bigger thing. Not just a 1x NPC corp affair.

8) A big rework for Bounty hunting. Currently its pretty broken- I'd love to see it become a proper, honest to god part of the game. Bounty hunter mini-profession, anyone?!

9) Branding, for manufacturers. It'd be great to see manufacturers able to build things with tehir own flavour (mayybe a module variation on the Rig system- rigs for individual modules) which will be "named" for your own brand.

10) MORE SHIPS!!!!!111!eleven! Ok, to be specific- a salvage specific ship (cruiser sized, for each race, maybe?), ships with bonuses to gas-cloud harvesting, tier-2 destroyers, mining / industrial capital ships, drone faction ships........etc. You get the idea.

United Warriors
Interstellar Starbase Syndicate
Posted - 2006.11.16 15:02:00 - [7]

1) Logoffski - It sucks!

2) POS and Sovereignity - Spending 3 hours per POS and then proceed to the next one is... Not what I call entertaining.

3) ECM - Ruins a lot of fights because it really is overpowered. Battlecruiser vs. 10 interceptors, your going to die, but you can at least take somebody with you. With ECM, your just dead.

4) Ships Fitting - In the old days you struggled to fitt a full rack of your race best weapons. Now they fitt easily!

5) The Amarrian Problem - No, not because of EM damage and Energized Adaptive Nanos, but in general.

6) Low Security and High Security - lvl4 agents down to low security. Boost low security (npc, ore, usefullness).

7) Mining - Sucks, boring. Want capital mining ships.

8) POS Fuel - It is stupid that you have to be dependent on empire for NPC Components when all you want is to LIVE IN 0.0!

9) Dynamic Content - We've seen all the static before.

10) Corporation Taxation - We need MORE and HIGHER taxation possibilities.

Reykjavik University Corpus Maximus
Posted - 2006.11.16 15:17:00 - [8]

Edited by: Instagib on 17/11/2006 15:13:30
  1. Reduce size of cap booster by 33% = 50% more cap in the cargohold (also fixed in 2.14.27280)

  2. Increase the efficiancy of cap rechargers/relays and apply stacking penalty to them (make them a viable option in pvp)

  3. Change the emergancy warp functionality (can't emergency warp right away while invunrable/cloaked, maybe 5 sec vunrable delay)

  4. Remove stacking from rigs (alright that the stack with each other but not with other mods)

  5. Change and buff armor/shield resist rigs. Instead of Anti-em/anti-the/anti-kin/anti-exp.

    Change to Anti-Amarr (37.5% em/ 22.5% therm)
    Anti-Gallente (37.5% the / 22.5% kin) Anti-Caldari (37.5% kin/ 22.5% em) Anti-Minmatar (37.5%exp / 22.5%kin) example numbers for T2 rigs (maybe bit too high)

  6. Split webs into 2 groups like scramblers, 1 short range high efficancy (as now or lower) and long low efficiancy and make them stack

  7. Increase total cap to contaract the last 2 HP buffs (fixed in 2.14.27280)

  8. Make missile "over precision" count towards explosion velocity making TPs more effective and MWD less of a god mode, but also decrease explosion velocity when using oversized missiles vs undersized targets.

  9. Make local optional (missing until you speak, at least try it in the new regions where it don't effect existing player base)

  10. Give (more) racial flavour to total-cap/ recharge. For example Caldari (high base/low recharge=moderate) Minmatar (medium base /medium recharge=moderate) Gallente (very high base/low recharge=decent) Amarr (high base/high recharge=good)

    *Low as in worse recharge and high as in better.

Emah Spina
Di-Tron Heavy Industries
Posted - 2006.11.16 15:31:00 - [9]

1) T2 BPOs, slow continous seeding
2) Onsite refining for Industrial ships
3) Freighter, allow some fittings
4) Drone AI, needs a upgrade/obedience lessons
5) Ship AI, navigating in belts need more improvements
6) More fitting options for Capital Ships
7) Sovereignity options, arming gates etc.
8) More NPC missions
9) Kali Tier2 ships ourperforms T2 ships.
10) Give the Amarr some love. Thermal/EM & Thermal/Expl dmg

Destructive Influence
IT Alliance
Posted - 2006.11.16 15:35:00 - [10]

1) T2 Lottery - Invention wont be enough (not even close)
2) ECM- Introduce (effective) counter Systems (ECCM burst modules with a timer ? )
3) Sovereignty - Make it less dependent on POS spamming (Sov modules, one per system first come first serve? )
4) Pos Warfare - Limit Strontium capacity (24 hours max ? )
5) Pos Management - Allow POS hangars to be configured with different settings than corp hangars, introduce hangars in ship maintainence arrays
6) Sovereignty - Allow Constellation Sov and add bonuses for the holding alliance (gate guns / roaming NPC partrols)
7) Mining - Inconvenient , introduce a mobile capital refining ship (no defenses, locked in space during refining process, think of a freighter with a refining array that has to enter "siege mode" to refine, can only be used in low sec/0.0)
8) Mining - Change belts from being static to more dynamic system (like 1 system wide belt etc)
9) Faction Standings, make them have an effect depending on where in empire you are
10) Move High end Agents to low sec systems to repopulate low sec

Wormhole Raiders
Posted - 2006.11.16 15:37:00 - [11]

1. Fix lag attributed to POS/fleet warfare.
2. Blueprint projection: put a BPO in a POS structure in empire and build from it in 0.0.
3. Logon traps and log-offski.
4. Fix jump queues.
5. Branding of player created items. Think of this like building from a thorax BPO and adding in tech 0.5 rigs (not actually a rig but something along the same line of thought) to produce a Camelot Innovations Thorax. This is just a normal Thorax, but with some added bonus and penalties.
6. Exhumer/battlecruiser hybrid (exhumer with command modules).
7. Specific anti-missile EW (missile counterpart of the tracking disruptor).
8. Trade goods creation in 0.0 (planetary extraction facilities?).
9. Additional outpost structures.
10. Different environments.

Posted - 2006.11.16 15:51:00 - [12]

Edited by: Jak''ai on 16/11/2006 15:52:48
  1. Altering the combat model so that DPS isn't the prime factor in fights, allowing for increased range of viable ships and different approaches to combat. (read alpha strikes, hit-and-fade tactics).

  2. Introduce subsystem damage mechanics so that combat does not have to be binary (either I blow up the other guy's ship or I've had no impact at all once he's had a chance to use repairers).

  3. In concert with the first two, define unique roles for ships so that they are not all about how much damage they can do / tank. (i.e. interceptors do little perceptible damage, but can follow targets in warp and bring them back to normal space). As a side effect, give Tech 1 ships a purpose beyond "what people that can't afford Tech 2 fly"

  4. Change the absolute nature of warp scrambling, stasis webbifiers and nosferatu/neutralizers. I'd suggest an effect for both that "ramps up" over time, taking longer to ramp the larger the module class is. This would allow frigates to dart in and out of range on a battleship equipped with Heavy modules, without rendering the module useless against the frigate if it's not fast/smart enough.

  5. Further differentiate the ships and weapons of the various races so that there is a definite flavour to a given race's combat tactics (in line with their backstory / mentality).

  6. Do away with the current POS sovereignty model. Introduce a simpler method of system sov (i.e. one large POS) and allow the placement of system defences which pose a serious obstacle for hostile fleet movement while allowing for small frigate-equipped forces to operate "behind enemy lines". Introduce this system into both 0.0 and the factional war system.

  7. Implement factional warfare such that players can have a real effect on the face of the game - allow a dedicated effort over months to actually change Empire held space.

  8. Implement factional warfare such that it is a truly dynamic war between the various elements of EVE. Have CCP / volunteers control each of the factions at the immediate strategic level as though they were player alliances, and give them long range goals / motivations to drive their strategies. Tie in NPC factional content as gaining “supply points” or something similar which determines the resources available for the factions to wage war.

  9. Allow sovereignty in 0.0 to gradually affect the security status of the system / constellation. If an alliance wants to dedicate themselves (and most of their resources) to providing an island of high-sec in 0.0 (with all the downsides - i.e. no 1.0 systems with ark, just veld) then let them.

  10. Change mining so that it is no longer a brainless pursuit. Move the belts to the exploration system and introduce some sort of mini-game where you need to actively do something in order to get the most from your mining.

Jongo Fett
Save Yourself Inc.
Posted - 2006.11.16 15:51:00 - [13]

1:Nos with the Hp boost its more powerfuller than before
2.Cap Boosters need to be reduced in size
3.Maby remove local in new region (some sort of spacial anonomly)
4.dynamic complex's so we dont have the farmer problem we do now
5.Encourage more people to go to low sec *boost low sec ores maby?*
6.log off problem
7.sort out t2 lottery and invention. Invention wont change much.. environments dynamic ones maby
9.ecm still a bit overpowered
10.maby an better bounty system where we can hunt people with bounties in high sec. maby a new mini profession

Harry Bucannon
Apocalypse Enterprises
Chain of Chaos
Posted - 2006.11.16 15:51:00 - [14]

1. Change local so its not an intel tool
2. Let us scan probe out secure cans
3. Give us a tool to hack secure cans
4. Log off / on timers
5. Mid Warp bubbles that pull people out of warp (in low sec and 0.0)
6. No to dictor bubbles in low-sec
7. Buff the Amarr
8. Capital mining barge
9. Border control for system owner!. Can be fought over, and be controled.
10. NPC that travel about like players (Haulers, Concord, Navy etc)

Lonli Lonki
Fo Min
Posted - 2006.11.16 15:55:00 - [15]

1. ECM ECM ECM, kali scorp have MUCH less then a current (7.2 Versus 10.8)
2. Drone INFO!
3. Structure tanking ( for men)
4. more mission, doing same 3-5 missions - boring. Were is all old missions? Blocade, gone berserk etc.
5. Button " Back to character room" to be able to select different character.
6. Each Item have name [corp] of builder "fit from armani?" =)
7. Gallente CoSMOS wery poor on agents, more agents maybe?
8. Boost logistic role (BS class maybe), make it not for alt-afk mode but as main way of gaining(alternative to other ways) fun/money
9. Swap current Tier3 battleships on role one for each race like Rokh is (gallente,minnmatar - ewar, amar - ewar/droneboat?)
10. Make Inertial Stabilizer different then nanofibres ( nanos still better)

Posted - 2006.11.16 15:57:00 - [16]

Edited by: TheDarkForce on 16/11/2006 16:00:51
Edited by: TheDarkForce on 16/11/2006 15:59:42
Edited by: TheDarkForce on 16/11/2006 15:57:33
1, the whole pos thing with system sov and the hours it takes to kill all them pos just aint no fun. (more of an incentive for the alliance thats attacked to deffend it not just pos spam)

2, getting capitol ships out of thr pos's and on to the front line a bit more.

3, isk making time for ship replacement vs time in the ship, can be a bit of a grind for the average joe to replace their hac they just lost etc, but dont want to be giving isk away.

4, advanced bs, short range jump drive and a substantial amount of hit points (getting close to carrier hp's) everything else the same as a normal bs. (maybe even a jump drive rig thats made bs only or something)

5, take more time to get factional warfair right, i have high expectations of this as do a lot of others

6, had this idea of moving plex that changes region and system of 0.0 every dt (just the one) eg massive lost jove capitol research ship that would need in the region of 20-30 people to finish, results in bpc or mods that would benifit the alliance (ship does not die but can be hacked for bp etc, make it multi proffession based so you dont just need shooty shooty grunt to do).

7, more of an input between the alliances and the npc's space they live in, more of a factional warfair thing tbh.

8, ecm, seams to be i win these days, no idea what its like on sisi

9, capitol ship complex's maybe that you can use your dread/carrier for

10, make dreads more useful than just shooting pos's

Veto Corp
Posted - 2006.11.16 16:00:00 - [17]

1. ECM
2. Uber-blobs- split 'em up.
3. Amarr- sort the cap and the damage. Or, for damage...
4. Sort out EANM's. Ubertank baaad.
5. Logoffski. Particularly when in a bubble.
6. Deliberate node crashing. Stop it.
7. Defined ship roles. Caldari have 3 well-defined roles. The other races need 'em.
8. Clear all the unused cans.
9. Apply the HP bonus to faction ships as well (I heard that they aren't getting boosted. Bit stupid, really.)
10. Nerf Local!

Times of Ancar
Posted - 2006.11.16 16:01:00 - [18]

1) Remove jump-queues (or make ships invulnerable during jump queue)
2) Remove all static 0.0 complexes -> convert them to exploration or semi-static content (warpable beacon, but stays only for a few days)
3) Redesign of POS-defence, POS-structures, sovereignity
4) Reduce jumpclone time-limit to 12 hours, but include a moderate jumpfee
5) Harvestable comets, systemwide roid-belts
6) Improve corp-wallets (more of them, better logging)
7) Make freighters able to dock at POS; Include a new medium-sized hauler (with about 100k m3 cargo)
8) Improved Agent Offers (store-type)
9) Improved Mission System (choose between missions; possibility to run out of missions, if a solar system is too crowded; no high-profit missions in high sec, missions, which send you to 0.0 for high profit)
10) Redesign / Balancing of belt-NPCs (remove factional NPCs, substitute by rogue drones)

Reatu Krentor
Void Spiders
Fate Weavers
Posted - 2006.11.16 16:04:00 - [19]

Edited by: Reatu Krentor on 16/11/2006 16:51:15
1. Cynosural field generation change.
2. Pos multiple buildings -> 1 building with slots for functions(hangar "module", factory "module") and no pos shield (no storing of ships without maintenance array)
3. Visible missile Launchers
4. Permanent removal of T2 lottery(change T2 bpo's to very-high quality high-run bpc's) and make invention only path for T2(with appropriate boosting of the results)
5. Nailing down of the race combat doctrines.
6. Target painters made more usefull
7. Change resist compensation skills to be directly applied to the ship instead of to modules(to boost active resist modules indirectly), eg. +2% resist per level
8. Improved Agent offer system(corporate "market" of special stuffs)
9. Boost Breacher(-1 turret, -1 high, +1 mid, +1 low. I would think that as enoughWink)
10. Laser damage boosted slightly to justify the cap use bonus(eg. -5% RoF on pulse/beam, unchanged cap use.). Increases dps to be be about a damage bonus' effect higher then other guns.

Udyr Vulpayne
PIE Inc.
Posted - 2006.11.16 16:06:00 - [20]

Edited by: Udyr Vulpayne on 16/11/2006 16:20:10
Edited by: Udyr Vulpayne on 16/11/2006 16:06:40

1. New heir for Sarum. New Emperor for Amarr.

2. Factional Warfare needs to involve the people that have been engaging in it for years. Disbanding a corp, that has been actively supporting a faction for years without much ccp support, to take part in FW is not a viable option.

3. Fix the broken design of amarrian tankers. Tanking just doesnt work as well with lasers as it does with cap-free weapons. And its supposed to be one of our strong points.

4. Improve the usefulness of EM-damage on (omnitanked) armor. The one race that has the least options to select its damagetype does most of its damage in the least desireable damagetype.

5. Complete redesign of the Abaddon (also: maelstrom and hyperion) to make it more than just a better verison of the already existing bs. Make it fit a new role. You did fine with the Rokh. Now do the other 3.

6. Nerf Nos. With the hp-boost this will become more and more important to fit, turning nos into a must have module.

7. Make ECCM really useful or nerf ECM. Just moving ecm to caldari only does not fix its overpoweredness. Especially when you can fit ecm rigs to bring ecm strength back up.

8. Increase Aggro-Timers. Pretty simple thing. Longer fights give more time to deaggro and jump/dock.

9. If you remove local introduce a new way to quickly check an entire system for hostiles (at least in empire space). In empire the target/noise ratio is too low for that. Its not going to be fun to scan down all 250 ships in Rens local just to see if there is any wartarget present at all.

10. Do not remove all lvl4 missions from highsec without substantial changes to the mission system. Atm sharing missions isnt really possible and to do them solo leaves you very vulnerable to suprise-pvp. Pimping your mission ships with faction mods is removed/reduced as a goal to work towards if you just move all lvl4s to lowsec.

Ath Amon
Posted - 2006.11.16 16:09:00 - [21]

1) arty rebalance: change to range and hp/alpha made it a greately underpowered weapon compared to rails

2) laser rebalance: as above but for cap troubles

3) ship rebalance: mael with shield boost bonus, drake a bit too much omgwtfbbq with many different config and at many range, rework of carriers bonuses (expecially minnie one Razz), naglfar a bit worse than other dreads, phoon with crappy split weapons... new and usual stuff Razz

4) exploration and dinamic content: as complexes or encounters or maybe even ruins? asteroild field? and so on... exploration to be worth need to focus on non permanent object or after some weeks it becomes "google exploration"

5) more strategical fleet battles, not just warp, F1, F2, F3... warp, F1, F2, F3...

6) easier way to command a ship... not just click on space but maybe vectors to assign to have better control of direction and make it easier to pilot

7) more mechanics/structures to really "colonize" 0.0

8) more interaction with enviroment and more variety (even if i see you are alredy working to that :) )

9) mechanics to prevent current xploitz, eg login/logout and so on (timers, logs...)

10) a loot to various EW systems... TP quite useless, damp and noses imo a bit too good...

Shinshi Casoyako
Posted - 2006.11.16 16:12:00 - [22]

1.) Real customized manufacturing
2.) Improved agent offers
3.) Researching bpo's ME and PE through R&D agents (no more power to the rich with labs)
4.) High sec systems not owned by a faction (corridor of free space to travel to all factions)
5.) Factional warfare !!! (with above)
6.) PvP agent missions (kill high standing agent of factional enemy, sign up!)
7.) Ingame paper with news, player ads, bounties, etc. (no more container cans)
8.) Flying upside down (barrel roles etc)
9.) Pirate concord in pirate owned space, defended based on standings
10.) More randomness in npc spawn over the whole universe (belts, missions, complexes)

Mikal Drey
Atlas Alliance
Posted - 2006.11.16 16:13:00 - [23]

Edited by: Mikal Drey on 16/11/2006 16:16:44
1. POS Towers - Fuel Storage size increased (maybe a seperate stront bay)
2. Freighters to Take from space
3. More Dynamic Missions
4. True balance to WCS Vs Scram
5. mini Professions to be viable rather than their current nonentity state.
6. Lab/POS Access setable to player/corp/Standing specific options
7. COSMOS Tech dropping more than 1 item per can
8. Continual seeding of the lottery
9. Jump clone time lowered
10. All items to have market placeholders - faction included

Sebiestor Tribe
Posted - 2006.11.16 16:28:00 - [24]

1. Lag-free battles of coarse Very Happy
2. Some changes in soverenity systems - POS spamming sucks... and some defence structures for gates\stations.
3. Some more ships? Able to capture enemy ships instead of destroing it maybe for example?
4. Some kind of received damage affecting ship properties - speed, agility, tracking, etc? But randomly please, without options to shoot engines or turrets.
5. Any kind of joining Concord? Cool
6. NPC capitals - npc fighters with carriers attacking players in belts, npc dreads atacking players POSes, npc titan? O_o
7. Navigation in belts - YES! Ship ordered to orbit MUST see asteroids and fly without crashing into it.
8. Some kind of contol of NPC\ore respawn in captured systems under players soverenity. I mean some structures that can be established for rising the NPC\ore respawns.
9. Conquerable stations controls should have more options.. Setting different market taxes, different order conditions, refining taxes, etc., for developing the economic relations in 0.0
10. Remove the traffic control system! Very Happy

Tsar Maul
Posted - 2006.11.16 16:41:00 - [25]

Edited by: Tsar Maul on 16/11/2006 16:44:57
1. All T2 BPOs turned into long-run T2 BPCs. If EVE is going to be around for another 10-25 years as you are so fond of saying, do you really want the same people controlling the same 20 BPOs? Force everyone to use invention.

2. The ability to post with my main.

3. The inability for people to hide at a POS - remove the damn forcefield. If fleets are willing to come under fire from the POS to shoot the targets then let them.

4. Make dreadnoughts easier to kill as they are virtually invincible unless you have 10 dreads shooting at them. This can easily be helped by the POS focusing fire on a single target at a time (and this can be prioritized by ship type)

5. The ability to destroy outposts and conquerable stations.

6. All level 4 agents moved to low-sec, and the ISK to get from them increased slightly to compensate

7. Salvaging to take less time then it does now (I'm assuming it still takes 5 minutes per wreck here)

8. More communication from the devs. We STILL haven't had a reply regarding the T1 -> T2 BPO conversion. For ****s sake stop shafting the majority of the players in favour of a couple of people who already made billions with their BPOs (and if you are going to do it, tell us!!!)

9. A new SOV system that doesn't revolve around spamming as many industrial towers in the same system as possible. The whole point of introducing this SOV was to try and achieve a balance between the importance of industry and combat. Sadly it the blatant fact that all combat needed industry (and that's useful industry, not making T2 components to sell onto the uberrich T2 producers) to keep the pilots in ships

10. Some proper racial balancing and traits in all ships and modules.

Atomic Heroes
Chain of Chaos
Posted - 2006.11.16 16:42:00 - [26]

1). Fix drones
-. Fix drones (interface and all the other 1000 issues with it).

2). Review skillpoints model
-. Review SP gain/model, so that it becomes viable to access and enjoy all content without the need for more accounts.

3). POS Model change
-. Change POS model; there was a great post in features & suggestions forum which even had some 3D art.

4). Suicide ganking
-. Change suicide ganking in empire so that it includes more then risk a pre-calculated amount of isk on the aggressor and gives the aggressee a chance to at least regain his/her loot. T1 empire haulers should be able to haul in empire without 0.0 t2 haulers being required for empire.

5). Vendetta's
-. Introduce vendetta's, where a player can 'wardeck' another player.

6). Unemployed status
-. Introduce unemployed status, limit noob corps to noobs (two month time limit?).

7). Ship pimping / Immersion
-. Let us customize them to personal taste, heck even in the year 2006 on Earth cars and planes and bikes and houses all are different even if they are the same. Make the universe feel alive, agents that approach you in space etc., cocpit view. Random funstuff.

8). Market access based on x jump range
-. Change the market access to be based on a x jump range instead of region. Regional restrictions don't make sense, why wouldn't people in the systems next to jita know what the market is doing there?

9). NPC/PC Stockmarket
-. Based on actual profits/losses of the NPC corps involved. Incoorperate share owner tax bills to counter shares getting stuck with inactive players. Stock broker as mini proffesion (trader sub-mini profession).

10). Fix the Corp management toolset
-. where/who are my shareholders?

Lubomir Penev
Dark Nexxus
S I L E N T.
Posted - 2006.11.16 16:53:00 - [27]

Edited by: Lubomir Penev on 16/11/2006 16:55:42

  • 1. macrominers, they made highsec mining a dead career, even for beginners. You see them stripping belts right in noob system where the tutorial ask noob to mine their first veld

  • 2. complex farming, worthwhile plexes are done within a few minutes of the cluster being back, content not available for those who cannot connect at that time

  • 3. balance complex loot, it's crazy to get Gistii stuff from a very easy 3/10 highsec Serpentis complex and nothing of note from a 4/10 in low sec

  • 4. MWD in deadspace, would at least make some non Caldari ship more viable for missioning

  • 5. ECM, slight nerf does not cut it, maybe have it applying to offensive mods, i.e. the probability being that a module is deactivated for jam period instead of applying to the targeting system
  • 6. a faster updating map, no way to spot a freshly setup camp right now

  • 7. log on/log off tactics

  • 8. T2 market, plenty to do there, also keep in mind that for many ship mods you could keep price in check tuning the faction drop rate, T2 cap recharger are worse that true sansha cap recharger so you could lower prices having more of those dropping, not doable with ships thought, about the T2 ships as agent offer are a step in right direction

  • 9. cloak prices make flying a whole class of ships a very expensive proposition and thus encourage blobbing and cowardly gameplay, see T2 market

  • [*] 10. sec status gain in 0.0, if this is lawless why to you win sec status? I hate being attacked by a +4 pirate, but don't mind the -10. Make people live with their career choice

Vindicate and Deliverance
Posted - 2006.11.16 17:08:00 - [28]

1) Visual effects on targeted object seen by all
2) Sound effects inside station as you changing out mods.
3) sound effects when changing ammo
4)a sound mixer with more channels to manipulate. I want bass and treble and Hz control.
5) mixing 3d for chat/sound FX/Music
6)Thrust engine exuahst on all models
7)Flexible 100% tax from corps/Alliance adjustable
8)POS grid tool. When setting a POS up you can make a map soo pilots can follow a road thru fitting and sooforth
9)Market data that exports your journal with a SELECTABLE save as format
10)update skills from the website.

The Suicide Kings
Test Alliance Please Ignore
Posted - 2006.11.16 17:09:00 - [29]

1. Smarter AI for NPC
2. More mission variety
3. Ability to treat POS like stations for purposes of docking instead of ejecting in space.
4. Same as 3 with Carrier/Motherships (if they dont already)
5. Trace/Tracking special warhead- fire a special missile it slaps a tracking doodad on ship that acts like a within region trace to locate ship -
6. New Faction ships -Fleet Mammoth,Fleet Typhoon for example
7. Better LP offers or more variety
8. Salvage Class ship - similar to a barge but for efficient harvesting of wrecks/salvaging.
9. More Mini professions - Which it looks like coming along
10. Tractor beam drones.

Pattern Clarc
Aperture Harmonics
Posted - 2006.11.16 17:17:00 - [30]

Edited by: Pattern Clarc on 16/11/2006 17:18:49
1. Improved colision detection
2. Line of sight (for weapons etc)
3. Ship sector/subsystem targeting (with the removal of warp scrambers and webs)
4. More territoral factors in combat, eg:
  1. amarr having the advantage near stars because shields being weaker near stars
  2. or caldari being stronger at orbit because there are more acturate near large gravitational feilds (planets/moons

  3. gallente having the advantage near asteriod and gas fields due to there advanced hull technology

  4. [*]wih matari keeping there speed advantage in deadspace.

5. Seperating the GUI in to several HUD's, navigation (space sim), ship command (space sim/rts hybrid), fleet command (pure rts, homeworld style GUI)
6. Introducing more tech 2 ships, including tech 2 versions of all the ships introduced in kali 1.
7. The redesign of stations, aswell as adding more station moodels.
8. More tier 3 frigates
9. Tier 2 destroyers
10. A relook at Ewar modules for each race, caldari getting ECM and matari getting Target Painters is the most lobsided oversight in the game at the moment

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