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Supernova 5000
Posted - 2006.11.14 14:36:00 - [1]

just wondering im looking to venture into drone skills and i was wondering exactly what order i should train for max SP's for the training time.

My attributes right now are:

Intelligence 11
Perception 16
Charisma 6
Willpower 14
Memory 8

Right now im working on maxing out learning i have them at 4 now except for the willpower one which is at 3 then im gonna work them to 5 and get the advance onces in atleast 4 before moving on. Im trying to shoot for tech 2 drones and the nos and webber drones. Any idea on training order for max sp would be much appreciated.

Sable Moran
Moran Light Industries
Posted - 2006.11.14 15:07:00 - [2]

Memory is the primary attribute for drone skills. You definately want to get your mem higher. With your current attributes you gain 16 skill points per minute, not much. Even your high-ish preception doesn't compensate it that much.

Supernova 5000
Posted - 2006.11.14 15:14:00 - [3]

yeah right now im sporting +3 imps in so thats making a nice difference but im not sure given my skills if i should even bother with drones now instead of just making a whole new alt

Posted - 2006.11.15 02:20:00 - [4]

Edited by: Protunia on 15/11/2006 02:24:09
your fine its mem/perc. if you take alook at your stats and balanced them out 55/5 that would be 11 in each.

So with balanced stats youd train 11/11 or 16.5 with your stats 8/16 you train 16. hardly anything to worry about.

If anything you could put it on hold for a couple weeks an bump up those mem/perc to adv 3 or 4. then youd train around 22-23 SP or about 30% faster.

If you have avg stats with adv 3-4 youd train 23-24 SP.

Basically your High Perc is making up for the lack in Memory.

stick with the plan :) want the drones skills faster? train them. want to train them abit faster and other skills after that?? train up a few learnings first.

my attributes after 2 months 15/21/16/15/16 +3 Imps/L4 in all/mem Adv 3. Getting my fifth drone tomorrow ;) cant wait!

Supernova 5000
Posted - 2006.11.15 12:41:00 - [5]

thanks! that actually really helps out alot and yes right now i have all my basic learning to lvl4 im working on getting the adv. ones now and planning on takingthem to lvl4


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