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Digital Fury Corporation
Digital Renegades
Posted - 2006.12.05 07:09:00 - [121]

cool, also lets give every ship 10 extra slots that they can turn on and off, but only allow the same number of high/mid and low slots onlined at once, so if the situation changes we can change our setups in space.

Although it would be nice it would make things a tad easy...

but I can have all my drones destroyed and then I can't do DPS you say? Well yes, but that is the limitation to some VERY effect cap free setups that can fit a full rack of nos/neuts, ECM or other utility mids and still have a tank. Seems like the risk you take when you setup like that

Mnengli Noiliffe
Posted - 2006.12.05 07:40:00 - [122]

Edited by: Mnengli Noiliffe on 05/12/2006 07:44:05
blah blah blah, another "nerf gallente" thread.
oh and by the way..
unlike Myrmidon, Ishtar had its 300+ drone bay from the beginning, so it's intended it to be able to use 5 heavies from the day 1.
so stop whinning, it's official that ishtar would use 5 heavies even with this system.
If the devs really wanted it to use mediums, they'd give it 125 m3 drone bay as they did with with Myrmidon.

Bunny Wunny
Freelancer Union
Posted - 2006.12.05 16:19:00 - [123]

/signed just for the flying pigs tbh

twit brent
The Scope
Posted - 2006.12.05 16:49:00 - [124]

The op says this would not change the dps of drones but I would beg to differ. Holding more drones allows you to fit a better variety of drones. With more different types of drones you can select different drones against different opponents. If you were fighting a ship with low thermal resists you can just use theremal drones increasing dps. It also adds a huge ammount of versitility to drone boats. A ship like the vexor can go from a damage boat to an EWAR boat just by changing its drone type.

I know the HP boosts do make fights go for longer and this can be bad for some drone boats as its easier to take out your fire power given more time. But it makes more sense to boost Drone HP instead of increasing the power and versility of all ships that can use drones.

Here are a few examples of why this idea wont work.

Vexor has 75m3 drone bay.

It can use 3 heavies/sentries or a combination of meds and lights. Lets just say its drone bay is doubled for an example.

A sniping vexor using sentries can now have a full compliment of med and light drones to fall back on if the enemy is under sniping range.

Or a combat vexor thats heavily plated engages another cruiser. The vexor realises that its a lost battle and he cant beat the other ship before it goes down itself. It recalls its combat drones and releases 5 ECM drones and prays for a jam so he can warp away.

Thats just 2 ways that drone ships would get boosted that the op "failed" to mention in his original post.

I have been playing with drone ships for 2 years now and just like a turret ship deciding what types of turrets to fit before heading out, i decide what drones i should use. Its part of being a drone user thinking of what drones will peform better. Dont dumb this down so any ****** will have the perfect drones for the job on hand just because some people think loosing the occasionl drone is the end of the world.

Gibbal Slogspit
Posted - 2006.12.05 17:23:00 - [125]

Originally by: Tsar Maul
Edited by: Tsar Maul on 12/11/2006 00:59:54
Originally by: Ergo Morte
Wow, just wow. What a startlingly poor grasp of why you have drone ships. The entire point of a drone ship is sustainable DPS with drones or a large degree of versatility with different drone types. You just want to hand out to everyone the unique trait of Gallente.

Why not just have open high slots and univeral damage bonuses so everyone can fit any weapon type they want and why are Mimater ships so much faster than everyone they should have speed points to let me have a Vaga without bothering to train any skills.Rolling Eyes If you want sustainable drone ships train Gallente just like if you want the options of any other race.

Funny, I thought the entire point of drone ships was to dish out loads of consistant damage while freeing up their highs for nos and their mids for ewar, while also having their damage output unaffected by the likes of tracking disruptors, sensor damps and ECM applied tot he ship. The fact that you can carry 3 waves of heavy drones is an added bonus for when someone brings a blob along and you have to run away very quickly.

I ask you this. Would you rather have a Dominix with 15 heavies, or a Dominix with 45-60 heavies and/or assorted ECM, sentry, small, medium and light drones?


I would rather the Gallente drone boats get no more boosts thank you.

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