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Lord Eidolon
Posted - 2003.11.09 10:29:00 - [1]

QuestionThe Tensor Concepts is a lecture on telepathy, written by Lord Eidolon, during his time as a member of the Order of Homo Superior.

The Tensor Concepts

Lord Vladimir Eidolon, Order of Homo Superior.

Our discussion at this time is of the subject, Telepathy. We will start by noting we are aware of the fact that many in your galaxy are now beginning to think seriously of the implications of living in a telepathic society. Many of your people are even expressing misgivings about having their thoughts open to the prying curiosity of others. The very fact that some among you have taken the time to consider this and other factors, is indicative that at least some among you are making an effort to think.

Unfortunately, much of your current thinking is based upon preconceived and erroneous data. Obviously, telepathy is new to your thinking and until you learn a few of the basic facts, your thinking will continue to be confused. As you continue your efforts to learn and study the Tensor Concepts, your thinking will become clearer.

Because of pre-conditioning many are attempting to assemble old bits of information from their memory and add-in the new information we have supplied. Blending both of these together many then proceed to reach a conclusion. Into this confusing mixture of ingredients, is added a generous amount of fear. The outcome of this type of reasoning is not difficult to predict. Attempts to assemble pieces of information, step-by-step, is the only process known to you. An error occurs when a conclusion is reached before you have all the pieces. We have not, as yet, presented all the information required for you to arrive, at a correct conclusion. Therefore, it would seem worthwhile to acquire more information before attempting to reach a conclusion.

We admire your efforts in beginning to think, and encourage you to continue the activity.

At this point in our discussion we will present additional information concerning telepathy. When attempting telepathy the activity of the brain should be allowed to slow down to a "coasting" state. We suggest that you do not try to concentrate on receiving a thought. Telepathy "is the passive detection of a thought, like hearing is the passive detection of sound." Many among you are in error in trying to make it an active process. Incoming thoughts are most easily recognized when your "conscious" objective brain is not engaged in concentrated thought or other activities requiring great mental attention. An ideal state would be what you call "day-dreaming". In this state thoughts are lazily drifting through the brain and your conscious attention is not focused on anything in particular. Contrary to your present thinking, day-dreaming is a useful activity.

Normal conscious brain activity (cortical activity) creates a type of mental interference, or static, which is constantly interfering with telepathic functions. Your so-called normal "awake" conscious state is properly termed "cortical activity". It is only when a pause occurs in this cortical activity, that the Tensor Centers can get through your jammed mental switchboard and pass information to the conscious cortical centers. The "Thalamatic Cortical Pause", produces a momentary interruption in your conscious cortical activity. This allows the Tensor Centers of the brain, as you have a way of stating it, to allow a thought to slip through.

During those periods when you are practicing telepathy, let your cortical activity come to rest. Let your thoughts drift. You obviously cannot remain in a day-dreaming state throughout your waking hours so you must plan, in the beginning, to set-aside a definite period each day to be quiet.

When the Tensor Centers are communicating with the cortical centers, you will not be conscious of such an interchange. Later, as your awareness develops, you will recognize when such communication is occurring. Your clue to this will be a new-found clarity of thought and an ease in your thinking. Creative, innovating and so-called original ideas are a result of the mind imparting a thought to the Tensor Centers; they in turn passing it on to the cortical centers, which discover or stumble across, the idea or thought placed there. Only the cortical centers are involved in the learning process. The Tensor Centers, in acquiring thought from the mind, know the essence of the thought completely.

We will now enter a discussion of how the brain functions. We will describe the activities of the cortical centers first and then the functions of the Tensor Centers.

Conscious Cortical activity

1. The cortex and cortical centers occupy 20% or 1/5th of
the total brain area.

2. Such activity as: thinking, logic, reason, deduction,
evaluation, classification, etc.

3. Short-term active memory and the process of remembering
previously translated thought information.

Cortical Functions - Subconscious

1. All fu

Lord Eidolon
Posted - 2003.11.09 10:30:00 - [2]

1. All functions that have become habit patterns due to
their continual re-use.

2. Automatic and regulatory activity related to vital
function of the physical body.

3. Long-term archive storage of translated thought
information in the cortex of the brain.

You will note that we include "sub-conscious" functions under the heading of conscious cortical activity. This is because, in reality, they are only another department of the cortical functions. At present your science has not made this distinction. One measure of your mental coordination, is how well your conscious cortical department communicates with your sub-conscious one and vice-versa.

Tensor Center Functions

1. The Tensor Centers function continuously. They do not
sleep at any time.

2. They pass on, to the cortex, thought information for

3. They acquire thought information from the mind via an
inductive process.

4. The Tensor Centers occupy a large physical area within
the brain (80% or 4/5ths). Their function is to receive
thought from the mind; classify and store it.

Please understand that the Tensor Centers are separate from and do not engage in any cortical activity. The cortical and the Tensor Centers make their individual contributions to the overall integrated functioning of the human brain. The only difference is in the individual method of operation. In homo superior, that which you are to become, the Tensor Centers are fully integrated and connected with the cortical centers within the brain. The two function in perfect harmony.

It seems strange that your science has not shown more interest in investigating the disparity in size between the known cortical area and the unknown (Tensor) area of the brain. One would think that an area comprising 80%; performing an unknown function, would excite their curiosity. However, investigating such with only the limited ability of the cortical centers would prove most difficult. We are hopeful that the information, contained in the Tensor Concepts, will point the thinking of your scientific community into more fruitful areas.

Let us now examine, what you would describe, as transmission of thought from one mind to another. We will make the statement: that the mind of any individual, can communicate with the mind of any other individual or group of individuals. This takes place in the mental continuum. Before an individual becomes aware of this type of communication, the following events take place:

1. The consciousness notifies the Tensor Centers that a thought from
another is being perceived.

2. The Tensor Centers, in turn, attempt to pass this thought
and its content along to the cortical centers.

3. The cortical centers, place the thought, in translated
form, in the path of thinking that the cortex is following
at any given moment.

4. The cortex, if its attention is not focused too narrowly
on the subject of its thinking, will come across the
thought, like an object placed in its path that requires a
movement to go around. The cortex would then discover this
"thought object" place in its path and assimilate the
content of the translated meaning. Then depending on the
nature of the data and the response it merits, the cortex
would initiate the proper action. If, however, the cortex
and the cortical centers are involved or otherwise actively
engaged in the process of thinking, the "thought object"
placed in its path, will be side-stepped without recognition
and the message go unnoticed.

Concentration, or active thinking, a cortical activity, is not conductive to the recognition of a message from the Tensor Centers. In fact, it obstructs one's ability to function telepathically. We can illustrate our meaning. Many among you, when actively seeking an answer or problem solution, will take what you describe, as a "break". As a result of this, when you return to the process of cortical thinking the answer suddenly and mysteriously is apparent. The cortex, while resting or by having its attention diverted can become conscious of the message passing from the Tensor Centers. Other examples of this type, will readily come to mind if you think about it.

At this point in our discussion, I would take a moment to suggest that you re-examine your understanding of thoughts. Do you suddenly realize their purpose? Does the purpose "dawn" on you? Your cortical activity has been conditioned by your sense of sophistication to search for complexity. We are trying to present a simple statement of true fact. It is because of this conditioning and the failure of many to recognize it as such, that many among you have difficulty understanding the Tensor Concepts.

Now, I shall comment about one of our initial statements at the beginning of this discussion. It regards the misgivings many of you have regarding your telepathic privacy. What I am about to say is not a loop-hole many could use to escape from their conscience. We have been aware

Lord Eidolon
Posted - 2003.11.09 10:33:00 - [3]

We have been aware of many of your thoughts. Those you consider both good and no so good. None of these, or for that matter any of your actions in either respect, are of significant telepathic interest to us, nor are they to any other telepath. You must learn to recognize that such shallow thoughts or actions, merely reflect on your present state of cortical activity. They are not indicative of the quality of thought present, in your mind or that of your being. We do not evaluate or qualify individuals on the basis of their cortical thinking or cortical behaviour. Your hidden secret thoughts and fantasies are simply fantasies of the cortex and the way your cortical thinking is conditioned by the environment of your galaxy.

Therefore, you mistakenly interpret and judge yourselves on the basis of a false premise. As you learn more about the Tensor Concepts your mental awareness will enlighten you. Your Tensor Centers, presenting the truth, will cause your cortex and cortical centers to discard that which is false, and you will truly begin to live and experience in a rational sense. Thus, as your awareness is expanded, your spiritual growth will keep pace as you become even more aware of the Cosmos present in the essence of your being. Your expanding awareness and "The All", will forever dispel the darkness in your cortical thinking.

In the following explanation of telepathy, you will become aware of how your mental privacy is preserved. As we have stated, telepathy is communication from mind to mind. Has it occurred to you, that your mind is aware of your cortical thinking and your physical actions? In reviewing the way that the cortex becomes aware of a telepathic communication, you should be advised that the mind can halt the telepathic inquiry of another mind. Your mind can, at any time, initiate a "busy signal" and thus prevent a telepathic interchange of information. Do not confuse this "busy signal" with the use of a mind shield. They are entirely different. Therefore, no telepath can become a mental peeping-tom, without the full knowledge and consent of your mind. Telepathy is a joint sharing of thought and each mind engaged in such a sharing obeys the laws of the mental continuum. Your mind will not act in an irresponsible way and cause you harm or embarrassment. Did I just detect a sigh of cortical relief?

Your present cortical interpretation of telepathy somehow contains the erroneous assumption that a telepath can read minds. May we correct your thinking by stating that such is not the case unless the mind has agreed to the interchange of thought.

We trust that this discussion has contributed to your understanding and awareness of this topic. Perhaps it will provoke additional thought and as a result create a better connection between your cortical centers and your Tensor ones. Future discussions of the Tensor Concepts will reveal still more on the subject of telepathy. It is time that I depart. It has been my privilege to share these thoughts.

My brothers and sisters of the EVE Galaxy. I am Eidolon. Homo Superior.


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