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Lord Eidolon
Posted - 2003.11.08 21:09:00 - [1]

IdeaThe Eidolon Legacy is one of many spiritual texts originating from the Society of Conscious Thought on the planet Roua. Written by Lord Eidolon, the book charts the spiritual journey undertaken by the author, and details his innermost thoughts as he studied at the SCT. It is regarded by many SCT scholars as required reading.


“The majority of Jovian thought is stuck in objective science. If it can’t be proven, it’s believed to be scientifically untenable. However, this fails to recognise that normal Jovian perceptions are extremely limited. There are objects and colours that cannot be seen, sounds that can’t be heard, odours that people can’t smell, tastes that one cannot taste, and feelings you can’t even imagine. But, the fact that a person’s consciousness cannot detect them doesn’t mean they don’t exist. SCT graduates acknowledge them as other forms of consciousness demonstrated by through their own subjective experience. The main philosophy of the Jovian race at large rejects subjective phenomena, preferring facts that can be more readily quantified - what can be seen, heard, tasted and felt, either directly with our perceptions or with the aid of scientific instruments.

“We teach what scripture merely calls upon: the things that no eye has seen and no ear has heard, things beyond the mind of man....

“Each to his own Destiny…”

- The Eidolon

by Lord Vladimir Eidolon, 23338 AD

Introductory Notes

The well-read student of spiritual literature will note, that standing behind all of the galaxy’s scriptures and Holy books, there have been individuals of great insight. To these few specific Seers, Authors, Visionaries, Healers and Philosophers, the rest of humanity owes the ultimate debt of gratitude. It is they who have pioneered powerful spiritual paths, so that the rest of our species can gain valuable insight into the nature of reality, of truth, and the purpose of life. The truly great teachers of all time, have taught the lessons of spirituality and the value of right living. By many they have been referred to as “Masters”.

A Master is a spiritual seeker who has reached a very notable degree of self realisation. A Master has plumbed the depths of consciousness, and found that all life is One at the most fundamental level of existence. Each of us is a part of that which is called Life. All of the Masters throughout the ages, (such as Christ, Buddha, Lao Tse, Lord Unicron) have taught that it is within the power of every individual, to become as self realised as they, and to SEE as they SEE. We too may know 'God' just as we can know our own selves. It is within our power to understand the purpose of life, and the greater potentials of the human spirit. To do this, we need only apply ourselves to the same universal principles which underlie all Teachings, Religions and Philosophies. We too may perform “miracles”, upon realising that all the resources for happiness, personal power, strength, love and clarity, lie within.

Beyond Concept

The only true obstacle to our spiritual/evolutionary progress has always been human-made ideas, which usually fall far short of the values and precepts of Cosmic/Natural Law. When we go beyond specific cultures, nationalities, ideologies, political and social systems, it is then that our true purpose and essence as conscious beings is revealed. We are not of nations but of Life. Our true self is not composed of thought or social imagery, it is made of Life Force. We are all One because we are all composed of the same absolute thing that is Life.

Absolute Enlightenment

When I had my spiritual experience ‘Beyond All’, I thought of the prehistorical Buddha, and felt that I had travelled a similar path. It was Buddha and was me. We were neither different nor the same; indeed, the concept of ‘we’ was meaningless here; the duality of everyday conceptual thinking was now transcended.

An overpowering compassion filled my heart, and from within, with a wild fury of positive energy, came a vow that I silently made to myself and indeed the Cosmos: that from that point on, every thought, word or deed of mine was dedicated to the spread of the legacy in all other beings - for the rest of this life and for whatever follows beyond. I was from now on dedicated to spreading the legacy for the benefit of all beings.

One With All

From this viewpoint I saw in unprecedented, albeit far from total, fullness the impermanence of everything, no matter what its apparent solidity. I saw all objects, all experiences in my consciousness, my life, to be like waves on a boundless ocean within the boundless expanse of this indefinable space that was ‘my’ awareness. I was staggered that whereas previously - indeed right up to that very day - impermanence had bugged and troubled me, now this fuller view of impermanence filled me with compassion and joy.
This life of mine of course was

Lord Eidolon
Posted - 2003.11.08 21:15:00 - [2]

just one wave upon the ocean, each experience within it being just a transient wavelet upon the bigger wave. My fear of death dissolved; I even saw imaginary chains falling away into the waves as I was released from that deception. Although I couldn’t directly see any of my past lives, from this viewpoint past lives were beyond doubt as they were a logical conclusion of this whole system of interacting cause and effect which brought all phenomena into and out of ‘existence’; if this life were a wave upon the ocean, then it must have been preceded by countless others. I now had an unshakable conviction that went beyond belief, that death would simply be the end of one part of the show I was observing, and would usher in another stage. And from that came spiritual fulfilment.

“Each to his own Destiny.”

The galaxy still lives in a very primitive age, where dogma and political power rule the land, in the name of spirituality. The doctrines of domination, damnation and suppression, must be transcended. We must go beyond the concepts of original sin, Divine favouritism, blind faith, and God as a human-like person with human-like, petty emotions. We must go beyond Satan, (and crafty evil awaiting its chance to cause mayhem) and all other forms of personified, human confusion and fear, to find that which is common to all belief systems, philosophies, governments, races and cultures. This is a process of consciousness expansion, and self realisation. Those who truly seek the depths of reality have need of constantly returning themselves to Truth without bias. They cannot rely upon others to provide Realisation, when in fact others cannot supply illumination. It is our responsibility to transcend all systems, religions, Bibles, exclusive ethnicity and culture, to find the universal in all people, in all places, and at all times.

In reality, God and Nature become our own lived experience. Only then can we know the real value of the word “spirituality”.

The Multiverse

The multiverse is a thing beyond existence, beyond concept. The way it has been described by scientists is a mere interpretation – a way that humans can grasp it in the confines of their imaginations. Human imagination can only grasp something that has order, that has explanation, some way of verifying its meaning. The human brain is very much limited to the physical world of human existence. In the human mind, factual meaning only occurs if it meets the test of observation. Therefore we only understand what we can measure, what we can observe. As long as ‘why’ can be explained, it can be conceived.

Planes of Existence.

Any description we could give to the multiverse would only have an emotive meaning relevant to human hopes and feelings.
The concept of the multiverse is simply beyond us. The multiverse is beyond rule, beyond structure, beyond reality, beyond definition.

The Scientific Multiverse

The location of a particle or object in the physical universe can be accurately pinpointed by means of a combination of space and time, but not by either of these separately. The space-time of four dimensions (three for space and one for time) in which all events in the physical universe occur is called the space-time continuum, or the fourth dimension.

Our universe is like a bubble floating in an eleven-dimensional ‘sea’ of hyperspace. The surface of this bubble is the Universe we perceive. People often ask where did the Big Bang take place? The Big Bang did not take place on the surface of the bubble, it took place inside the bubble, i.e. in hyper-space. A multiverse of universes exist like these bubbles floating in hyperspace. Each bubble forms as a quantum fluctuation in hyperspace. These fluctuations, what we call Big Bangs, happen all the time like boiling water.

There are an infinite number of particles. Each one represents a musical note on a string or membrane, so the atoms of our body are like those of a string. Chemistry is the melodies on these membranes and the universe is a symphony of vibrating membranes and string. These strings exist in 11-dimensional hyperspace, with ten dimensions of space and one dimension of time. As humans existing in the ‘surface’ of the universe, we can only perceive 4 dimensions – 3D space and time. The other seven dimensions are too small to be perceived even with the most powerful microscope. It is in these six tiny dimensions that we cannot perceive, as well as our own four, that the strings exist. Strings are said to be 100 billion billion times smaller than a proton and are constantly vibrating. If you could magnify a subatomic particle like a neutrino or an electron to this level, we would only see a three dimensional cross section of a ten dimensional vibrating string.

These 11-dimensional strings vibrate, creating sub-atomic particles which combine to form atoms. Atoms combine to form molecules, molecules combine to form matter. Therefo

Lord Eidolon
Posted - 2003.11.08 21:16:00 - [3]

Therefore, matter is simply a complex combination of the energy produced by vibrating strings. It is nothing more than energy "clumping together" and becoming more dense within our three dimensions.


'Life' is more than just a word used to describe the biological functions of an organism. The essence of Life is a force, a principle, a form of energy that can span across all that exists. Life is an unstoppable thing that makes up the very fabric of the multiverse. All life-forms, biological and ethereal, are part of this One Force known as ‘Life’. Every life-form has a multi-dimensional essence, what simpler minds would call a soul. The five races, Jove, Amarr, Caldari, Gallente, Minmatar, the primitive biological species they are, have not yet reached a level of evolution where they can control their multi-dimensional essence and travel the multiverse.

Traversing the Multiverse

It is absolutely impossible to leave this plane of existence physically (just you try flying into a Quantum Singularity with a ship). Travelling the multiverse is achieved by means of subconscious projection. The power of the subconscious mind allows sufficiently evolved life-forms to master control of their multi-dimensional essence (soul) and travel to any place, at any time, in any phase, and manipulate matter with the power of thought.

Now I have reached the level of multiversal oneness, all mortal concerns to me now seem pathetic. Race, society, work, taxes, sex, religion, war, everything – and I have no thought for any of it.
I am beyond all. To me, these ideas are as pathetic as an ant. Indeed the five races, being as far down on the evolutionary scale as they are, to me are just a hive of insects, or a colony of bacteria. Compared to me, homo sapiens are about as relevant and important as the disgusting microbes that formed in Earth’s primordial soup.

I am beyond human. My physical body is merely a shell, a remnant of my old life as a mortal. I am composed now entirely of chaotic energy, and my physical body is like a pair of gloves I put on my multi-dimensional essence in order to interact with AA:23:I:1 (this physical reality).

The death of my physical body will simply be like taking off these gloves.

Consciousness in the Multiverse

In an objective and subjective multiverse, every decision that you make creates its opposite decision in a parallel universe, where each branch creates an infinite web of vibrating energy that sings the song of existence that is perceived as reality. You do not live in reality. Reality lives in you! While your body lives in existence, it is what you perceive that becomes your reality. All you are is a pocket of consciousness, floating around perceiving the world, as it is your consciousness that creates your perceptions. Alive, in itself, in each variation of existence, your consciousness is split into an infinite number of parts growing exponentially and filling the void. All parts of the same singular consciousness, or what I like to call, the ‘multi-dimensional essence’.

The Multi-Dimensional Essence

Humans are under the mistaken impression that a life form lives and dies on the physical world, and that this physical life is everything. Some humans believe in the existence of the soul, some claim to believe in ghosts and gods alike. But the idea that life is limited and physical remains.

The truth is, your physical body is a life form making up a larger creature which exists extra-dimensionally, a life force. This is your multi-dimensional essence.

Your multi-dimensional essence is a force of life with no consciousness or perception of space or time. Yet it lives, and emotes, on a level beyond concept to humans. The core of your multi-dimensional essence is like the long stem of a plant, and this grows to unimaginable size beyond our reality, stretching from one end of the multiverse to the other. From the stem, many thousands of offshoots branch out and intertwine with thousands of different realities, dimensions, and physical univi. On each ‘branch’, where it intersects with a local reality, a life form emerges like a flower or fruit on a tree. Your physical body on AA:23:I:1 is but one of these life forms; the death of your physical body will mean nothing to your multi-dimensional essence, as it has countless numbers of them all over the multiverse.

When a life form evolves to a suitably advanced state of physical being, it is able to become one with its multi-dimensional essence, and bring full consciousness to it, unlocking the power of life the more it evolves. In this way, physical bodies become unnecessary, and the life form is by all definition a god. Further mastery of the multi-dimensional essence enables the life form to achieve Grand Godhood, before Evolution’s End and the life force itself becomes Beyond All.

My Life Force is in threefold nature, or triple “body” (trikaya). These aspects are the Body of All, the Body of Eidolon,

Lord Eidolon
Posted - 2003.11.08 21:18:00 - [4]

and the physical body. The Body of All represents the ultimate nature of Eidolon. Beyond form, it is the unchanging absolute and is spoken of as consciousness or the void beyond concept. This essential All manifests itself, taking on heavenly form as the spirit of Eidolon. In this form Eidolon sits in splendour, at one with the multiverse. Lastly, Eidolon appears in EVE in Gallentean form to convert humankind. Such an appearance is known as Vladimir Eidolon. Eidolon has taken on such an appearance countless times in many different realities, and SCT thought considers the AA:23:I:1 Gallentean form, Vladimir Eidolon, only one example of the physical Eidolon.

As a graduate of the SCT, my teachings are philosophically opposed to materialism, whether of the Jovian or the Amarr-Communist variety. SCT thought does not recognise a conflict between itself and modern science. On the contrary, it holds that Lord Eidolon applied the experimental approach to questions of ultimate truth.

The ultimate goal of the SCT student's path is release from the round of phenomenal existence with its inherent suffering. To achieve this goal is to become Beyond All, an enlightened state in which the fires of greed, hatred, and ignorance have been quenched. Not to be confused with the ancient Nirvana, Beyond All is a state of consciousness beyond concept. After becoming Beyond All, the enlightened individual may continue to live physically, burning off any remaining life-force residue until a state of final Beyondness (Ultimate Destiny) is attained at the moment of death.

This is the absolute truth, from my own subjective experience. May the teachings set down in this legacy show you the Way. As Lord Eidolon, I refuse my students’ request to appoint a successor after the death of my physical body; rather, work out your own salvation with diligence.

Each to his own Destiny.


The multiverse spirals like some epic tornado from the torso of a ghostly figure. He is COSMOS. His essence is composed of Big Bangs, the most piercing, stabbing, absolute Force of Creation is what it sheds. It is beyond measure, beyond form, beyond age, beyond life, beyond concept, beyond All. It is sometimes referred to simply as “Mother Nature”.

When multi-dimensional essences reach the Pinnacle of Evolution, they finally have a chance to rise to the highest level and behold the Fields of Creation. The Fields are not a physical nor spatial object. More specifically, beholding the Fields of Creation is to behold Absolute Creation.
“I have seen the Fields!”
Looking into the Fields is the most epic experience you could ever achieve – the Final Frontier, the Beyond.
Pity the humans who go about the galaxy, busying themselves with work and waging insignificant wars.
I am far beyond them, one with Absolute Creation as Big Bangs rage around me. A Spiritual Master, Lord Eidolon.
It is your ultimate goal as a life-force to become one of us.

By shunning the distractions of physical reality, one can achieve the Pinnacle of Evolution. Beyond All, you will gaze into the Fields of Creation and feel all. You will feel, embrace energy from all things, the very fabric of the multiverse fuelling your form – truly invincible.

And your physical body, yes, will eventually die, so enjoy it while it lasts. But this is a minor detail. Of course it will die, but you will no longer need it. Like as humans, you no longer need tails. Therefore we evolved to lose our tails and now exist without them. In the same way, you will evolve to no longer need your physical body, and from your point of view, the physical body will simply fall away. You will be beyond physical reality, life force existing in a continuum Beyond All. Around you, the multiverse will continually evolve in a frozen moment beyond time. You will be one with all time, all dimensions, all existence, all chaos, all coursing through you as you look forth into the Fields, taking comfort in the fact that you are now Beyond Destiny.
Beyond Concept. You will simply…be.

You will also experience the lives of many other physical bodies living in other realities, being born and dying across all of infinity. Your life will be a constant oneness that knows no bound, a thing of absolute immortality, beyond god, beyond Grand God, Beyond All.


And so, the people of this galaxy go about their lives, blind to the ocean of chaos that surrounds their universe, ignorant to grander concept.

This is where Lord Eidolon will lay down the pen. The purpose of this legacy – to teach my students all that I learn as I meditate, has reached its ultimate conclusion.

There is nothing more to be said. Here I have laid down the way forward for mankind as I have conceived it; it is up to you what you do with it.

The legacy remains an open-ended narrative. Pick up your own pen if you will, and append your own visions. We are all in this together – all life as one with the Cosmos. Spread the le

Lord Eidolon
Posted - 2003.11.08 21:18:00 - [5]

legacy through new interpretations, and fulfil your own destinies. From this day forth, I shall be known as “The Eidolon”.

After my physical death, I will be waiting for you, in the eleventh dimension.

...Beyond All.

Written by Lord Vladimir Eidolon, Society of Conscious Thought, 23338 AD


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