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Discordant Provisions
Posted - 2003.06.03 05:10:00 - [1]

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Gravis Corp is a young corporation founded in the late stages of the EVE beta. Gravis Corp's goal is to increase the personal wealth of its members through coordinated guidance and not restrictive directives.

Gravis Corp is currently recruiting members and officers.

Mission Statement

Gravis Corp was founded to provide members with an improved chance to increase their personal wealth. The universe of EVE can be a very difficult place to "go it alone", but corporation membership often leads to a decrease in personal freedom and even a decrease in personal revenue. Gravis Corp provides the benefits of corporation membership (friendship, coordination, guidance, and protection) without the "corporation first" attitude. Gravis Corp's leadership does not require its members to ask, "Is this good for the company?" Instead the leadership asks, "Is this best for our members?"

Gravis Corp is primarily a manufacturing corporation; however, there is a strong commitment to corporation independence. Therefore, Gravis Corp will support a standing military to protect corporation and member assets.

For more information contact Naht in-game or visit:

Gravis Recruitment Offices (Region/Constellation/Solar System/Station):

Minmatar Recruiting Office
Heimatar/Odengsolf/Ivar/Ivar IX Moon 4 Brutor Tribe Bureau

Amarr Recruiting Office
Kador/Febihkin/Uanim/Uanim VI Moon 12 Noble Appliances Factory

Gallente Recruiting Office
Genesis/Sanctum/Tar/Tar III Secure Commerce Investment Bank

Caldari Recruiting Office
Lonetrek/Okela/Sarekuwa/Sarekuwa II Moon 6 Caldari Steel Warehouse

Discordant Provisions
Posted - 2003.06.11 03:24:00 - [2]

Sarge Osis
Sturmgrenadier Inc
Sturmgrenadier Syndicate
Posted - 2003.08.21 04:48:00 - [3]

Come check us out folks. We're looking for all types of players. Eve-mail or convo SargeOsis.

Director Human Resources


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