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Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2006.11.02 17:23:00 - [1]

Post Here!!1one

Updates will be provided as soon as we find out what's happening with TQ Smile

Please don't spam the thread with non-constructive posts.

Kushan Industrial
Posted - 2006.11.02 17:25:00 - [2]

Maybe TQ is developing a sort of auto-immune system that recognized the hardware upgrades as a foreign body, and is trying it's best to destroy said upgrades!

Wild Rho
Silent Core
Posted - 2006.11.02 17:25:00 - [3]

RABBLE!RABBLE!RABBLE!RABble....meh, of to get a cuppa.

Dark Deliverance Holdings
Posted - 2006.11.02 17:25:00 - [4]

i gave you a pat on the back for bringing the server back online ahead of the time you had stated and boom it crashes i though this upgrade was to fix this bs rabble rabble rabble

Hohenheim OfLight
Sebiestor Tribe
Posted - 2006.11.02 17:26:00 - [5]

booted two * 2 and after i had faith in ccp and changed back to a 1 hour skill :(

Capital Construction Research
Pioneer Alliance
Posted - 2006.11.02 17:26:00 - [6]

Uber I will get it to you asap. It's in the frickin station one sys from you.

Posted - 2006.11.02 17:26:00 - [7]

it will be something "they didnt see the first time round" as per normal

Funny Girl
Posted - 2006.11.02 17:27:00 - [8]

Ony what surprises me is that ppl didn't get used to it by now, LOL :)

Parsava Dei
Posted - 2006.11.02 17:27:00 - [9]

I still see 19000 people onlne somehow... wanna join em so hurry!!

Alpha Runner
North Star Corp
Dark Matter Coalition
Posted - 2006.11.02 17:27:00 - [10]

Well im not supprised i think im going to start a betting ppol on when it will be back up :)

1 mil a min any one interested?

Sturmgrenadier Inc
R i s e
Posted - 2006.11.02 17:27:00 - [11]

And here I was thinking that this was the most succesful upgrade in EvE history... Dang you CCP, you guys are such a tease.. YARRRR!!

DarkStar 1
Posted - 2006.11.02 17:28:00 - [12]

here comes the rest of the 24 hour DT

should of said 48 CCP :|

24 to install

24 to solve the new problems.. issues bugs n Crashes that accompany it

The Python Cartel.
Posted - 2006.11.02 17:28:00 - [13]

BOOM. :(

ISD Serathu

ISD Interstellar Correspondents
Posted - 2006.11.02 17:28:00 - [14]

Folks, please keep things constructive and avoid spamming.

Thank you!ugh

Kushan Industrial
Posted - 2006.11.02 17:28:00 - [15]

I <3 long skill training =)

Guild Mentat
Posted - 2006.11.02 17:28:00 - [16]

"The server failed to acknowledge the client's response to the
server's challenge within a reasonable amount of time"

Funny Girl
Posted - 2006.11.02 17:28:00 - [17]

i would say server will be back in 40 minutes

Norris Neophitus
Posted - 2006.11.02 17:28:00 - [18]

balls just died on me with 8mins of a skill remaining,
I should know better than to trust CCP with server stability by now

Intrepid Crossing
Posted - 2006.11.02 17:28:00 - [19]

damn i was only on an hour skill

Russian Coalition
United Legion
Posted - 2006.11.02 17:28:00 - [20]

Guys what's happend? It's too often!!!

Zy'or Tealon
Celtic Infusion Army
Posted - 2006.11.02 17:29:00 - [21]

Edited by: Zy''or Tealon on 02/11/2006 17:50:12

Expect my petition for lost fighters as soon as the server is back up :)

Ow and please change the server MotD... its... giving a false impression: "Hardware upgrades finished ahead of
schedule and the cluster is up"

Knights of Chaos
Chaos Incarnate.
Posted - 2006.11.02 17:29:00 - [22]

If its like this after 10 going in wth is it going to be like when the other 64 get added? i hope we all get a free months playtime for all these dts lmao :)
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Posted - 2006.11.02 17:29:00 - [23]

Edited by: UberDefDef on 02/11/2006 17:29:12
lol alright, I know this isnt the place to continue the conversation, but get on our vent :)

Sorry for spam, only way to tell him :) im done though

Leonidas Rex
Posted - 2006.11.02 17:29:00 - [24]

Breath people and be glad they dont charge you extra for those 250 000 RAMSANS 400 =)

Ore Mongers
Black Hand.
Posted - 2006.11.02 17:29:00 - [25]

Should have expected this i guessSad

Posted - 2006.11.02 17:29:00 - [26]

can we get an update on whats actually happening please???

IT Alliance
Posted - 2006.11.02 17:29:00 - [27]

The server failed to acknowledge the client's response to the
server's challenge within a reasonable amount of time

stuck on authentication

Hypo Psycho
Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2006.11.02 17:29:00 - [28]

lucky for me i have a 4hr skill on, but not so lucky if it doesnt come up in that time bracket Crying or Very sad

oh well guess its time for Day of Defeat.

Anastasia Cz'aren
Posted - 2006.11.02 17:29:00 - [29]

Originally by: C4rnag3
same here.
the only thing ive got to say, "nice server uve bought CCP"
they still cannot hold 20k player online. nice nice....

Perhaps, OMG, installing a ton of rather atypical hardware to an equally atypical system is not as straight forward as whacking a new sound card in and OMGWTF this issue has nothing to do with the number of players logged in.

On the other hand, I got home literally two minutes ago with full intentions of skill changing. Rabble!

C Duggan
Exotic Dancers Club
Scalar Federation
Posted - 2006.11.02 17:30:00 - [30]

in a pre-response to all the "omg ccpsuck imgonnaquit gimmearefund" responses/posts that are gonna happen, can i add

if ccp give me a refund, send it to the mods who have to moderate this crap all day

im off to do something productive, hopefully itll be up in an hour or so :)

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