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Jasmine Dupre
Kharn Empire
Knights Of Freedoms
Posted - 2006.10.13 00:47:00 - [181]

Come on Aussies Post here and keep this thread alive :)

Aussies unit and rule eVeYARRRR!!

Omniscient Order
Cruel Intentions
Posted - 2006.10.13 04:38:00 - [182]

Originally by: Pwyle Kenobi
Originally by: Da Maddness
Silly question fellow Oceanian's... anyone got the URL for MIK's forums? I've just had my pc rebuilt and don't have the links.

Here you go! Very Happy

Mik's Eve-Online Australian & New Zealanders' Forums

Sign up to Mik's forum people... hes running an excellent service, and we have quite a few people on there now. Laughing

Ragnar Wolfblade
Posted - 2006.10.13 16:31:00 - [183]

Howdy, Just joined up yesterday and loving it. Im from Brisvegas in sunny QLD

Ragnar Wolfblade
Posted - 2006.10.13 16:33:00 - [184]

Posted that last one from my damn terminated characterShockedShockedanywhoo this is me now

Ragnar bloodmane
Posted - 2006.10.13 16:34:00 - [185]

Posted that last one from my damn terminated characterShockedShockedanywhoo this is me now

Shayna BaoWolfe
Storm Genesis
Posted - 2006.10.20 22:47:00 - [186]

Im in Sydney. *waves*

Viktoria Maher
Posted - 2006.10.21 13:16:00 - [187]

Sydney ftw!

Posted - 2006.10.22 05:55:00 - [188]

Im a ANZA corp member from Melbourne Very Happy

Mik Nostrebor
Ex Coelis
Posted - 2006.10.25 03:52:00 - [189]

Gidday folks,

Fancy that! An ANZ thread I haven;t run across. OKies, if you are interested in an Aussie and Kiwi fansite (yes, actually listed here as a recognised fansite) then pop on over to and have a look around.

Sadly, I didn't know about the recent Australasian PVP championships so didn't link in to it. How did it go? Did ayone want to do a write-up on it that I could post up on the Eve-ANZ fansite?


Saran Tal
Veto. Academy
Veto Corp
Posted - 2006.10.27 12:20:00 - [190]

melbournite 4tw \o/

Galtaki Aspro
Posted - 2006.10.29 10:26:00 - [191]

Hi all - I'm from Brisvegas and have been playing for about 4 weeks. Am keen to join an Aussie Corp so I'll be sure to check out ANZAC.


Gareck Lodius
Hysterically Unforgiving
Posted - 2006.12.06 08:12:00 - [192]

wow i can't believe it took me almost a year to even bother thinking of doing a search for aussie corps.


from Sydney, but moving to canberra shortly. got 2 friends who started a little before me who live in Canberra aswell.

Look forward to see you all around

Kody Gloval
Knighthood of the Merciful Crown
Posted - 2006.12.07 04:38:00 - [193]

From Perth...will check out the channel soon :)

Ket Halpak
Posted - 2006.12.11 04:26:00 - [194]

Ive been playing for 9 months, used this thread to find the Anzac Alliance and i cant belive i havent posted here before.

I'm from Perth!!! We rule the downtime timezone!

Posted - 2006.12.13 16:43:00 - [195]

Im in Western Australia, about 700km north of perth.

Up in the midwest (coral coast)
If anyones in the district send me an eve-mail would be great to meet up with someone from Gero or Kalbarri or surrounding areas, meet up for some beers or something!

Agent Oskar
Renegade Circus Midgets
Posted - 2006.12.28 22:56:00 - [196]

G'day chaps

I'll join the badwagon.

From Tamworth (unfortunatly) in Northern NSW anyone else from this area?

Posted - 2007.01.14 10:35:00 - [197]

Another Canberran here.....

BTW, I am a low time pilot looking for miner\trade corp. (having 3 Rifters blown up in three days didn't help!)

Any Corp suggestions?

Posted - 2007.01.15 03:43:00 - [198]

melbournite here.
been playing for 6 month's

and loving it

ESM Corp recuting

Southern Cross Alliance
Posted - 2007.01.17 00:35:00 - [199]

Hello Aussie friends,

I'm located in Sydney, living around the Jel system. Come say "hi" ingame and maybe we can meetup for a chat. :)

PM ingame for chat or come join-up in my Aussie corp for a little fun.


Posted - 2007.01.17 01:44:00 - [200]

hey all,

From Brisbane, like everyone else if anyones got a half ok aus corp, drop me a line...or even random chat me if bored :P

The Arrow Project
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2007.01.24 22:04:00 - [201]

Calling all Anzacs, if you are in a current corp and your not happy. You want to be fullblown involved in pvp then read this thread. There is no great pvp Anzac corp in this game. We have the beginings of one and are looking for like minded people to come and join us and make the Anzac time zone one to be feared. The people you should contact are on that thread if your interested.
Thanks for your time,

Posted - 2007.01.24 23:47:00 - [202]

hay all new player been at it about 2 months, living in uhhh bring canberra,

fly free all

Leela Onios
Interstellar Armaments
Free Trade Zone.
Posted - 2007.02.05 17:36:00 - [203]

Another syd here!
been in this game about 6 months now and just seen this thread only today Embarassed

Armadio Zentradi
Posted - 2007.03.05 12:59:00 - [204]

From Perth Western Australia.

Just learning the ropes to the game.

Think i'll be hanging around the EVE universe for quite some time. Has me enthralled. Just signed up with the Startech corporation in the Oimme System. Drop me a line Aussies if your in my area of space.


The Ankou
Posted - 2007.03.08 05:38:00 - [205]

hey guys,

Im from Darwin, been playing a while now. We are recruiting corp members atm. We are looking to be a bounty hunter type corp once we are better set up, and are hoping to join the anzac alliance. After all types of pilots, the more aussies that join the stronger we will be!!!

eve mail me guys for more details

Skyle Drake
Posted - 2007.03.09 03:16:00 - [206]

In Sydney, only been playing for about 2 weeks. In a corp with 4 other Aussies but will look at the ANZAC channel tonight.

Baptism oF Fire
Interstellar Alcohol Conglomerate
Posted - 2007.03.09 06:44:00 - [207]

Perth here. Been playing for a few years. If anyone else is north of the river i know a few other guys that play up here and we were thinking of a poker night some time

Evil Pookie
Posted - 2007.03.09 12:15:00 - [208]


Failure Assured
Posted - 2007.03.23 02:19:00 - [209]


Melbourne here. In and out of various corps, but none ever seem to have a decent playerbase online when I finish work. =(

Mackenzie Hawkwood
Don't Run Naked
Posted - 2007.03.29 11:19:00 - [210]

Greetings from Newcastle.

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