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VersaTech Interstellar Ltd.
Posted - 2005.11.16 05:01:00 - [121]

I'm from Sydney and we have a large amount of Australian members.

Come on over to our channel in Game VTIL

Check out our site VTIL.ORG

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Black Star Alliance
Posted - 2005.11.16 11:52:00 - [122]

G'Day from sunny Brisbane Very Happy

Myself, and the corp I'm a part of are all Brisbane players, four of us working together in the same department Shocked

If there are other Australian Players/Corporations out there that would like to get into some mutually beneficial aggrements with a relatively new bunch of players (all been at it for ~5-6 weeks), drop me an eve-mail, or convo me if I'm on.


Diplomatic Liaison
The Penguin Republic

Wolf Halequin
Divine Retribution
Sons of Tangra
Posted - 2005.11.17 05:54:00 - [123]

Hi to all the Aussies new and old the the universe of Eve-Online, looking for a Corp to join, we have the answer.
We are looking for new players and experience is not a requirment as we are here to have fun and not dictate it over ppl, if your a miner, NPC'r, mission runner or PVP'r, all are welcome. We need more Aussies or New Zealanders for our time zone as this is a multi national Corp, where you can get to know many ppl from all over the world. If you are new to the game we can help you in the way of training and are allways willing to pass on any advice that is needed. The Corp has a great bunch of blokes and we are always giving each other loads of grief(Sh&t), but it is all in good fun, and we have plenty of Brits to pay out on.
So if your interested please contact me in game or send me an Eve Mail and I will happy to get back to you as soon as possible. Remamber this is a game and we are here to enjoy it.

Vale Heavy Industries
Molotov Coalition
Posted - 2005.11.18 18:00:00 - [124]

o/ Perth here

Posted - 2005.11.23 01:33:00 - [125]

Brisbane here. Been a member of ANZAC Alliance for bit over a month now. It's really good to play with 40+ people in my timezone rather than having to either play really early or late if I want to gang with someone.

Mrs Hankey
Posted - 2005.11.26 10:46:00 - [126]

Edited by: Mrs Hankey on 26/11/2005 10:49:19
Edited by: Mrs Hankey on 26/11/2005 10:47:50
hey everyone, still trying to find any bastard here that hails from Newcastle, NSW. i can't believe that the largest non-capital city in this big brown land of ours has only 1 eve fiend.

ummmm dunno what else to write, except "Long Live the Matari BackBone"
Very HappySmileSadSurprisedShockedConfusedCoolLaughingMadRazzEmbarassedCrying or Very sadEvil or Very MadTwisted EvilRolling EyesWinkExclamationQuestionIdeaArrowNeutralYARRRR!!ughugh

couldnt work out the best smiley either :P

AAARRRRGGGGHHHH posted as my stupid alt.. This is Gangus, and i dont look like the skank who's piccy is to the left

/me stops drinking now......

Pwyle Kenobi
InterSun Freelance
Posted - 2005.11.30 01:21:00 - [127]

Edited by: Pwyle Kenobi on 11/07/2006 05:10:46
I'm from Melbourne and I'm still about in Eve (although I haven't dropped by ANZAC chat channel for bloody ages). Right now I'm helping some friends (from Tas, SA, Qld and Vic) to develop some brand new characters! Still having fun!

Nabaal Construction and Industrials Corp
Nabaal Syndicate
Posted - 2005.12.23 16:00:00 - [128]

Hey all, new EVE player in Melbourne Wink.

Ash Thomas
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2005.12.26 08:47:00 - [129]

Booyeah - Sydney pride Cool
Any other channels I should know about?

Actreal Nemandi
Nameless Shipyards
Posted - 2006.01.17 04:38:00 - [130]

I'm in Melbourne.

Revol Adura
Posted - 2006.01.20 10:34:00 - [131]

I'm in Perth. Go the WA!

Extreme Games
Posted - 2006.01.24 15:36:00 - [132]

<- Sydney Very Happy

Commander Kahn'Alzaor
Sliced Awesome
Posted - 2006.01.26 20:42:00 - [133]

is anyobdy else here from darwin?

legion industries ltd
AAA Citizens
Posted - 2006.01.27 10:55:00 - [134]

I'm from Perth too. See the player meet thread for Perth!

Trojan Trolls
Zenith Affinity
Posted - 2006.02.06 04:35:00 - [135]

Gday all

Cairns, Nth Qld hereCool
good to see this thread still going

Pham Sirge
VersaTech Interstellar Ltd.
SMASH Alliance
Posted - 2006.02.25 19:44:00 - [136]

Hi all,

Im from Melbourne.

Im currently in a corp that was founded as part of a guild for another game and most players are not from my timezone.

Im interested in chatting with some corps who are active in the australian timezone.

Anyway cyas,

Pham Sirge

Posted - 2006.03.01 07:21:00 - [137]

Hi..Im from sunny Melbourne and very very new to the game..

Path of Now and Forever
Posted - 2006.03.03 13:09:00 - [138]

<-- Adelaide here

I currently goto Adelaide Uni, joined a corp of mates of mine who convinced me to play, all at the same uni :). Had a corp ****-up the other weekend starting at the Cooper's Ale House, good corp times.

Have a good one lads.

- WhiteT

matt way
Southern Cross Incorporated
Flying Dangerous
Posted - 2006.03.04 11:17:00 - [139]

Cairns, Nth QLD here.

can't wait to chat with people in my timezone. staying up late is a real drag sometimes Razz


Felix Cole
Posted - 2006.03.09 07:43:00 - [140]

WOW this is awesome, so many Australians here it seems.

If anyone wants to chat ingame, Ive made a channel: EVE-Oceania so feel free to come say hi. Smile

Saraish Aderilix
Posted - 2006.03.27 11:42:00 - [141]

playing from moranbah, central qld for the last few weeks.

Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2006.04.08 08:07:00 - [142]

Edited by: Ricdic on 08/04/2006 08:07:24
Sydney here. If anyone needs a hookup, I work for iiNet/Ozemail, and we have some kikass broadband plans available. Give me a holler in-game if you want me to sign you up off your old crabby dialup plans

Posted - 2006.04.09 12:01:00 - [143]

Hi, Blue Mountains in Sydney here.

Me and a few pals are see ing what its like..

We will let you know how we go..


Mister Grey
Posted - 2006.04.18 02:17:00 - [144]

I'm currently living in Canberra. Been playing Eve since mid-December.

I'm thinknig about switching to a primarily Aussie/ANZAC corp, so I might look at some of the ones mentioned in this thread.

Bush Pig
Posted - 2006.04.18 23:59:00 - [145]

Central Coast (NSW) Here... will jump on one of the Aussie chats tonight..

Finally found some aussies..

Black Eclipse Corp
Band of Brothers
Posted - 2006.04.19 04:10:00 - [146]

Edited by: Takigama on 19/04/2006 04:18:37
Sydney Here (originally from Central Coast actually)!

Posted - 2006.04.26 11:19:00 - [147]

From Brissy here, wondering if there are any active corps with players from Brisbane? Or maybe active Australian corps, the overseas timezone is killing me.

New to the game, just completed the trial period and have signed up for my first month. Interested in doing what I can for the corps best interests.

Ab Initio
Posted - 2006.04.27 03:02:00 - [148]

Central Coast, NSW here :)

Guiding Hand Social Club
Posted - 2006.04.30 19:31:00 - [149]

Hasn't taken me ong to find this thread has it...

Adelaide, playing EVE without a break since beta 2

Blum Shub
Posted - 2006.05.03 04:52:00 - [150]

Yo...finally found the downunder lads!!! been reading this thread and I'm the only kiwi so far (I think...)
Palmerston North is where it's at!!! (get your maps out green and golders)

started Eve about 3 weeks ago and it's disgustingly addictive - normally don't go for the monthly fee type MMORPGs but i can already see my money disappearing down this tube for a while lol

ill be checking out ANZAC later todayRazz

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