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der wustenfuchs
Posted - 2009.03.31 05:45:00 - [391]

G'day all I’m from Melbourne looking forward to meet you some in game

The New Era
Posted - 2009.04.24 11:12:00 - [392]

We just had another Aussie/US corp merge with us. Takes our member count up nicely - with most of us Aussies (about 15-20 of us now) being Sydney-based with a couple of Cane Toads - but no WA guys oddly enough.

If you are after a larger 0.0 kinda pirate corp (i.e. no Sov wars - but no gate guns either) you should look us up. Although our recruitment is currently closed, I'm sure we could find a spot for decent Aussies - but no <5M SP accounts please.

Posted - 2009.04.26 03:08:00 - [393]

Playing from Tasmania. New to the game trying to work things out. Just hit 1 million sp and learning. Playing time is normally 0900 - 1700.

Posted - 2009.04.28 05:43:00 - [394]

Edited by: Insurgent540 on 28/04/2009 05:44:42
Aussie! Aussie! Aussie!

Playing from the Gold Coast. I am in a corp with an Australian Gaming Community, who are spread all over the country.

Looking for meet-ups or any other Aussies who are looking for a Corporation to call home. Currently have 20 million + SP's and would be willing to join forces with other Aussies.

Glad to meet you all fellahs.
Very Happy

Mr Lightspeed
Posted - 2009.04.28 11:42:00 - [395]

G'day just logged back on after a long break. I did the trial last time and loved it. However I am looking to join an Aussie Corp that is willing to put up with a beginner.

Posted - 2009.04.30 12:17:00 - [396]

Seasoned Mission Runner seeking Aussie corp
Based in Cairns CoolCool

Any recommendation?

Da Maddness
Posted - 2009.04.30 18:00:00 - [397]

Sydney player here but I visit melbourne often.

Posted - 2009.05.04 02:55:00 - [398]

<-- Melbourne!!!

Looking for some aussie stealth bomber / recon / cov ops pilots for a small dedicated deep penetration strike team for front line of expansion of a 0.0 group of alliances. Hit them hard when they are asleep.

Beer drinking is mandatory.

Posted - 2009.05.04 02:58:00 - [399]

arrrgh - above post by me. That was son's alt.

Rachel Silverside
Handsome Millionaire Playboys
Warped Aggression
Posted - 2009.05.19 10:32:00 - [400]

Darwin and also the whole of the NT ftw i know like 1 other guy who plays eve online

Divine Retribution
Sons of Tangra
Posted - 2009.05.24 14:04:00 - [401]

good god this thread is still going has been about 3 years since i posted here so update
im now in Maitland just next to Newcastle and loving it here.
Also if any Aussie pvpers are looking for the best place to be keep an eye out for divine retributions thread in corp/alliance forum recruiting is closed atm but that may change soon.

Storm Templar
Posted - 2009.06.06 14:11:00 - [402]

Sydney, western suburb, to be more specific. Belmore.

Posted - 2009.06.07 14:28:00 - [403]

how do i join? from the NT, played a few mmog, im down for doing what ever.

first time i have played this

Posted - 2009.06.08 02:54:00 - [404]

Playing from Launceston, Tasmania. And probably the only person in a 100km playing eve Shocked

Posted - 2009.06.09 09:20:00 - [405]

Brisbane here. In a corp with 4 other guys from Brisbane.

Cosmic Cimmerians
Posted - 2009.06.16 02:50:00 - [406]

I'm back in-pod, and keen to meet other low-SP A/NZ pilots (I've got 12M SP) who're keen to try out working on (and sometimes beyond) the fringes of lawful space.
I'm also keen to revive the Canberra-district Pod Pilot's Drinking Association. EVE-mail me if you're interested.

Imiom Ravena
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2009.06.16 06:49:00 - [407]



Yay for Australianess. Wink

Posted - 2009.06.18 11:27:00 - [408]

Tassie - technically not part of Australia Confused

Posted - 2009.07.02 17:50:00 - [409]

Add another Melbournian to the list and watch it grow.

Marcus Ratz
Gentlemen's Agreement
Posted - 2009.07.02 23:26:00 - [410]

Macleay Island just off the coast of sunny Queensland here.

Melakith Entar
IT Alliance
Posted - 2009.07.03 02:18:00 - [411]

Aussie player right here, recruitment officer for Band of Brothers Enterprises, currently located in the forge region with 0.0 roams, we are always looking for new members, currently about a dozen AU members, with many more from around the world, if any aussies are interested (new or old players) hit me up

weel barrow
Posted - 2009.07.03 09:37:00 - [412]


About to move house but would be keen to setup an EVE meet at Breakfast Creek Hotel sometime soon.

EVE made the aussie news to at,28348,25727106-5014239,00.html Leave a comment and plug the local in-game community.

Yarrr grr
Macabre Votum
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2009.07.13 05:57:00 - [413]

o/ mates sydney here any guys wanna roam for some pvp before and after dt?

Sotha Sila
Destructive Influence
IT Alliance
Posted - 2009.07.30 06:52:00 - [414]

A bit of a revive but oh well

Perth here, where the party is at

Posted - 2009.08.01 13:32:00 - [415]

From North QLD, have my own corp with alts no-one else, hit me up ingame for missions or help mining in osmeden

Baka Lakadaka
Agony Unleashed
Agony Empire
Posted - 2009.08.03 03:09:00 - [416]

Sydney here.

We have a small squadron of Aussie TZ players in Agony Unleashed (includes some international players in the Oceania region and people who just seem to wake up at strange times and play Eve in Europe or the US).

Kangaroos With Frickin Lazerbeams
The KWFL Republic
Posted - 2009.08.04 15:00:00 - [417]

Hi all, Just North of Brizzy.
Run a pirate corp "Kangaroos with Frickin Lazerbeams"
If your looking for some pew pew, let me know. YARRRR!!

Reverend Kev
Psykotic Meat
Posted - 2009.08.22 10:25:00 - [418]

Hi guys, Kev from Kalgoorlie. In process of starting a new corp with some poms. Need some fellow Oz players to support banter on the cricket and also play in the same time zone :)
Good bunch of guys that are getting together to make this corp, some nice skills. Initially focusing on revenue generation and missions. Strong emphasis on enjoying the multi player experience.
Evemail / chat em in game if interested to chat. Cheers - Kev
PS: Based in Eram / Metropolis Region.

Jacabon Mere
Capital Storm.
Reverberation Project
Posted - 2009.08.25 03:43:00 - [419]

From sydney with a few others in corp. We are building cap ships and doing exploration in lowsec. if that interests you, hit me up ingame

Math'ra Hiede
Trinity's Vanguard
Posted - 2009.08.29 08:34:00 - [420]

Just a minor bump from the Tasmanian end of the spectrum Very Happy

Having recently taken over CEOship of my corp it has fallen on me to try and up the numbers of Aussies in the corp/alliance!

Check out our forums if any of you people are interested in "lolrp" Laughing

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