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Calvin Collins
Posted - 2006.10.31 06:06:00 - [1]

couple things come to mind:

1. Inventory Screen: Make ONE window with tabs for Items, Cargo Hold, Assets,etc. There is NO reason to seperate all of this out.

2. Scalable icons and lists. Why are the Icons so huge? Lets have icons that are 75% smaller, and with less space in between!

3. Cinematic Camera views. This would be nice for long flights or for battles =D

4. Mouse hovering is too sensitive...If you are three menus deep in a right click menu, its easy to hover over the wrong option and lose the tree you were in. Make this click sensitive, or have a delay of a second to prevent this.

5. Optional UI layouts: EvE is huge, and there is alot of data that you need to access/view in a given situation. Try to put together at least 3 totally different ways to display this information and make 3 different UI layouts to choose from.

For example, currently the neocom is a bar on the left and the ship controls, modules are in the bottom center. Create a different layout where the modules and indicators are linear, stretched across the bottom of the screen and the neocom runs across the top in a similar pattern. Chat windows would then run in the left hand side of the screen(smaller, but more legible). This alone would free up alot of room.

Have the target options (approach, Lock, Orbit, etc.) as a draggable window independant of the list of objects in range. Basically, everything should be moveable and scalable.

6. Market screen is good, however, looking at multiple items isnt so good. A comparison screen to look at multiple items, or variations of items and analyze their comparitive strengths/weaknesses would be great. A line graph with each item as a seperate color would work wonderfully. Each point on the X axis could show a particular trait (Kinetic Dam, Max Range, Flight Time, etc) and the Y axis would then show how good/bad it is compared to the other items.

Thats all I can think of right now. Love the game. Very excited to see what's coming with KALI. I really think the non intuitive interface turns alot of people off before they realize WHY its the way it is. A few simple fixes and options might help people stick around long enough to figure it all out.Very Happy


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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