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Shintoko Akahoshi
Risen Angels
Posted - 2006.10.27 17:46:00 - [1]

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Statement of purpose

Omerta Syndicate aims to become a major manufacturer of boosters and biotechnical human upgrades. The market for human augmentation technology is currently large, and will only grow as more pod pilots grow wealthy and search for technology to give them an edge over their competitors. Buildng off of a solid base of biotechnological research, with proven past successes, Omerta Syndicate has developed expansion plans that maximize profits and minimal investor risk.

Fields of research

Omerta Syndicate currently operates a number of independent research groups, each working on different human upgrade technologies. These groups focus on three main fields: Pharmacological research; biotech nano devices; and human-machine interface technology.

By far, the greatest successes have been made by the pharmacological research groups, producing drugs in enhance human performance in a number of areas with relatively few harmful side-effects. Omerta biotechs estimate that these drugs could lead to functional booster technology, without the severe problems associated with previous boosters, in several years.

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The biotech nano group is currently researching brain-mapping nano devices, with the aim of ultimately miniaturizing burning scanner technology. Current burning scanners are either designed for use in a pod, requiring subjects with expensive interface plugs, or are bulky external devices. Omerta hopes that our research into nanoscanners will lead to injectable scanner matrixes carried entirely in brain tissue, with only a small external communications link.

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The human-machine interface group has recently succeeded in developing a clean interface module. While functionally inert, this module will for the base platform for future hardwiring and implant research.

Future development

Omerta Syndicate is currently expanding the scope of our research teams. By establishing research treaties with leading biotech research groups, our teams will be able to collaborate with others doing cutting edge biotechnical research. Considering past successes and future development plans, Omerta Syndicate anticipates huge profits from this research, with minimal risk.

Posted - 2006.10.30 07:13:00 - [2]

Good luck to my sisters and brothers in Omerta with such an undertaking. You have my support and loyalty in whatever capacity you need it.


Victor Valka
The Kairos Syndicate
Transmission Lost
Posted - 2006.10.30 09:04:00 - [3]

I wish success and many a great breakthrough to Omerta Syndicate in this endeavor.

I have to say that I'm most curious as to what results your research will yield.

So. Good luck!


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