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F.R.E.E. Explorer
The Initiative.
Posted - 2006.10.27 15:36:00 - [31]

This is not a flame, so please don't take it as such.

I just thought it odd that so many posted along the lines of "Sad to see it end, Supremacy was great while I was in it". Perhaps if all of you had stayed they wouldn't be closing? Very Happy

Karash Amerius
Posted - 2006.10.27 15:44:00 - [32]

From what I could tell in the field of battle, you guys are top notch. Good luck out there.

Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2006.10.27 16:17:00 - [33]

goodluck guys.

Trooper B99
Body Count Inc.
Against ALL Authorities
Posted - 2006.10.27 17:26:00 - [34]

Originally by: NATMav
I just thought it odd that so many posted along the lines of "Sad to see it end, Supremacy was great while I was in it". Perhaps if all of you had stayed they wouldn't be closing? Very Happy
Heh, a good point actually Wink SUPRM has been one of these changing entities since its inception from all the c4 corps and, like so many in EVE, goes through highs and lows.

At all of these times, members would join and leave to try out other aspects of EVE. Hell, i left just after the VV-V battles which was a time of the greatest highs and greatest lows of the corp.

But all things move on and change, evolve and in this case, die. Crying or Very sad

However, its interesting to see where the members from SUPRM have ended up (Thol, Ens and Larsson to name just 3) and most of the members have ended up in PvP "powerhouse" corps so it had a good pedigree. Cool

Hedion University
Posted - 2006.10.27 17:27:00 - [35]

Wish you all well

Was a pleasure being part of a great corp and wish all ex members well in what ever you are doing

Once Supremacy always Supremacy

Kasparov Stratagems
Posted - 2006.10.27 17:28:00 - [36]

Apologies Asher is my alt

All the best guys - hope to see you soon either blue or neutral

Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2006.10.27 17:38:00 - [37]

The best times in Suprm for me where shorty after dismantalling JQA, with 0mega in charge. Suicide battles, warping 6 into 60, fun times, something at times I wish I could go back to.

Thol, Ens, Trooper, Fang, 0mega, Larson, Wizard, Hast, Ast, Wize, Acier, and tons of other names that I'm forgeting who deserve mention that made up a great corp. Sad to see it closing, but as Trooper said, static was never a word that applied to Suprm very well so maybe its for the best.

Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2006.10.27 17:43:00 - [38]

always sad to c old and good corps leave :/

best of luck in future

Sturmgrenadier Inc
R i s e
Posted - 2006.10.27 18:11:00 - [39]

Good luck in your future jobs and have fun, whatever you do.

Only flew alongside Supremacy for a short time in Lower Fountain, but I really enjoyed it.

Nex Exercitus
Posted - 2006.10.27 18:41:00 - [40]

Good luck guys, best of luck - hopefully I'll see you on one side of the battlefield or another in the future.

devil's reborn
Posted - 2006.10.27 19:08:00 - [41]

Edited by: aggro on 27/10/2006 20:53:20
my best times in eve were in suprm. suprm in its days was awesome ,but agree it was time to lay it to rest. Many great pvpers past through its doors and learnt there trade in this wonderful corp. i will now bore you with a list of great pilots i remember.
fandango. ex ceo
Omega(wulfsetta)ex ceo
Acier. excellant FC
AST2610 (danny hawk)best buddy in eve
Larsson7. little bastard
katchin. allround good guy
tesk malloc. awesome geddon pilot
corlan dishiva and gunneruk. good guys
obidios. silent assasin
stu ward. current ceo and the quiet man
tholrium. learnt my trade from him in the earlier days
enslaver. man of many alts
blackmaniac. man with the mouth
rexthor hammerfist. bm king
angelena. biggest loser of thoraxes and domis in game.
starbuck1979. spy man
stocker. uber tackler
lord talon. cup half empty man.
lorth. uber domi solo killer.
wizard. Mr solo
heidbanger. noisey scot
razzo. mr i am stoned and corp puppy.

there have been many great people,character,pvpers and i am sure most people will remember suprm with fond memories. if i have not mentioned you sorry but i luve you all,and once suprm always suprm

my fondest memory were the great JQA battles which went on for hours with huge fleets and hardly any lag. if only we could do that now.

ps i better say ohmite as well as he will sulk

Raoul Endymion
IT Alliance
Posted - 2006.10.27 19:18:00 - [42]

allways sad to see a good corp dispand, good luck.

Gyrn Fzirth
Phantom Squad
Posted - 2006.10.27 19:51:00 - [43]

sorry to hear that SUPRM. I've always enjoyed fighting you - solid warriors and tacticians. May the future bring better things for you and your pilots.

Sickle Moon
Honourable Templum of Alcedonia
Posted - 2006.10.27 20:28:00 - [44]

GL to all suprem, it was fun in the five but all things must change at some point.

a sad day indeedSad

Rift Scorn
Black Nova Corp
Band of Brothers
Posted - 2006.10.27 20:34:00 - [45]

I've heard nothing but great things about Supremacy from the guys that were part of them, and i've had the pleasure of being both allied and hostile to these guys.

A Sad day indeed. GL with all your future escapades Very Happy

Posted - 2006.10.27 20:55:00 - [46]

RIP Supremacy

GL for the rest of your pilots.

Another great corp history ends

Johnathan Roark
The Graduates
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2006.10.27 20:58:00 - [47]

Sorry to see you go. Good Luck.

Remmington Daniels
Dirty Deeds Corp.
Axiom Empire
Posted - 2006.10.27 21:00:00 - [48]

RIP supremacy

What a history though :)

Five days were the best. Shame :/

Good Luck in the future

Nelson Vandermark
Black Omega Security
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2006.10.27 21:53:00 - [49]

Oh man! Well good luck to you guys, was a pleasure socializing with some of you guys on team speak to shoot the ****, so to speak.

Good luck to ex-SUPRMS!


-Mostly Harmless-
Posted - 2006.10.27 22:07:00 - [50]

Edited by: Musttang on 27/10/2006 22:12:28
its a sad day for me the best corp i been in is goneCrying or Very sad
Now its time to fine a new corp Arrow

-Mostly Harmless-
Posted - 2006.10.27 22:14:00 - [51]

But its time to fine a new Corp and TY to all

Sturmgrenadier Inc
Nulli Secunda
Posted - 2006.10.27 22:31:00 - [52]

It was awesome to fight alongside Supremacy in Fountain and Aridia. Its sad to see you guys go, but the legacy you guys left will not be forgotten. Best of luck to Supremacy's former pilots.

Lieutenant, Battlegroup 2 Executive Officer
Sturmgrenadier, Inc.

Black Nova Corp
Band of Brothers
Posted - 2006.10.28 00:13:00 - [53]

Good luck to all.
And a big Hihi to all Supremacy pilots throughout the ages.

Destructive Influence
Posted - 2006.10.28 01:45:00 - [54]

Sry to see SUPRM go. Was there when it began & we ruled with absolute supremacy. Will be a pleasure to have [SUPRM] in my employment history.

/cheers (v drunk)

Northern Coalition.
Posted - 2006.10.28 05:58:00 - [55]

Too bad,

Supremacy was always a nice bunch of carebears to gank, I will miss it. Hopefully one day you will decide to make a comeback so I can kill you some more.

To that I say adios supremacy and dont forget.

Loging out never made you good at anything.

Body Count Inc.
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2006.10.28 08:30:00 - [56]

You guys bring memories back. Good luck to each of you.

Destructive Influence
IT Alliance
Posted - 2006.10.28 09:13:00 - [57]

Well, where to start.

It's been a long time ago since i formed supremacy from the old C4 corps into the first reall megacorp in CA. Allthough CA as an alliance back then was starting to decline allready, suprm kinda added some new spice for alot of ppl. We had some fun times with the xetic empire war and the JQA/syndicate takeover.

Ever since i left the corp has switched CEO a few times but luckily it stayed in the hands of ppl i flew with back in the day, and would still trust at this day.

Stu, how the **** did u last so long? Razz

To the old crew of suprm i wish the best of luck, and we might see each other ingame somewhere.

p.s. can i have my shares back now? Wink

Servant's of order
Posted - 2006.10.28 10:04:00 - [58]

Edited by: Wizard on 28/10/2006 10:04:01
Sad to hear this but i kinda knew this was on the cards for quite a while.

I left some 8 months or so ago when i could personally see the signs of supremacy never getting back on top again ( not intended as a flame guys ), after carebearing in bob for a month I decided to do some pvp again and start my own corp.

Some great times ive had and also flown with some great names/players.

One of the names i miss the most who actually left same time as me was Lorth, we used to roam together and had much funSad.

Missed aciers shouting on TS at people not following orders before he sold his account and quit eve, and likewise also thols holloring of for is wiz...oh hes jumped in to the next system to scout in his bsCool.

Could go on for quite a while naming people and times i remeber, obviously when we obliterated JQA aliance was a great time, zealots hadnt been out long and i managed to create myself a nice little niche in those particular battlesWink

Best times were back in old CA days, god i miss grouping up for big battles in u-q etc.

To all old suprm luck in future and remember that even with all the flaws and muck ups eveident in this game it is and will prob be one of the greatest games ever for player interaction so if you get ****ed dont quit, take a break.Smile

Wiz out.

Orbital Drift
Roman Sandals
Posted - 2006.10.28 10:13:00 - [59]

The end of an era. Good luck guys. C4 forever.

Roxanna Kell
Anormalii S.A.
Vera Cruz Alliance
Posted - 2006.10.28 10:16:00 - [60]


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