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Serious Business Incorporated
Posted - 2006.12.05 22:20:00 - [271]

Edited by: Chencherra on 05/12/2006 22:22:56
Originally by: R0ze
The prepatch topic has been locked will try here..

Can somebody give me a more clear answer to this (okay could test after the patch but still):
"New programming has been added to drones. They will no longer attempt to become self-aware and will not pick random targets on their own."

Does this mean drones wont attack anything on their own and in case primary (issued) target destroyed will they idle?
Does this mean if I'm attacked and loose a lock (jammed) they won't fire back?

CCP fixed Drone A.I. !
Thats what i thought as i read the patch notes. but they became even more stupid. Before patch they attacked different targets but one klick on "engage" made them run to your target and blow it up. But now they attack your target for like a minute and after that they stop shooting . Hell i use them to kill frigs in missions but after some seconds they go for battleships, but not all at the same BS, each drone attacks a different ship Shocked .

why dont they kill the myrmidon and give gallente a Battlecruiser with Drone-A.I.-bonus ? why do drones get nerfed with every patch?
and when will they fix missions, where drones get full stage aggroed?
how should i kill the small frigs in Worlds Collide 4 in my megathron without drones?
as soon as i launch em they get shot and whole stage starts shooting at me.
fit 4 webbers and hope rails will hit em ?
fit assault missiles instead of cruise???
use freaky blasters for missions with paperthin tank ?

maybe they should build a missile-bs for gallente, just like the rokh for caldari, so gallente get caldari weapons and can do missions the easy way too . well nobody needs that blasterhyperion anyway...but a ship that can do missions without stupid drones .

why dont they nerf missiles, so each missile attacks another enemy ?
Evil or Very Mad

we dont need lower damage with t2 ammo, we need to get the annoying things fixed first.
we dont need new bs, when we get blown up by a full stage of serpentis just because we launched our "primary" weapon .


btw. attacking someone in low sec with an ishkur, launching your drones and watching them how they attack NPC-rats instead of your primary target...Rolling Eyes

Posted - 2006.12.06 02:20:00 - [272]

Is it time to call up CCP customer service and say Hi drones are horrid can you please swap all my useless skills so that I can use a Raven which never seems to be nerfed.......Twisted Evil

Nimitz Alexander
Infinity Enterprises
Interstellar Alcohol Conglomerate
Posted - 2006.12.06 03:27:00 - [273]

yah ill second that before the patch sometimes id have to tell em multiple times what to attack.... but now i still have to then,and at random points they change targets on their own, and its not even to things shooting at em.....

Posted - 2006.12.06 05:54:00 - [274]

Its just sad that some dev can keep deleting the wrong script or something.

I seriously lost faith here, CCP doesnt really care about drones afterall, we are just a secondary weapon here? Oh geez.. ugh

What a lovely game.. talking so much about balancing.. and the AI just suck. Try fix instead of making more features like we have been saying since '03.

The Scope
Posted - 2006.12.08 13:16:00 - [275]

Im Gallente, how can I not....


Posted - 2006.12.08 16:13:00 - [276]


match the armor fix the AI

Omumou Faydack
Omerta Inc.
Posted - 2006.12.28 11:47:00 - [277]


Caldari Deep Space Ventures
Intrepid Crossing
Posted - 2006.12.28 19:26:00 - [278]

my three cents...

Drones get nerfed every patch. We know this as fact.

Drones are often getting the blame as one of the major causes of lag on the servers, as well as lag on individual client screens.

So, what's the quick and easy solution? Make drones so unstable, unusable and rediculously underpowered that people cant effectively use them. This makes it easier to eliminate them from the game completely.

From there.. when the lag is still around.. (blame whatever you want, any and every 'lag fix' fails miserably).. it'll be something else that gets blamed.

Before too long, major fleet battles will be held by sitting in a station and smacktalking in local.. until they eliminate chat because it's the only thing that remains in the game - thus can be the only thing causing all the lag.

Black Rise Angels
Posted - 2006.12.29 02:35:00 - [279]


Like the changes described on this list:

Most of them might reduce lag, but they also lessen the game experience. I think the solution is a more powerful server, optimized alogrithms etc. not to kill/nerf anything that is suspected to cause lag.

Cheers, Xeno

Eraggan Sadarr
Comply Or Die
Posted - 2007.03.15 09:35:00 - [280]


Drone keyboard hotkeys, please!

Eraggan Sadarr

Xeen DuWang
Veritas Immortalis
Posted - 2007.05.24 01:38:00 - [281]


HP bonus and AI fix.

Keep this thread alive till done.Wink

Von Forlock
Posted - 2007.08.28 12:51:00 - [282]


Murtough Galaktikus
Posted - 2007.08.28 13:46:00 - [283]

Edited by: Murtough Galaktikus on 28/08/2007 13:49:12
Dunno how often i (and others) mentioned it before, but Drones need some love anyway at all. Im too bored to list all up again.
we need to get the annoying things fixed first.


edit: typing

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