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Posted - 2006.10.28 19:43:00 - [91]

hey man great story I like how you used the past and the present in that story.

Posted - 2006.10.29 06:28:00 - [92]

Incredibly good.
I enjoyed every word.

Thanks! Keep up the good work.

Ethidium Bromide
Curatores Veritatis Alliance
Posted - 2006.10.30 13:25:00 - [93]

it's monday again! where is my fix? Question

looking forward to the new oneVery Happy

CCP Abraxas

Posted - 2006.10.30 14:03:00 - [94]

Edited by: CCP Abraxas on 30/10/2006 16:04:58
Originally by: Seth Enkar
the problem lies in that to write for something like this, i'd need guidelines...for my own stuff, yeah, i can go and just write..but when it's writing within the confines of someone else's creation, i can't do that...

The guidelines are as follows:
* Keep the story clean, or at the very least not too grubby
* Ensure that it's at least as good as what we've already published
* Don't massively violate canon

Apart from that, it's up to you. I assume that you've written enough to develop some kind of personal style, so there's no point in telling you to use a certain tone, emphasize a certain mood or pick some particular subject matter.

Note that I'm not offering you a free ticket to instant publication; you'll need to send the piece to and take your chances like everyone else. There's no guarantee that you'll receive a response - it's not up to me to decide or enforce submission policies - so if your main goal is to get feedback and peer review, you'd be better off posting the story on the EVE Library and anywhere else where EVE stories are reviewed.

Originally by: Freki Grimnir
I thought the joke was Life, and the punchline was death and how futile it all was...Sad

It is that, too. There are nine and sixty ways ... Smile

Originally by: Ethidium Bromide
it's monday again! where is my fix? Question

Don't worry, it's coming. Twisted Evil

EDIT: It's up. For further discussion, please refer to the new sticky thread.

Joerd Toastius
Octavian Vanguard
Posted - 2006.11.02 10:29:00 - [95]

I know this is almost necro, but I only just got round to reading this, and I have to say the line "-It's a choice between living and dying, the AI said, and he understood." is genuinely beautiful, even if I had to stop and think about it for a second to sort it out. Respect.

Hohenheim OfLight
Sebiestor Tribe
Posted - 2006.11.02 11:55:00 - [96]

the link no longer works,

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This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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