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Posted - 2006.10.16 14:10:00 - [1]

I'm about to bring my alt with another BS to speed up lvl4 missions (anoter raven or a scorpion with shield transfert+torp).

i'm aware of the drone aggro bug in some missions but i don't know if the 'gang member warp-in' aggro bug is related to the same missions ?

I could just go and aggro everything but i also dont know if i could tank enough with this:
- Raven with 5 hardeners (named T1) + 1 Giisti A small SB
- Scorpion feeding Raven shield with 1 large & 1 med shield tp.

Ty to all who could englight me.

Hectaire Glade
Forum Jockey
Posted - 2006.10.16 14:31:00 - [2]

Where does it says its a bug? Some missions are designed to agro when more than one agressor is present.

Oh, i know i didnt answer your question, so here goes:

Fit your second BS with shield repping drones to repair your primary ship remotely, they use no cap, fit your second ship with cruise launchers, tractor beams, standard tank of 4 hardners, large or xl booster, shield boost amp, lows I would go for (Raven) 3 PDS and 2 Stabbers, that way it can always warp out if it needs regardless.

I wouldnt worry about cap transfer as a rack of shield repping drones (medium or bigger) will provide a significant boost to the primaries tank and it won't need to be boosting al the time, so cap becomes less of an issue.

Posted - 2006.10.17 11:01:00 - [3]

I agree with ^^^^

If your having 2 BS in level 4, might as well tank both for the mission, 1 fit seige the other torps, even if one has to warp out the other can hang about to thin out the rats.

Shinshi Casoyako
Posted - 2006.10.17 11:30:00 - [4]

Above posters show a view that I absolutely dont agree with.

Use one of your battleships as your main tank and the second for DPS and offtank. In almost all missions if you agro with your tank and have your second BS shoot at them there are far less problems. The offtank is only there if you accidently agro a second spawn. (which never happend to me and my friend in the apo tank)

Take 2 ravens, scorp is bullox.

Raven one:
6 cruise 2 tractorbeams
PDU and a couple of BCU
Drones: 5 med or 1 small, 2 med, 2 large

Raven two:
6 cruise 2 tractorbeams
Offtank (1 shieldbooster, 3 hardners) Webber x2
BCU x5
Drones: 5 med or 1 small, 2 med, 2 large

If you run the above correctly you will shoot down cruisers and frigates with your offtank and battleships with your main. 2 ravens just wtfpwn any mission.

Hectaire Glade
Forum Jockey
Posted - 2006.10.17 12:43:00 - [5]


The OP is going to be using an ALT as the second BS, not a friend piloting, I agree with your comments if the second ship is fully functional, but tbh if you are alt-piloting the second ship you want to have to pay it as little attention as possible, fit it for moderate damage, let the drones do the repping while it wanders from can to can looting as you find time, lock onto the biggest target you can see and start spamming cruise.

Its much better to know you can just hit warp on your second ship then go back to your main and keep fighting as long as possible 'cause your alt is always going to get away due to the stabs. Hence the suggested fit above.

Lord Drachenfels
Posted - 2006.10.17 13:17:00 - [6]

I use an alt with a passive tanked Ferox with small shield transfer, sensor boost and gang assist module which i just set to 'stay at 3 km' and then i use a Raven as aggro and primary tank..

I allways warp in with the raven kills any aggro and aligns for warp when everything calms down i warp in with the Ferox and close in to 3km turns on shield transfer and sensor boost and starts aggro things with my Raven. In some missions does the second warp in aggro everything but when they are finished targeting you, you should be warped away to safety with both ships..Razz
When I am completely shure about which ships that has aggro on me i start shooting frigs and cruisers with the Ferox.. Just take it one step at the time and you should not have any problems Cool


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