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Tokar Lorell
Mercatoris Technologies
Posted - 2006.10.04 09:40:00 - [1]

When I start up EVE I get an error message telling me to make sure I have audio drivers installed. I've had this problem before and worked it out, but I can't fix it this drivers are updated, I've cleaned the cache, I've reinstalled EVE, still no sound.

How do I fix this?

Posted - 2006.10.04 10:22:00 - [2]

Try uninstalling the audio drivers because they may be conflicting (old versions not correctly uninstalled) or check there is no conflict.

To access your driver state right click "my computer", choose properties, switch to the tab "hardware" and click "device manager" then go to "Sound, video and game controllers".
You can also check DirectX audio state by going to "start" then "run" and type DXDIAG, then go to "sound" and wait till the diagnostic completes.
Make sure to check the "notes" area at the bottom of the screen because problems wit the audio are displayed here.
You can also perform an test so playback will be checked and you can determine if the problem is related to DirectX audio playback.

Before attempting any of the changes mentioned below make a backup and have your drivers of the devices ready before makeing any changes.

Make sure to check what type of audio card you have (ex. an realtek or hybrid of it) and download the newest AC 97 drivers in case of realtek based soundcard, lookup your cards manuals on the internet or sheets you have if the card is not realtek.

To completely remove the drivers you will have to reboot the computer in safe mode because otherwise you will not see everything like duplicated drivers (repeat the steps to access driver state after doing so).

The drivers which are needed are controlled trough DirectX audio which is how sound is controlled on most computers with windows OS'es.
If it cannot be detected properly it will revert to port calls and try to play sound useing legacy drivers (windows standard drivers) but this will fail if you have specific non standard hardware or hardware which is younger then the OS you are running.
If for some odd reason the complete audio card is not detected even when trying to install drivers make sure the audio card is connected properly and is still functioning.

Hopefully one of these hints will solve it, and good luck!


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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