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Scalor Valentis
Band of Brothers
Posted - 2003.10.26 12:40:00 - [1]

Edited by: Scalor Valentis on 26/10/2003 12:40:53
I'm building our in-game site, and would
like it to include some kind of forum,
written in PHP, and backed up by an MySQL

Does anyone know of a forum package that
is done with HTML 1.0 and would work in
the in-game browser?

Scalor Valentis
Band of Brothers
Posted - 2003.10.27 06:56:00 - [2]

Edited by: Scalor Valentis on 27/10/2003 06:56:44
I've noticed that Teen has made a really nice
forum to her site at:

Any chance you would let others use your

Posted - 2003.10.29 11:11:00 - [3]

Atm the forum is kind of tied up with the rest of the site, so I can't release it atm no matter what ;).

I'm going to add a possibility to create private forums on the site though. And after that I might separate the forum from the rest so i can release it ;). Not sure about the last part though as I want ppl to use MY site :D. Might sell it for ISK though ;)...

I will add the private forums however, as soon as I get around to finishing that feature ;).

Posted - 2003.10.29 13:39:00 - [4]

Edited by: Karak on 29/10/2003 13:49:47
Ok I have a Forums system that is using the PHPBB system, this is not 100% my work the bulk of it is randels Altho i am Continueing his work, i need to clean a few things up and chance some other things to support ingame/outgame themes at once but i am willing to open this to the public for.........

FREE Laughing altho tips would be nice

i dont have a working demo up atm as ive just recently taken it down for more work As with PhpBB it requires a mysql db.

Posted - 2003.10.29 13:43:00 - [5]

If the demand is such i might expand this into a full corp potal type of thing where u can have news etc on the page but doing so would take a lot more time as i cant dedicate a lot of time to this at the moment,,,

give me your feedback and i might be tempted to do this. Wink

Scalor Valentis
Band of Brothers
Posted - 2003.10.30 13:46:00 - [6]

Edited by: Scalor Valentis on 30/10/2003 13:46:31
We might be dropping this whole idea of the
in-game forums, simply because the browser
is so lame.

But at the moment, we're building a simple
text-file based discussion board, and I'm
looking into integrating it to our in-game
site, so players could read the forums also
when playing, even if most people would use
it with a normal browser.

Posted - 2003.10.30 18:22:00 - [7]

I would love to use a in game forum that some one can come up with it be it mySQL or not.

I could host any ones ingame site that would like it on a gateway like you have said that every one picks ... or something and every one just has a site under it.

Let me know if any one would like the hosting and got a idea of what to ame it.

Existentialist Collective
Posted - 2003.11.04 10:16:00 - [8]

There is an eve port of phpBB2 and a EVE niuke news port.
Check out the REAL eve forums over at EVE-i


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