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Louisa Torres
IT Alliance
Posted - 2006.09.28 17:49:00 - [211]

Originally by: Guard'in
Official NON-Official Center Placement Title Header Image

Anybody else realise when the Pendulum swings it comes back? For that matter in Space a Pendulum assuming it can't make a full 360 degree swing, will come back with the same force as when it left it's starting position.

Official NON-Official Conundrum-Like Poem

-Carry On

We're well aware of what it means, are you smart enough to work out what it means for you?

Band of Brothers
Posted - 2006.09.28 17:49:00 - [212]

Originally by: Rolled
Wow it's already been kicked up a notch by the posting of private message boards.

Thank you for validation. Please come again.

CEO Pyrex
DarkStar 1
Goonswarm Federation
Posted - 2006.09.28 17:50:00 - [213]


Lets try to have some good fights and remember this is a game so means nothing outside of the eve world. I see endless spams on posts like this spewing hate and bile....i do wonder why. i was even privy to a private convo between some of the conspirtors of this little 'event' frankly the pure concentrated hatred towards something that is in a game made me actualy chuckle as it showed serious issues in reallife with inability to differentiate eve and RL.

Its like football (UK) people have killed one another in real life cos so and so's teams have beaten x y and Z. when asked why these hooligans do it, the moment just took them that is why, they see the absurdity of the action only when the redmist is gone.....

I would like to remind all that this is just a game and to leave the crazy childish smacktalk at the door cos we arnt really interested in the fact some people have issues and cannot see their real lives turning to **** day on day while their eve char gets dread skills :)

Have fun and kill much but dont forget that after all...... its just a game and means nothing in the grand scheme that is your own personal precious life. eve is entertainment not a career or lifestyle. (if you think it is then you have issues)

peace out .... war in

CEO Pyrex

Nez Perces
Metatron Inc.
Posted - 2006.09.28 17:50:00 - [214]

Originally by: Daald

.. so you admit
If that document is genuine.. then ASCN just guaranteed a place in the history books

See, that changes the context.

You chopped my sentence up and changed the order, thats re-writing not changing the context....

K.. so you say that TWD quoted out of context, the onus is now on ASCN to defend itself with the full document.

Present the full document so that we can see how badly you were misquoted.

Sir JoJo
IT Alliance
Posted - 2006.09.28 17:52:00 - [215]

YARR BBQ is on what more can u hope for after 4 month away from game.

looking forward to some hopefully epic battles.

cya out there all of u

Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2006.09.28 17:52:00 - [216]

Originally by: Lianhaun
Originally by: Rolled
Wow it's already been kicked up a notch by the posting of private message boards.

Thank you for validation. Please come again.

Misquoted: - To quote erroneously or incorrectly

The Collective
Against ALL Authorities
Posted - 2006.09.28 17:52:00 - [217]

Edited by: DTee on 28/09/2006 17:53:35
Originally by: GrumpE
I know BoB doesn't like to play defense, but why would they be leaving home at this time? Don't they have to protect their capital shipyard building their Titan?

We are building a titan? I thought we already had 5

btw to the guy up there. Tbh this has been a pretty calm thread compared to threads like this in the past. I doubt anyone hates anyone or is spewing ANYTHING.

Band of Freelancers
Posted - 2006.09.28 17:53:00 - [218]

"Let the rain pour down from God above
With the blood of my blade, no love, begin the flood
Open the gates, let the battle begin, wherein
With wind at our backs, ready for any attacks
Sound the horns, prepare for war, begin the storm!"

Twisted Evil

Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2006.09.28 17:53:00 - [219]

Originally by: Stamm

Well, taking systems is particularly difficult, and these days seems to only happen due to mistakes.

BoB and ASCN will be dropping POSs down in their station systems to either lock down sovereignty where there's few enough moons to do so, or ensure that the other side can't easily drop a few POSs and nick it.

BoB has few corps, mainly high SP players, who tend to be relatively passive when there's not much going on, but active when there's a big fight. Biggest risk for BoB is their players get bored of it and don't log on much.

ASCN is a different kettle of fish, plenty of corps in ASCN, some of whom may not be pleased with the ASCN leadership - it's a natural thing for alliances with big amounts of corps. Some corps may leave. Some of the players in ASCN may be financially drained, and unable to continue.

With the lag the way it is, and blob combat the way it is, I think we'll see plenty of forming up, plenty of camping, but not 24/7 shooting. As to who is going to win? Well, I'd imagine BoB have plans for who they are going to install into ASCN space, they've shown they want to conquer 0.0 by installing entities as dominions. Perhaps these will be formed of ex-ASCN people if BoB make big territorial gains.

On the other hand, if the masses of ASCN are led properly then BoB simply will not have the numbers to compete, and they will start to lose stations, ASCN is large enough to extend into BoB space, and perhaps assimilate all of it.

Conversely, it could all end up being one big standoff, the fight moving from system to system, but very little territory switching hands.

My prediction is the stalemate.

You forget to include all bandwagon alliances which is a determinant part depend of their effectiveness

Gl&Hf for all and please make cry CCP ;)

Senkei Jin
Posted - 2006.09.28 17:54:00 - [220]

Originally by: Daald

seperate documents cant be quoted together?

That's an extract from Cyvok, 8/21/06 post. "The winds of change" section.

no, the first lines are from the most recent post, the second part is being sarcastic about -A- (or as i think they still were at the time, seperate entities thereof)

Tessa Vaako
Ars ex Discordia
Test Alliance Please Ignore
Posted - 2006.09.28 17:54:00 - [221]

Originally by: Nez Perces

Present the full document so that we can see how badly you were misquoted.

While it's not my place to post the full document. I'll say that that document was written in response to an expected AAA invasion. As such it contained the expected tactics that we would see from AAA and how we could respond to them. It has NO bearing on the current situation.

UA Industry
Red Alliance
Posted - 2006.09.28 17:55:00 - [222]

wtb ticket .

Elisca Black
Blueprint Haus
Get Off My Lawn
Posted - 2006.09.28 17:56:00 - [223]

Twisted Evil

Syn-Packet Security
Posted - 2006.09.28 17:58:00 - [224]

Originally by: Lianhaun

Thank you for validation. Please come again.

Your funny. TWD said he quoting CYVOK's words. I didn't.

The horse goes infront of the cart.

Liet Traep
IT Alliance
Posted - 2006.09.28 17:59:00 - [225]

Originally by: Fitz Chivalry
Originally by: Liet Traep
Yeah this reminds me of the beginning of xetic/.5 war. That's okay I'm not going to be queing up in feyth everyday day to die now. I'm going to grab some popcorn and a tinfoil hat and enjoy the next couple of weeks.

C'mon down Liet, I will still lose more ships than you this time round as well Wink

(luckily I have 130 Ares in Esa to keep me going, cheap ships 4tw) :)
Fitz, I'm already down. I was chasing some of your hobbit kin down in esoteria earlier. :) Good luck with the fighting.

Evelyn Exe
Posted - 2006.09.28 18:00:00 - [226]

Edited by: Evelyn Exe on 28/09/2006 18:01:36
meh I am not getting into the smack with you guys, you are masters.

Federal Navy Academy
Posted - 2006.09.28 18:02:00 - [227]

The Winds of Change

As we look at the Universe of EvE today we find ourselves in an ever increasing environment of hostility and Evil.

Our Foes are not the honorable combat pilots of BoB, the5, or the MC who do not need sploits and cheats to win on the battle field. Our Foes are some of the most dishonorable and worst players in the history of online gamming.

They fight to expand their ability to gain and sell ISK & Loot out of game. They fight to prove to the universe that they are better then YOU, because they can get away with anything.

They don’t care about EvE as a game or the Community of Players that built this game from day 1 into what it is today. They only care about what they can get out of it for their selfish selves.

They don’t want to Play Eve to win it, they just want to take advantage of what others have built.

In combat today we are faced with:
1) MASSIVE log in traps
-100 or more members of the same organization that all just happen to log in at the same time in the same system and cause so much lag and CTD that the defender has almost no chance at survival.
Their Excuse “We just all decided to play at the same time” (and the GM’s buy it)

2) MASSIVE Lag Sploits
-100’s of shuttles, frigates, and cans filled with 10-20 units of ammo jetted into space during combat. Causing yet more lag and confusion among the forces of Good.
Their Excuse: “ Some of our members got podded and need a new ship, or need ammo” (and the GM’s buy it)

3) MASSIVE concentrations of pointless gear
-Offline and unanchored control towers, weapons, and other structures floating inside a POS shield. 100’s of maintenance drones abandoned inside POS Shields and 100’s of abandoned ships inside POS shields. Causing so much lag that even a small fleet of 10 dreads upon arrival cant even activate a module before they get destroyed by enemy snipers.
The Excuse “We cannot limit what a player places at their own Star Base”.

4) SUPER DEEP space “safespots” or sploitspots
-Although “fixed” several patches ago and making new ones declared an exploit it is NEEVR enforced. Using deep space probes almost anyone that has a bit of creativity can create off grid safe spots 200-300 even 400 AU from anything, effectively making them completely invincible to defending forces. They can place an infinite amount of supplies at these locations with near 100% certainty that they will never be compromised.
The Excuse “Since you can make them using in-game tools its totally legal”

5) LOG OFF, log on alt
-Need to save your ship during combat or Lag, easy. Log of your main and immediately log on another character that is on that same account. Poof, the main disappears regardless of PvP “safeguards”. Or better yet, do it as soon as you jump through a gate and you never appear on the other side. BUT, when you log back in you are on the other side, do it with 100 of your friends, and BAM, instant log on trap on the other side of the gate and the defensive force NEVER even got to shoot you. Even though this has been deemed and Exploit, it happens all the damn time today.
The Excuse: “We can’t prove that’s what happened, maybe they CTD when they jumped” –See also #1
The universe of EvE today is slowly being taken over by thugs. Not the thugs that enjoy combat and honorable gamming but those that only care about ruining the game for as many others as possible.

As ASCN heads into the jaws of Kali I hereby authorize the use of all the “tactics” as the GM’s call them I have just listed above. Until CCP posts publicly that these are Exploits and publicly states they will start enforcing bans against their users, I say **** Um. If ASCN comes under attack and we have 600 players crash the server maybe CCP will finally realize the scope of the problem that have. The good players of EvE do not deserve to get their asses handed to them in every battle because we refuse to break the rules when our enemies have been getting away with it for years, and now the use of such “tactics” are becoming epidemic.

22nd Black Rise Defensive Unit
Posted - 2006.09.28 18:07:00 - [228]

Cyvok & ASCN Ftw

Good Hunting and good luck

Federal Navy Academy
Posted - 2006.09.28 18:07:00 - [229]

This was posted on "Monday 21 August 2006" in regards to sploits by other entities. ASCN would never use these tactics against BOB and others who do not use them. However BOB seem less honorable themselves misquoting and spying to get the quote in the first place...... the fact that bob leaders openly posted spied blogs shows they are not worthy of the admiration they seem to have.

Shadows of the Dead
Aftermath Alliance
Posted - 2006.09.28 18:08:00 - [230]

And CYVOK is right on that score. Every single player-conflict driven MMOG creator needs to understand that a professional officiating crew is *required* for good player competition. It's ultimately a stupid strategy to rely on player's to both fight AND officiate themselves.

Alpine 69
Rubbish Superheroes
Posted - 2006.09.28 18:08:00 - [231]

looks like there are "Interesting" times ahead....

lets lock n load.

rokh n roll baby :D

Galimiy Portret
Exploration Inc.
Posted - 2006.09.28 18:09:00 - [232]

Originally by: TWD
Just to show what kind of people we are facing:

Originally by: Cyvok

What are allowed “tactics”...

*snip* (some text placed totally out of context) *snip*

... call them I have just listed above.

OMG. Shocked I thought BoB was better than this.

Imperial Republic Of the North
Posted - 2006.09.28 18:09:00 - [233]

Prodigy/Pendulum - Voodoo People.

Brilliant song.

The Drunk Brigade
Tactical Narcotics Team
Posted - 2006.09.28 18:11:00 - [234]

That's not good, that's the best notice I've never read from EvE-O.

War, war never changes, war is our life, war is my fun. Have fun & enjoy, I'll do. Thank you.

Originally by: "Frools"
We will fight to the last isk and carbon atom available.

/signed, I don't have better words to say the same. Very Happy

Mercurialis Inc.
Wildly Inappropriate.
Posted - 2006.09.28 18:12:00 - [235]

That's one heck of a blatant misquote, then.

Stupidly done, of course, since it is so easy to debunk. And spying on private forums doesn't exactly show the honor someone vying for the moral highground should have, either.

Pat Sharp's Potato Rodeo
Wildly Inappropriate.
Posted - 2006.09.28 18:12:00 - [236]

Lag fest 06.

Posted - 2006.09.28 18:13:00 - [237]

Why did TWD venture that sleazy attempt at misinformation knowing full well that all it would take is the posting of the full document to make him look like a bad?

Rift Scorn
Black Nova Corp
Band of Brothers
Posted - 2006.09.28 18:14:00 - [238]

Should be good fun, and to re-itterate what Fit'Zeh said may the fights be good, and may the lag monster be ever un-present or at least sleeping at the right times. Wink

Catch ya in space ASCN. Very Happy

Fi T'Zeh
Band of Brothers
Posted - 2006.09.28 18:14:00 - [239]

Originally by: Darko1107
Prodigy/Pendulum - Voodoo People.

Brilliant song.


Black Nova Corp
IT Alliance
Posted - 2006.09.28 18:14:00 - [240]

Originally by: Darko1107
Prodigy/Pendulum - Voodoo People.

Brilliant song.

The video rocks too.

Oh, and ASCN, I really wouldn't get all high and mighty about forum spying - it goes both ways.

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