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CRICE Corporation
Posted - 2003.10.29 08:53:00 - [31]

Lol, weve even had a guy who ejected from his ship as it came under fire and here's the funny part....
Splash damage from a torp hit his pod and he died anyway.
Leaving us with a free Thorax to repair and sell on. So please, dont self destruct. EJECT.

That said, most of us no longer do it for the isk, Just the pleasure of hearing popping pods. So if u want to self destruct because we are gonna shoot at you, go ahead. You coudnt pay us a bigger compliment.

Ahh, finally one of you lot admits to being a griefer.
Tank CEO, you reading this?

Band of Brothers
Posted - 2003.10.29 11:00:00 - [32]

I dont think were griefers, you still have a chance of escaping with your pod. You can add to the small chance by listening to our demands and try to work with us instead of against us.
We even have a guide to survive our pirating as an ingame website.
Its just accidents happen alot Embarassed

and I doubt the Hottest Pirate will care

Zarquon Beeblebrox
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2003.10.29 11:41:00 - [33]

Edited by: Zarquon Beeblebrox on 29/10/2003 11:44:27
Yes Lianhaun, this is one of my RL friend i named in this topic. Can you imagine how much flame i get in RL at the office, i even sit next to him and one more of same kind. Im telling them i want to play this game as a Roleplaying pirate, and make my living as one, the best i can. I even tell them i want to join SI if its even possible. All this just give me more flames. At the same time he have 3 paying accounts just to help him get more ISK from mining. God know how many BS's he have that's only used to kill 40K npc pirates and as a ultimate mining ship.

Most funny thing. For them of you that play CS, this person is the one camping in spawn with AWP demanding that thats what he finds fun with the game CS. ... HELP:::HELP....Embarassed

Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2003.10.29 12:43:00 - [34]

let them, its saves us the isk of useing ammo and missels on them

So your goal is not pirating, but murder.
Just making it clear.

Umbra Congregatio
Interstellar Alcohol Conglomerate
Posted - 2003.10.29 16:28:00 - [35]

Edited by: Draka on 29/10/2003 16:30:11
The idea is not to give them a compliment, but to deny them the loot from yer ship. If it WAS a reasonable toll, great - but so far I have NEVER been asked to pay a ransom, just immediately shot and destroyed - and in all but one case immediately had my pod destroyed as well. (I think that one was just slow targetting on my pod before I warped away - my ship was still doing the explosion thing.)

Whether or not the idea is loot or murder, the ability to deny them additional resources - either the use of the rare modules on board or the ISK from sales of said modules/cargo - the tactic of self-destruction IN GAME TERMS is a good one.

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This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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