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Benjen Karstark
Posted - 2006.09.14 15:19:00 - [1]

Edited by: Benjen Karstark on 14/09/2006 15:49:56
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I must say I had my first bit of excitment last night. I had been mining in a .6 area and decided to take a look into the .4 section of space next to it. I went in and saw all this Pure Jaspet floating around, so I decided to move my operation there. I went to the station I was based, repackaged my miner and grabbed all my spare parts and headed to the new zone in my Itty 2. I warped in and saw 2 players sitting near the gate. Strangly enough they were flashing red ( I had no idea what that ment). So I clicked on my insta for the base I had made and suddenly they were locking on to me. Next thing I knew "Entarii" and his pal were unloading on me, My shields dropped quickly and then my armor, I kicked on my armor repair and madly started clicking the brand new medium shield booster I had just installed. By the time warp kicked in and jumped me to safty my hull was down to 10%, my armor was at 5% and shields were at 12%. Needless to say I decided that the .4 area was a bit too hot for a 16 day noob, so I bought a shuttle and warped back to check if they were still there. I saw it was safe so I went back, repaired my itty 2 and jumped back into .6 space. I believe I will not be going back into .4 sec until I have a better armed and armored ship.

But jeez it was still exciting YARRRR!!

Posted - 2006.09.14 15:23:00 - [2]

Heheh, fun ain't it?

Had a mission that took me into 0.2 last night - got through the gate and there was a 'Geddon with a couple of frigs circling about.

Thanks be to ye CCP gods for nanos and warp stabilizers.

And for AB getting me to the gate on my way back out.

It's kinda fun being a 3 week noob and knowing you're outgunned everywhere you go. Razz

Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2006.09.14 15:23:00 - [3]

You'll get used to that. I jump into Lowsec fully expecting a gatecamp at every gate; I end up mystified that, say, Mara is clear. I suppose I'm a bit jaded already on it, though.

Sevenius Kaul
Posted - 2006.09.14 15:34:00 - [4]

Welcome to Eve!

Just wait until you start getting the shakes on a low sec trip, the crushing dissapointment when you lose your ship, the anger against your attacker (and even yourself).
I've still got the name of the guy that blasted me to pieces for the first time 6 months ago. I'll get day!

I hope a few of the more jaded souls out there read this - great post.

Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2006.09.14 15:52:00 - [5]

yes i did that too before implants,with them it got too expensive to risk,as i found out to my detrimentEmbarassed

if you have implants then train up for covert ops
i sneak in to low sec or 0.0 and sit there in local looking at chat or watching gate from a safe distance(cloaked) and enjoy the show that is put on for meCool

Argus Greymoore
Something for Nothing
Posted - 2006.09.14 16:10:00 - [6]

Almost exactly the way it went for me when I was a couple of weeks in. Got lulled in by all that Jaspet, started mining in 0.4, got careless, and got popped. Hitting a gate camp can be a pretty heart pound event, can't it?

Neon Cranium
Posted - 2006.09.14 17:50:00 - [7]

Very exciting Smile Kind of reminds me of something that happened to me once.
I was trying to get back to high sec from a romp in the Bleak Lands. I was in a PvE fitted armageddon and luckily I had an alt in an executioner flying along with me. Everything was nice and quiet through several low sec systems and I was getting a little complacent. However, when I jumped into the very last low sec system before high sec I noticed that local was full of rather nasty individuals. Luckily none were camping the gate I just came through so I warped my alt in his frig to the star and made a nice safespot bookmark along the way. When I exited warp at the star there were 2 guys flashing red there waiting for me! Luckily my speedy little frig was quick enough to get back to the safe spot before they could target me and I immediately warped the armageddon to the frig. I felt relatively safe in the middle of nowhere but I KNEW the rest of the bad guys would be sitting on the gate to high sec. The very gate I needed to go through and I didn't have an insta for it! GRRRR. After a bit of scanning I figured out where most of the turds were floating so I warped my alt frig to the planet behind the high sec gate then back to the gate at 15km. There were red flashing bad guys EVERYWHERE! Warping to the gate from behind it though in essence created an impromptu insta for my armageddon to warp to so I immediately warped it to the frig, hit the mwd on the frig and headed to the gate with the autopilot on, switched to the armageddon and set destination to the next system and activated his autopilot as well while he was still in warp. The frig hit the gate going 3k+ m/s and was through just as he got locked. Then the geddon drops out of warp directly on top of the gate and autopilots right on through with nary a blink. My heart was beating so hard I thought I was gonna have a heart attack.

Benjen Karstark
Posted - 2006.09.14 18:35:00 - [8]

LOL, tell me about it, my heart was beating like i had run a mile or seven. I had insurence and a good clone but still the thought of my ship going BOOOOMzer and my cargo floating there for those vultures was scarey.

I may go play there in my Tristin and hunt the roid rats or maybe a lil' ninja mining. But going in to stay will not happen for a while.

I Don't have any implants yet so that would have not been to big of a loss, but shopping for the gear to refit my itty2 and miner would have been a bit of a pain. But when I can build and outfit a cruiser I might go back in for a little sport myself.

Aro Tolan
Posted - 2006.09.14 18:42:00 - [9]

I spend hours just flyin around low sec looking for people who will shoot at me and I usually come up empty.

I never understand how everyone else runs into all of these fights on accident when I'm actually looking for pirates etc. and rarely find them...

Oh well...when I get my T2 large projectiles I can sit in low sec out of range of the sentry guns with my friends and insta-pop pirates who jumps into the system. Cause you know...that's how you're supposed to play these days =P

Hedonistic Squirrels
Posted - 2006.09.14 19:11:00 - [10]

A few days ago I a choice of podding myself back to empire or trying to make a run back 29 jumps through 0.0 space. I figured it was about the same either way, so I got in a Tristan with a MWD and took off.
The trip was easy until I got to the gate to empire for which I had no insta. A scan showed five hostile ships, two of them battleships, sitting on the gate. I asked very nicely in local if they would let me through, but the request was politely declined. At least they were honest. I probably would have told the person to come on through then blast them as soon as possible.
I kept chatting and soon they started talking tactics in local. I guess they didn't consider a frig a threat. Soon a Domi came in from the other side and I saw their orders to attack. I figured it was as good a time to sneak by as any, so I hit autopilot, turned on the sheild booster, and hit MWD as soon as I came out of warp. Made it through with 25% hull. And almost died right after because I didn't turn off autopilot and hit another camp at the next gate. Doh!

Benjen Karstark
Posted - 2006.09.15 13:45:00 - [11]

I was back in .6 space mining last night. I stepped away to heed the call of nature, when i got back 2 serp patrollers had almost blasted my Navi to bits. I warped out in the nick of time. I guess I should go to a "Safespot" next time nature calls.

Nothing like getting blasted when your back is turned.


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