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Jinhai Storm
Pat Sharp's Potato Rodeo
Wildly Inappropriate.
Posted - 2007.05.25 04:32:00 - [151]

A little bit of necrophilia for a good idea is always good.

This should be a must-have. Maybe you could even attach some of these modules onto Outposts to expand certain outpost features?

Jinx Barker
GFB Scientific
Posted - 2007.06.04 01:41:00 - [152]

Evil has posted all the pics on the "image-shak" - yak. I have taken all his pics and put his comments into the JPGs and uploaded them to Eve-Files. This way, there are no worries that they will get deleted because of bandwidth excision.

Anyway, here we go the awesome idea:
Exhibit A

Exhibit: B

Exhibit: C

Exhibits: D & E (Large File)

Exhibit: F

Exhibit: G

Exhibit: H

Exhibit: I (Fully Realised Modular POS)

Oh, and I am kicking this horse up again....

Letheeth Kayl
Ammatar Free Corps
Curatores Veritatis Alliance
Posted - 2007.06.04 04:39:00 - [153]

/me grabs flogging stick and flogs horse once
me likey

James Duar
Merch Industrial
Goonswarm Federation
Posted - 2007.06.04 10:05:00 - [154]

This, plus the idea about sov above should be implemented.

Ryo Jang
Central Defiance
Posted - 2007.06.04 22:30:00 - [155]

bump, implement please, kthx

Posted - 2007.06.10 19:40:00 - [156]

yes please impliment this would make my day Laughing

ps. just for the record that was one of the few letdowns while playing the game (how ugly the pos's where)

aaron 619
The Scope
Posted - 2007.06.10 19:59:00 - [157]

Edited by: aaron 619 on 10/06/2007 21:01:37
Edited by: aaron 619 on 10/06/2007 21:00:42
OMG, I love it, CCP, hire this man now, those ideas are the best I have seen come out of the Fourms EVERExclamation

OP, thank you so much the inspiration that you have brought to the POS.
It lives again.

CCP, you could learn a thing or to from this person.


PS: if the shield was taken out of the equation then the defense mods could be attached along side this idea. also with the new jump gate / cyno , this idea just fits with ccp current pos warfare upgrades and I will be looking forward to REVY 3 for this to be implemented.

get on the ball guys and take this idea and run.

Outlines of how I feel this should go:

-No shield bubbles on control towers
( Well, all structure that were going to have to be put out side the bubble as of
Revy 2.0, make then lockable and all others not lockable unless the control tower
shields are down, which won't happen until it comes out of reinforced mode. )

-No floating mod, all attached
( Just as depicted )

-Docking for safe haven / POS gun control
( Ship goes in and view is of the outside of station, no station involvement )

No Trademark
Phoenix Virtue
Posted - 2007.06.10 23:05:00 - [158]

i know devs often dont post in a thread because they dont want to alter the course a discussion is going...but please, just get out the gold felt tip! a simple "This is not the devpost you are looknig for" would do!

if think part the problem is the name. isnt dead, rotting, mauled horse a delicacy in iceland? devs see the title, and wander off for lunch Laughing

No Trademark
Phoenix Virtue
Posted - 2007.06.17 11:27:00 - [159]

*gets out a whip*

is there any serious reason why a dev cant simply say "we're watching, keep talking!" cmoooon! give a great idea some love, even if just to say "too difficult, cant be bothered"

Jinx Barker
GFB Scientific
Posted - 2007.06.19 01:35:00 - [160]

This is an Official Revelations II Bump - a historic thread, that has been alive since 08/09/2006.

This stuff should have been implemented with this patch, but, sadly, it is not. So, Pod Pilots, express your opinion.

No Trademark
Phoenix Virtue
Posted - 2007.06.19 13:52:00 - [161]

if noone had replied by tomorrow, i was going to mail you to ask for backup, jinx Wink

CMON! read it, rant it! we want 50 pages! force the devs to pay attention, people!

Duhmad IbnRa
EvE Dynamo
Posted - 2007.06.19 15:16:00 - [162]


1. Gun control already comes with Rev.II iirc.
2. Guns should be attached or free floating (users choice)with differences in both states
3. Shield bubble should be optional, provided by by a specific module, which would require fuel.
4. Add a powerplant, so that a basic POS aka "housing" could run with very few fuel.
Give different modules different fuel requirements. the more complex, powerful and versatile the POS gets the more fuel and differnt fuels it will need.

Mundem Pashdale
Sacred Templars
Black Star Alliance
Posted - 2007.06.19 16:46:00 - [163]

In the long run this would seem to be a viable option; however, with the current POS system, it would need to be phased in, possibly as 'houseing' for players whilst POSs are retained. I love the models and wish I could see that in space every day but I can't see this happening in a hurry

Still /Signed

Renosha Argaron
Posted - 2007.06.19 17:23:00 - [164]

Evelgrivion i think your ideas are fantastic and i would love to see this in-game....a station or POS that you could assemble in parts and slotted together depending on what you want i think is a wicked idea.

Even the designs you made make it look appealing and i think it has endless possibilities and potential....well done m8....i really do hope CCP have a good look at this thread and take note as i think the current POS structures look and function can really do with some work.


RenoshaVery Happy

Duhmad IbnRa
EvE Dynamo
Posted - 2007.06.19 19:27:00 - [165]


high star
Posted - 2007.06.20 11:23:00 - [166]

Again It would seem that the great ideas like this one get no attention, while no constructive nerfs get worked on and implemented.

This idea is one of the best and most construcive ideas in the forum section yet not one dev has answered it let alone sticky'ed it. I agree that the guns should be free standing and not fix to the pos and as to the shield this does not have to be a bubble as seen now but simple rapped around the modules fitted to the control tower.

Come on CCP start taking this idea seriously and reply to it even if it is to show that you do really look at the good ideas on here, and to reassure that people are not wasting there time posting. !

Posted - 2007.06.25 23:17:00 - [167]


Duhmad IbnRa
EvE Dynamo
Posted - 2007.06.27 17:19:00 - [168]

if it doesnt get stickied, we simply have to keep posting...

Riley Craven
Raata Invicti
Posted - 2007.06.27 17:41:00 - [169]

The only thing I want to add is that guns should not be attached to the structure.

This would detract from the current way things are done in the game (guns in empire and gates arent attached)

The reason behind this is that on some you need distance to acheive good tracking and good hits etc. Otherwise getting close to the structure would make the ship hard to hit by all guns instead of just one making the station VERY vunerable.

Posted - 2007.06.28 11:26:00 - [170]

Make it so Number 1 err wait ccp ya MAKE IT SO CCP
i love this idea

Captain Havoc
IT Alliance
Posted - 2007.06.28 14:14:00 - [171]

I'm shocked that CCP hasn't firstly hired this guy and changed POS's to be like this, the whole adding more CT's/refineries/etc to get more but only at 90% of it's original effectiveness while still using full fuel is awesome, you could really make some super starbases if you spent the isk and were willing to fuel it.

I'd still want some sort of a shield bubble though, it is nice to be able to sit outside and look through the 'window' (bubble)

No Trademark
Phoenix Virtue
Posted - 2007.07.03 00:11:00 - [172]

rabble, rabble rabble!

we really need some sort of response or discussion of your reservations/expectations or whatever! cmoooon!

War Bear
Body Count Inc.
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2007.07.03 01:51:00 - [173]

Bumping this because it's excellent.

When I first saw a POS I was completely underwhelmed. I never look at a tower and think "hey nice station". It's more like "hey look, another space phallus with a bubble". With only some minor game play changes as well as a graphics update a POS might actually be something to be proud to own and even enjoy.

Make it so gents.


Posted - 2007.07.03 01:56:00 - [174]

This is a FANTASTIC idea, and opens itself up for ambulation. You could own a starbase, dock up, install a jumpclone, and walk around in a cubicle-like maze of claustrophobic goodness. However, outposts would still be wider, more open, and have more functionality.

And stacking nerfed refineries? Hell yes Cool

Hugh Ruka
Exploratio et Industria Morispatia
Posted - 2007.07.03 08:16:00 - [175]

great idea that CCP does not have the ability to implement. instead we got heat and EANM nerf.

Jinx Barker
GFB Scientific
Posted - 2007.07.03 20:59:00 - [176]

Honestly, it has been long enough for a number of Devs to take a look at this thread...

And, I am sure they have. However, I see a number of other threads, with the ideas - although not less worthy - certainly not as pressing and as valuable, are receiving a notice and a post from the Developers, while this brilliant thing is just, "overlooked."

Danton Marcellus
Nebula Rasa Holdings
Posted - 2007.07.03 21:34:00 - [177]

I'd put some effort into maintaining a structure I myself wouldn't want to destroy when I first laid eyes on it.

If not the exact same thing this man propose then something similar, the POS need to be a joint structure.

Medea Nephtys
Herrscher der Zeit
Posted - 2007.07.03 22:26:00 - [178]


Would be easier to make this a sticky thread.... until this idea is implemented.

Yamichi Wiggin
Eye of Osiris
EDGE Alliance
Posted - 2007.07.03 22:46:00 - [179]

I've yet to read a reply.
I've read the whole OP and looked at the pictures.

I want CCP to hire this man. or at least plagiarize his stuff. Seriously... this is where it's at.
The current POS setup system STINKS. It's a PITA to figure out for noobs, there is no documentation, and none of it is intuitive.
This is intuitive. This is clean. This LOOKS like it's not an accident.

Foundation of Extropian Independents
Posted - 2007.07.03 23:56:00 - [180]

I support this idea!

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