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Agent Kenshin
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Posted - 2006.09.06 05:13:00 - [1]

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Ok for those who were reading that thread this is where well continue the discussion.

The idea orginally started off as a new POS that would control soveriegnty over a system. As that idea would really wreck game play Nifel and myself contributed points towards this new idea.

The idea is for a POS module that would be able to be anchorable at any POS and wouldnt be the cheapest. It wouldnt require sovereignty to anchor but would make the station invunerable/untargetable. This way the current system of soveriegnty would continue to work as it is now but only remove the station inunverablity from its list of bonuses. However the down side to having this module removed would be that once it is gone the station is fully vunerable to attack. However if you still hold sovereignty the station is unconqerable but with the possiblity of station damage on the horizion it would be fully vunerable to attack and damage. Of course the current rules for sovereignty would remain the same.

This would prevent the endless POS spam that is the current system for attacking and conquering stations and put some combat back into taking stations. This would also lengthen seiges. Giving the defender a bit of a bonus their station can not be taken, however having all but the docking and hangers and perhaps fitting disabled in the seige would make it a bit harder for them. And if the attacker really wanted to take the station he would still be forced to remove all the POS place his own up and then if he had actually disabled the station, by bombarding it to hell and back again, would have to rebuild the station at the end.

Atm i dont have any ideas of the requirements for such a POS module but it would be able to be anchored on any POS without too much stress but it wouldnt allow the builder to stack it like teh death star POS we have now a days. The module wouldnt be cheap either. Probably close to a billion isk or perhaps even more than the capital ship assembly array or even make it a constructable module that can only be built in 0.0.

Well there you have it. Comments?

Edit - Maybe throw one more thing in there that only 10 POS in the system can affect the claim towards soveriegnty. Force people to remove POS so that the OMG POS spam isnt stupid like it is now.

Marvel Master
Asgard Schiffswerften
Posted - 2006.09.09 11:31:00 - [2]

A POS Sov module is a better idea, then my first posting, with a POS sovereignty Tower for 3 billion isk.

It could be easier realizied by ccp, i think.

The pos sovereignty module has some boni like 80% shield hardining on all resistences and cost 3 billion isk. If you destroy this module, the sovereignty is go away after next downtime.

If you built up a pos sovereignty module, it need 7 days to claim the system. Without this delay, the defence guys would spam up immediately the next pos sovereignty module.



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